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At the age of just 32 and 16 weeks pregnant with her second baby girl, Briana Dannen was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer on October 14, 2013.  The words she used to de... more


Updated posted by Gail Wyatt Cutsforth 4 days ago

6 months. Its been 6 months today since we received the news about Briana's breast cancer diagnosis. With the help of this wonderful community of Sherwood, OR and beyond, look what we have accomplished! Humble gratitude to all those who have made this campaign simply amazing! Continued payers, friends, but the future looks bright! God is good.


Updated posted by Gail Wyatt Cutsforth 10 days ago

T-Minus 46 hours and counting til the Sherwood Egg Hunt for HOPE to benefit Briana and her family! Saturday, April 12 - the festivities begin around 12:30pm so for those of you in the area, please come join the fun! It is going to be a beautiful day for an egg hunt!
Briana Update: Bri has started her second taxol chemo infusion since delivering Harper. She is struggling with one of the main side effects - it really settles in her bones and joints. It just plain hurts to even stand. Two more after this, then surgery, then a year of herceptin and some radiation thrown in just for fun. They are managing. Their focus is the girls who, by the way, are both thriving. We are asking that you continue to hold them up in prayer.



Updated posted by Gail Wyatt Cutsforth 15 days ago

Great news today friends! Briana got the results of her PET scan and it's clean! No additional cancer found! Hallelujah!

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Created by Gail Wyatt Cutsforth on February 18, 2014

At the age of just 32 and 16 weeks pregnant with her second baby girl, Briana Dannen was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer on October 14, 2013.  The words she used to describe her and her husband's reaction were "shocked and devastated".

Four months and 6 chemo treatments later, Briana is being induced to deliver her healthy baby girl early on March 10 so she can move on to a stronger chemo drug that she is unable to take while pregnant.  All who know her are humbled by her strength and amazing attitude.  She is a high school teacher in our small town in Oregon and strong in her Catholic faith.  She is taking her cancer on face to face, determined to defeat it, but the exhaustion is indescribable, the nausea and fatigue from chemo sometimes overwhelming.  She is long since out of sick days and still has a long road ahead.

What will your donation go toward?  Everything from co-payments and anti-nausea drugs to diapers, wipes and baby formula as she will not be able to breast feed, much to her disappointment.  It will help them purchase a double video monitor, one for each baby girl, so on those days when she can't even lift her head off the pillow, she can at least watch their little movements and be invigorated by the two little lives she helped create.  To purchase a double stroller for the girls, to simply help make ends meet when the sick days are too many to count and the bills keep coming.

On behalf of the Dannen and Braxmeyer families and all who know and love and are supporting Brian, Briana and their girls in any way we can, we thank you for your consideration and any donation you make to this fund.


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heard that the beautiful Harper June was born today. so honored to share my birthday with such a gorgeous, healthy, strong baby girl!! couldn't be happier for you guys. love you, mrs dannen!!

posted by Savanna Davis 1 month ago

I happened to stumble across this page and was very inspired to hear your story! My wife to be is currently 15 weeks pregnant with twins and has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Knowing that there others out there that have faced this battle and come out on top is very encouraging. Best wishes to you, your family, and baby Dannen - may you share a bright and healthy future together :)

posted by Ryan McKeagney 1 month ago

I am a cancer survivor! You can do it!!! check out -- and i-beat-cancer and Great sites to help with your nutrition and battle. After cancer I now have a healthy beautiful 6yr old.

posted by Kelly Woods 1 month ago

GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! Trust in GOD and he will get you through this!

posted by Richard Harrington 1 month ago

Keep fighting!! You are an awesome teacher!!!

posted by Beth Norby 1 month ago

I ment to put Dannen**** not Danner. Sorry for the typo! Keep fighting! Loved you as a teacher!

posted by Milena Schaplowsky 1 month ago

Do you need any little girl or baby clothes,

posted by Ashley Daniels 1 month ago

hope everything is okay for you i donate 10

posted by Charity Page 1 month ago

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Tascha Gamroth

7 days ago


Hang in there an you WILL prevail?



sheng davis

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Jocelynn C.

16 days ago


You can do this sister. I'm a survivor (stage 4). I am healthy and happy. You are too. Enjoy your new baby. Stay positive. I'm sending you love, light, positivity and prayers. God bless you



Aaron Whaley

16 days ago


Good luck with your battle!



Lisa Kanaga

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