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I would like to share with you a short version of my story on how I became an amputee on June 27, 2011. Before I get into sharing my story I would like to give you the reason why I am... more


Updated posted by Cindy Asch Martin 21 months ago

Gertie’s New Dress…

This past year has certainly been a very busy one indeed. Trying to get through all of the emotional ups and downs has taught me a great deal of knowledge, sadness, joy and perseverance.

Gertie’s newest dress has not been fine-tuned enough to feel like her last one. I was at my legman 3 times last week and I am hoping to get there at the end of this week for another change. The problem when Gertie gets a new party dress, it takes some alterations, sometimes one change leads to another, then another and so on.

I did however mow my entire lawn, front and back, I was not stopping, I pushed myself even though poor Gertie was begging me to stop. I knew I was not going to cause a blister, so on I continued until I was done. I was more determined than ever, I guess making up for so much lost time.

My legman is going to make Gertie’s old dress a back-up to have just in case. He has a box of feet from other patients that no longer have uses for them; it was gracious of him to offer to do that for me. This is the time when it would come in handy, when my new one doesn’t feel so great I can load up with extra socks until I can drive there for a visit and a fix! I have been paying forward liners and other sleeves etc… for others who don’t have any type of insurance.

Things are coming together; I am still so thrilled just to walk like I have 2 legs again, do my grocery shopping and other such errands. Simple things now mean the world to me.

“Never take anything for granted, you never know what the next moment in your life will hold”

Love, Laugh & Live...Cindy~



Updated posted by Cindy Asch Martin 21 months ago

Another Gertie Update…

Summer has arrived and Gertie is continuing to have positive progress. My newest legman Greg has found the right combination for Gertie to be pain free, I never thought it could happen; but it has! Surprisingly enough, I was able to go through an entire week without incident, until Gertie once again dropped another centimeter. My inner liner has been slipping off due to my liner being too large, the weight of my prosthesis lets gravity take over, so through-out my day I need to remove everything and redress Gertie in order to walk normally and pain free.

For the last week I have been able to restart my life where I had left off, doing the stepmill, stairclimber and treadmill each for 20 minutes at a time. This has been so rewarding to me, for those who know me, my doing cardio has always been my magic pill of sanity, so finally being able to do more than the bike is a huge step in the direction I was headed towards.

This past weekend I was digging up plants, outdoor painting & doing other projects that have been put off for such a long time has me feeling like a new person. It’s been something that has been so out of reach for such a long time it feels so magnificent to me!

I go see Greg tomorrow to get my new smaller liners; I will have my foam sleeve modified again to fit smaller and tighter so my prosthesis will not begin tugging at my liner again. My hopes are within the next several months to be in my permanent socket which should last me a year with just several modifications through-out the year instead of several mods a month.

All in all, Gertie has been doing wonderfully…it seems like forever that I have been dealing with one mishap after another with my left leg. I am looking forward to putting some muscle back into my left quad; it looks so out of proportion to my right leg that sometimes I feel self-conscious in shorts.

It has been a frustrating journey, but this journey seems to be changing course to better days. Although my life will forever be altered, I am a stronger person then I was prior to all of this…there is always something good that comes from each journey…without a doubt~

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. ~Voltaire

Love Life....Cindy~



Updated posted by Cindy Asch Martin 21 months ago

For the last month or so I have been secretly dreading today June 27th…the day Gertie was born. I never in my wildest dreams could have ever imagined my life would have taken this turn in my journey.

I have continued without a hiccup, trying with all my might to push aside the affects this has had on my life. Things we as humans take for granted, taken from us in an instance & times for no reason at all. We still must learn to accept them in order to carry on and strive with what lies in front of us and how we must begin the process of anger, loss, grief.

From my perspective I have accomplished a lot of milestones this past year. I didn’t realize how many obstacles I would be faced with, but I think it has made me a better person, stronger and yes, a more patient person. That may just be from getting more grey hair and the privilege of wisdom that comes from living and learning as we age. For whatever reason, I have been able to conquer each quest I have been faced with. I believe that gives me self-satisfaction to continue to never give in or give up. If you say I can’t, I will show you I can. Our minds are very powerful element to our personal adventures, struggles, successes.

Nevertheless, things are finally falling back into place & my life is slowly but surely restarting where it left off. This past Sunday I was able to cut my front lawn with my walking lawn mower after I did some gardening, that goal took over 3 years, but I did it! I have taken 2 short motorcycle rides around the neighborhood and now I can walk on the treadmill again as well!

My new legman is amazing, we will be working together at least every week or 2 for the next several months, and then Gertie should become fairly stable, so my need for changes will become few and far between.

I have so much gratitude for everyone that had opened their hearts to me, the kindness, thoughtfulness, love, hope and support has been overwhelming; and at times has made me very humble and speechless.

My life has forever changed, I am truly blessed ….

With love and respect...Cindy~


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Created by Cindy Asch Martin on September 13, 2011

I would like to share with you a short version of my story on how I became an amputee on June 27, 2011.

Before I get into sharing my story I would like to give you the reason why I am writing to you.

I am a self employed personal trainer living  in Olympia, WA. Due to the type of work I do, I have been unable to continue working with some of my clients and unable to recruit new clientele due to my medical challenges. Even though I am still working with several clients as well as working-out in order to maintain my strength. I am in the process of having yet another surgery (#7)  in April. I have still  not been able to catch up with my medical bills from my  emergency and amputation surgeries. My ever increasing medical bills including the amount my insurance will not cover (my inpatient hospital fees and a percentage of my prosthesis of all things if you can believe that). They consider a prosthesis a durable medical device and will only cover a portion of it. I have applied for disability but due to my work status I did not accumulate enough credits to qualify.  I have applied for sponsor care in which I found out today that I do not qualify as to their rigid requirements. I have written and applied for assistance with my hospital bills to help me with my hospital stay, I was denied. I have even gone to my credit union and asked my loans officer if they could consolidate my credit card amount and my remaining balance on my vehicle. Due to my very limited income I was denied, the most my credit union would do for me was to offer me a 2 month deferral.

Sad to say my husband does not share his earnings with me. He has graciously been paying my monthly medical insurance premiums but that is where his assistance stops. All of these organizations that I have been applying for will not make any exceptions to their rules of the household earnings.

I was brought up with the understanding, that there are always exceptions to the rule and that everyone does not fit into the same mold.

I am asking for help; by either donations or fundraisers to be able to pay my balance of my inpatient hospital fees as well as being refitted once again for another test socket and liners. Once I can get my life back in order I will be able to rebuild my clientele. I am even interested in working with other amputees as the style of training that I do has made my recovery effortless. I am a very experienced personal trainer and have worked with almost every medical condition, now that I am a thriving amputee I would love to help them regain their lives back too!

I have had a very generous non-profit organization pay for an advertisement on please check it out, there are coupons for some extra savings. I have also created a free website check that out too and you can see I am doing everything in my power to earn a living and get myself back on track. It has been a very difficult year and this year has proved to be another test of wills for me.

Here is a shorten version of my story…

2 ½ years ago I got out for my car and I was not able to bend my left ankle, I tried not to think about it, but it never went away. Long story short, my Achilles tendon kept tearing, they kept repairing it, and then my left leg swelled up, 3 days later the tendon totally ruptured. Now having a third surgery, I ended up having a Gastrocnemius recession-lengthening done so the same thing would not happen with my right leg, as well as a different type of repair to my left leg again. After my third surgery, my doctor knew there was a problem, he scheduled me for a fourth surgery and 2 weeks before that one, I got a very bad infection in my left leg. I was rushed into surgery so they could open my leg and flush it out; the disease control doctor was put in charge of my case. The infection turned out to be E-Coli.   Now we all know you can’t get E-coli in a leg period let alone a leg without any open areas. The DC doctor and everyone else to this day have no idea how that could have happened. They also told me at that time my tendon was dead again. I told my surgeon enough is enough and that I believe my tendon is degenerative. I was afraid of my leg and needed to be free of it. So I was put on iv fluids for 2 weeks to make sure the infection was under control before they took my leg off, they did not want the infection to spread up my entire leg. The 5 surgeries all took place between March 2010 and June of 2011.

I am ready to move on and get my life back~

My name is Cindy and I am asking if you would or could be willing to help me with a fundraiser or donate some money so I can pay some of my medical bills. Even if you could help with a $5.00 donation, it would bring me that much closer to meeting my goal. I would be so grateful to be able to sleep at night without having this medical nightmare looming over my head. Lastly, I would like to go on with my life so I can continue to help others!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story~




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Cindy,I hope all goes well with your surgery and God bless you always ..Always BELIEVE ..all things are possible .. You Rock!!

posted by Donna Ricottone Brace 25 months ago

Hi Cindy just to let you know that I am getting along well I have good days and bad days. Once the upper part of my leg has healed I will be starting to get ready for my prosthesis. As I tell my wife and sons "You can do anything if you put your mind to it" I can't wait to start my next step so I can get on a bike again and get back into something I really enjoy. All the power to ya !! Wade

posted by Wade 30 months ago

Hi Cindy, I have forwarded your site onto one of the ladies that works in our babysitting department (Angie) in the Wellness Centre. Her husband has had a serious motorcycle accident a number of weeks ago, here in Brampton and @ the age of 54 has also become an amputee below the knee of his right leg. He is still recovering in a rehab hospital and is experiencing all the phantom and mental pains similar to yourself. I thought maybe you could help to advise and support Wade as he goes through the steps as you have to achieve that level of acceptance and ability to move forward. You are an amazing person and I have shared your story with Angie. She was inspired and hopes that he will be too. Good Luck and keep in touch! Hugs Dianne

posted by Dianne Sheflin-Armstrong 30 months ago

Your getting there xoxo

posted by Cindy 31 months ago

Plese help me with my goal to raise some money so I can get my life back!

posted by Cindy Asch Martin 31 months ago

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We hope this helps things along for you. Wishing you the best!



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mUAH! xoox




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All the best on Thurs Cindy you are always in my thoughts xo



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God bless you and good luck on your upcoming surgery. aways believe ..


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