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Hello. Thank you first of all for even clicking on this link. Thank you secondly for taking the time to read this! My name is Paula. I'm in Ghana, Africa studying abroad until May 2012.... more


Updated posted by Paula Truex 17 months ago

Hey everyone,

I apologize for the time it's been since I have updated this site. I wanted to first thank you all again for your generous donations last spring! Since then I have returned to the States, moved to Michigan and continue to keep in touch with the School and Principal.

I recently received an email from the Principal about their idea to build a library in the school. The current intern has started a GoFundMe page for this project. I wanted to share the link:

I can answer more questions about the project, school, or anything else- just email me!

Hope you are all well- I can't express to you how much the teachers STILL appreciate the pay raise they received last spring. I am still getting facebook and email thank you notes!


Updated posted by Paula Truex 25 months ago

Hello Everyone! I apologize that it's been awhile since I've sent an update! I wanted to first direct you all to my blog I will be putting updates about Anani School and the rest of my time in Ghana on this blog. I also wanted to let you all know, this GoFundMe site is still running and if anyone would still like to donate to the school this is currently the best place for donations. Hopefully come may, there will be a website for the school set up listing their needs and an option for donations to those needs.

At the beginning of March I was able to use your money to help pay for the teachers' salary in February. The principal called a meeting with the teachers and explained that there is possibility for a bonus on the teachers' salaries for a couple months if the teachers show an improvement in their work. As you can imagine, when you are getting paid under minimum wage it starts to wear you down and effects your work. The principal had a great idea to use the money as a motivator to get the spirits up in the school.

Tomorrow- Friday March 30, we will be paying the teachers their salary, plus bonuses. The principal and I sat down and calculated bonuses and salary costs. We were able to make your donations last through May!!!

I will be leaving here in May, but I will hopefully have the school website completed by then. I am training the principal, secretary, and another teacher on how to update and use the website. They will be updating their needs on this site. Any sponsorship money or donations will go directly to them through this site.

Again, I can't thank you all enough for your donation and support. The school has been filled with joy and the teachers are beyond grateful to all of you!

thank you,



Updated posted by Paula Truex 25 months ago

This video was actually made before Steve Weatherford's army of awesomeness came through with donations, but I wanted to show everyone where the money is going! Meet some of the teachers of Anani Memorial International School!

Also, I am not a video wiz, so please know that this is a sad attempt at figuring out iMovie on my computer and by no means a professional video. Some audio cuts out and some of the coloring is off... Nonetheless I want everyone to see and hear from these teachers!

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Created by Paula Truex on February 22, 2012

Hello. Thank you first of all for even clicking on this link. Thank you secondly for taking the time to read this!

My name is Paula. I'm in Ghana, Africa studying abroad until May 2012. So far I have been here for 6 weeks. I am volunteering at a school called Anani Memorial International School (AMIS). Just like most people who travel to a 3-world country, I have stumbled upon a problem I want to help fix.

to learn more about this problem check out my blog

 Long story short, here are the facts:

- AMIS has 12 teachers who need to get paid next week Friday March 2nd
- The teachers are not getting a fair salary because students cannot pay their school fees, but the Principal still allows them to come to school every day
- Students are supposed to pay 10 Ghana Cedis a month which is $6.25 US Dollars, but most families can't pay that and owe the school fees
- Currently the teachers are receiving 80-120 GHC which is $50- $75 a month, which is not enough to live on
- Teachers are taking a big hit at this school and are the only ones affected by the lack of money coming into the school

After taking attendance and collecting school fees for the month of February, it is pretty obvious the Principal is yet again going to have to pay the teachers close to nothing for their work this month. I am currently working on a website for the school, that they can use to raise money and update with their needs. There will be a teacher sponsorship program on the website to help raise money for these teachers. This website is no where close to being finished. I was going to wait to raise money for the teachers when the website was complete, but being here, being with the teachers, hearing the Principal say over and over again "we have to pay the teachers next week, we need school fees, I don't know what to do", contributed to the creation of this donor page.


This GoFundMe sight will just be a one time fundraiser for these teachers, while I continue to work on the website. My goal is to raise $1780.00 US Dollars which is 2,848 Ghana Cedis. This would pay each teacher the desired amount for their salary of the month of February.

I really hope to create website & program to provide these teachers with a reasonable salary each month, this is just the first step towards the solution.

Thank you so much!


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Good job PDT - A starbuck coffee lost this month for a 1000 of us - a dedicated teacher supported! Seems like a reasonable tradeoff.

posted by Scott Truex 26 months ago

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Kortnie K.

25 months ago


So inspired by you Paula, love you xoxo




25 months ago


keep pursuing your passion ;)




25 months ago


Sent by Steve Weatherford



Tyanne Lumbreras-Colamatteo

25 months ago


In honor of Steve Weatherford and all the teachers in Gana!



Jeffery Butwin

25 months ago


God bless you all, with love from America .



Chris Clouse

25 months ago


You inspire me, I look forward to meeting you! God bless!



Alexandra Garritano

25 months ago


Couldn't be more proud of you, Paula! You're giving these people an amazing gift! Love you :)



Kanda Kramer

25 months ago


Go Paul Wall!!




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25 months ago


"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations..." -Matthew 28:19


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