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I just relocated my rescue efforts and am in need of lots of help. The trip relocation cost about 3x what I budgeted (and had money for), and I'm hoping you can help w/ donations. Ther... more


Updated posted by Stephanie Aames Cox 16 months ago

Well, it's been nearly 3 mths since the fire. We are in much the same situation. The horses, donkey, goats and birds continue to live at the burned out property. The horses have no shelter and no blankets. I owe money to every farmer w/i 30 miles, who have given me hay on credit (I like to spread the wealth and hope to pay them soon) and I continue to haul 30 gallons of water each day, by hand, in 5 gallon buckets, to provide water. For my trouble, I now have a hernia and 3 puncture wounds in my foot (nails from a fallen shingle from the roof) and a $3k ER bill.

Whatever you can offer is much needed. I certainly need a horse blanket for a 15.2 hand mare and a pony blanket for a 12 hand incorrigible donkey. I need feed or money for feed. I need shelter or money for shelter.

I need someone to help put up some fencing around the feed barn, so I can offer the barn to the large animals. (The barn is perfectly fine and will keep the large animals warm and dry, however, it is outside of the fenced pastures.) I think I have most of the fencing materials needed, just no labor or know how.

ANY help you can provide, whether monetary, donations of hay, feed, food or vet bills, blankets, labor -- everything is SO much appreciated. Pls help and pls don't ever think your donation is too small. If you have a refrigerator full of "past its prime" veggies and fruits -- the birds will eat them! You can also buy gift cards at Woodstown Ice and Coal (Woodstown, NJ) in my name and I can pick up whatever I need for the animals.

Whatever you have to offer, even if you think it's not needed, call me or donate. 609-202-2557


Updated posted by Stephanie Aames Cox 18 months ago

On Friday 9/28, just shortly after the updates that I post too infrequently, my house burned to the ground. It is a total loss. I've rescued domestic and farm animals for nearly 30 years and now we have nothing left. I've been hauling water to the farm animals, 30 gallons at a time in 5 gallon buckets, since then.

We have no running water, no electricity, no heat, no shelter for any of the animals (except the chicken coop for the birds), no shelter for me or the domestic animals, and I lost 8 of my domestic animals (all catties two guinea pigs). I've spent the last 4 nights sleeping in my truck w/ the dogs and piggy guineas, because I cannot find a motel that will allow us all, w/o charging a king's ransom.

I need to start over again from square one. I've spent almost 30 yrs acting as a rescuer for animals that I've always kept for the rest of their lives. No animal has ever left my care until they died. I take the animals from untenable situations as long as I can afford to provide for their needs forever. This was our home (all of us) and it was perfect for our needs. Though the house was a bit too large, the land was perfect until our two barns were stolen 10 mths ago, until the house was robbed 4x in 10 mths (including 2 nights after the fire -- it was actually the barn that was robbed -- there is no house left to rob)

The tweakers came in and stole everything of value (tack and horse blankets and a heater for the water troughs, used to keep water from freezing in the winter) from my feed barn and left behind a couple clues that I thought were important, but apparently the police do not. The local police said they would file a "report" of the most recent theft -- just like they did 3 other times in the past ten months, but said they did not need to visit my property and look at the things I thought might be important.

We need EVERYTHING, because we lost everything. I lost the animals' home (and mine), all my clothing, all my shoes (I was in my nightgown and bare feet at the time of the fire), 8 of our animals, blankets and tack. The tack hadn't been used in probably 10 yrs, since we had no animals that could ride anymore (because of disability or age) but I was planning to sell the tack and make $2-3k, which would have paid for a lot of feed and vet care. There were two barns stolen out of my pastures in November 2011, which the local police also failed to investigate or arrest anyone. I even gave the name and address of the person I KNEW stole the barns to the police, and they failed to do anything.

Please help w/ anything you can. Right now, I need to purchase a home or facility that will accommodate all the animals me, and we have nothing.

Plus, and as a final note, and to add insult to injury -- I rec'd FIVE notices of violation from the township on 10/2 -- four days after the fire.
1. having an uninhabitable residence on my property (no kidding);
2. having more than one class of farm animal on a property of less than 5 acres (I have more than five acres and you would think the township would know that. Do they even have tax maps?)
3. having a pet cemetery and or burial ground on my property (because there are dogs and cats buried on the farm land, as has been done for the past 200 years on this property);
4. running a business w/o a permit (because apparently, pet rescue is a "business"; and finally,
5. running a kennel or pet shop w/o a permit (again, pet rescue work)

These notices were issued first thing Monday AM (60 hrs after the fire) and I rec’d them Tuesday AM.

The township can kiss my $7,000/yr in taxes goodbye forever. There is no longer a house here, which will reduce the property taxes by 90% or more. If they choose to foreclose on my land for failure to pay taxes, they can pay to knock over the burned out house and then try to sell it themselves as vacant land and collect $400/yr in taxes, instead of $7,000


Updated posted by Stephanie Aames Cox 18 months ago

Also -- you should know I buy my feed from Woodstown Ice and Coal in Woodstown, NJ. If you want to buy a gift card for feed or supplies, that's fine. Their # is 856-769-0069. Just let me know that you bought a gift card and have them mail it to me at 179 S Hook Road, Pennsville, NJ, 08070, so I can contact them and pick up supplies. I don't get hay from them (their hay is very, very pricey), but I get horse and goat feed and Frontline (for the dogs and cats) and fly spray for the horses (which costs $120/gallon).

PLEASE -- let me know if you buy a gift card , so I will know to expect it if it doesn't show up. They're a family owned business (in business for 100 yrs, hence the old fashioned name), so they are not accustomed to dealing w/ gift cards frequently, though they do offer gift cards. I just want to make sure your donation is not lost and the animals get what you want to offer. Thanks! Steffie

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Created by Stephanie Aames Cox on March 4, 2012

I just relocated my rescue efforts and am in need of lots of help. The trip relocation cost about 3x what I budgeted (and had money for), and I'm hoping you can help w/ donations. There are horses and a donkey to feed, chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, goats, dogs, cats and guinea pigs. I am 100% non-profit, but not yet a 501(c)(3), so donations are NOT tax deductible.

No donation is too small -- even if you only have a couple bales of horse hay or a bag of dog, cat, or guinea food, chicken scratch, fruits and veggies that are past their prime for human consumption, are always appreciated (the birds love almost all fruits and veggies, except onions, potatoes, lemons and limes) -- it is greatly appreciated. The horses and donkey love anything sweet -- apples, uncooked carrots, any kind of melon, and basically anything sweet, including watermelon, cantaloup and honeydew. They also love corn and even corn husks. If you know of or run a local fruit stand, I'd be thrilled to take your past-its-prime produce off your hands. Cash donations, no matter how small are always appreciated as well. There are fences to repair, shelters to build for the farm animals, feed to buy and vet bills to pay.

If you're able or willing to donate time or materials to repair some fencing or build addt'l shelters for the farm animals, that too is needed. The goats are penned in a small pen right now instead of in w/ the horses and donkeys, because while the fencing is fine for horses, it won't keep goats in.

You are always welcome to come visit and see our beautiful place and beautiful animals and see the work I'm doing and meet the animals. None of the animals are available for adoption. They are rescue animals who will live for the rest of their lives as part of my family.

The animals I have right now are not available for adoption.  But they'll all have love, care, a home, vet care and feed until they pass on naturally.

I've contacted the addresses in my contact list, but please forward this to anyone in your contacts who you think may be able to help. I'm hoping to have this forwarded to at least 50,000 people. Thanks to all!


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Fran Larson

15 months ago


Hi Steffie, Hope things are working out better for you now.



Muriel Kirkpatrick

15 months ago




18 months ago



don brandinelli

18 months ago


steffie- good luck. i am not too close but if you are coming by this way a have some plywood, metal fabric fencing, gates, electric fence, and some other things that may help you. let me know if you are interested. don




23 months ago



Muriel Kirkpatrick

24 months ago


Stephanie is a caring, determined person who deserves support for the work she does and has always done for animals. Please help her out.



Lori Williams Haley

25 months ago


A small contribution for your wonderful cause. I admire anyone who takes on the task of rescuing and caring for animals. May you have success with your endeavor now and in the future.




25 months ago


Happy that you are back on the east coast, can you send me your number? I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk with you before you left are in your element with your animals back on your farm...I'm guessing. Wishing you well! Miss you!!


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