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I am raising money for travel expenses to National Institute of Health in Maryland. There is a Dr. in Maryland that is very interested in treating me. I have MDS and have been fighting a... more


Updated posted by Amber Wagoner 22 months ago

Well its been a while since i've posted any updates, its been a rocky road the last month or so. The transplant has been succesful so far with a 90% donor cell population. I have been batteling graft vs host disease of the gut which kept me hospitalized longer than expected,they have been treating me with high doses of steroids to help. I had a few weeks where my blood counts were extremely low, bone marrow looked good but blood cells not coming out which put me at a high risk for infection. Finally after weeks of not seeing much change and dr.s with not much explanation, and alot of worry,doubt,anxiety, the good Lord took the reins,things turned around in the right path. I was discharged on wednesday but have every other day visits for a few weeks so they can watch me close. Still a long way to go to full recovery but hope to return to Montana mid july. Thank you everyone for all the prayers and support,


Updated posted by Amber Wagoner 24 months ago

Today is six days post transplant. I have been doing very well so far. Side effects have been minimal, mainly fatigue and a little nausea and headache. Today my blood counts started to rise which means the new stem cells could be starting to graph. I'v been able to get out of my room and walk around the facility. Thankyou for all the caring support!


Updated posted by Amber Wagoner 24 months ago

At 8:00 est on april 12th I recieved my new stem cells after three days of light chemo and a full body irradiation therapy. The side effects so far have been minor,a little naucious and fatigue but I'm getting rest in between all the nurses and doctors visiting.
Thankyou for all your support!!!

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Created by Amber Wagoner on September 13, 2011

I am raising money for travel expenses to National Institute of Health in Maryland. There is a Dr. in Maryland that is very interested in treating me. I have MDS and have been fighting a sinus infection for almost 1 year. The Dr.'s that have been studying our family have found another gene mutation that is most likely the reason I have been stuggling with infections. As most of you know I have been hospitalized twice for infections. The last one just about got me. The Dr.'s at the NIH have told us that they will treat me for free. The only thing they ask is if I pay for the first Travel & Lodging expenses. Every visit there after will be covered by them. This is truely a blessing!

When we go for our appointment in Maryland we are going to be discussing and most likely planning for a bone marrow transplant.
Any help will be greatly appreciated! I will make sure that Amber keeps facebook updated. Thank you for all for your prayers and support!

The money collected will go towards Plane tickets for myself and Amber, Lodging, meals, & Rental car.


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Im thinking andy praying for you everyday.I feel lots off hope for a good outcome.

posted by Donna Woodman 24 months ago

Jeff, Amber, & kids :) Sending lots of love, prayers and good thoughts your way today. We are sorry to hear of Jeff's set back and hope he gets well soon! Let us know if you need anything! Love, The Barnes' :)

posted by Lynnette Barnes 30 months ago

Love the new picture of all of you. I'm sorry to hear about Jeff's set-back. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

posted by LeTina 30 months ago

Amber and Jeff, I am so sorry to hear the news... please call me... I, too, am on the transplant list for a Liver... I work closley with CTDN and could possibly be of some help... Give me a call... (same number!)

posted by Pati Hughes-Fudge 30 months ago

Hi Amber: We are following your journey. I'm so sorry that you and your family have to go through this trial. But praise God for his provision for medical treatment. That is truly a modern day miracle. Just know that you are loved and prayed for daily. We think about you all day long, and pray that God will use this time to bring you closer to HIm. Lay your requests at his feet and wait expectantly. He loves you and Jeff more than you can ever imagine. We love you too. Janet and Jim Wagoner

posted by Janet Wagoner 31 months ago

Hi Jeff & Amber! Nona is doing great today! Her and Tymber have been riding the stick horses around all day! Check out the video on my Facebook page! Hope you are both doing as good as can be expected! We miss you!

posted by Lynnette Barnes 31 months ago

Thinking of you guys and wishing you all the best....

posted by Hillary Hansen 31 months ago

From Martha (Gutierrez) Smallwood on the FB post I shared- Hey not sure if I remember Jeff Wagoner or if he even knows who i am ... but bethesda is not far from me so if you want to pass on my info if they need anything like ride to and from airports or even directions... or whatever they might need while here... anything to help a fellow bishopite.... Jeff, If you'd like her info email me at She is Mario and Salomon, Jr. Gutierrez' sister and my best friend in high school.

posted by Delanie Bell 31 months ago

Jeff I had not heard that you are on your way so quickly. God is gracious and miraculous to work this all out for you. we are here for you too. So glad you are going to be able to get the help that you need. Love and Prayers, Uncle Jim and Aunt Janet

posted by Jim & Janet Wagoner 31 months ago

we are here to help you as well. Lobe you guys,

posted by Julie Megill 31 months ago

Best of luck in Maryland Jeff & Amber! Wishing and praying for great results! Bless you both & your family!

posted by Lynnette Barnes & Family 31 months ago

Jeffrey - I love you and miss you so much! You deserve this and I hope everything works out for you! Love you Cousin! Katie

posted by Katie Stephenson 31 months ago

Dear Jeffery, Of course we will support you! This is not just your battle but all of our battle. You are not alone! We love you and Amber beyond words and want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

posted by Micah Humprhies 31 months ago

I feel so blessed to have such great friends! 18min and we have a donation! Thank you Crystal!

posted by Amber Wagoner 31 months ago

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Joan Seligmann

24 months ago


Surrounded with love and prayer may your pocket be full of the money you need.




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carolyn burt

24 months ago


All my prayers are with you and your family at this time. Blessings to you all..



The Swishers

25 months ago


You are in our thoughts and prayers! We wish you all the best! Love, Mark, Dina, and Leo



Poncho & Bev

25 months ago


You are all so courageous. God Bless Your Adorable Family. We pray daily for you.



Matt Culver

25 months ago


we are all praying and thinking of you Jeff, Amber, and kids...


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