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This is Lulu, she is truly the sweetest German Shepherd. She was abandoned at Spoiled Rotten Doggie Daycare  in Danvers, after being left behind there for over a month. She's had a hard... more


Updated posted by Kimberly Hammond Donahue 2 hours ago

Lulu wants to wish everyone a Happy Easter and hopes that the Easter Bunny is good to all !!!

Things are still progressing, eating well, no regurgitation, breathing is so much easier for her...especially allows her to play with the other dogs and walk a bit longer distances :)

We will be taking her in to weigh her Saturday and I am hoping to post a good, solid weight gain so please check back !

Thank you ALL for EVERYTHING !!!! (can't say that enough)


Happy Easter :)


Updated posted by Kimberly Hammond Donahue 3 days ago

You can find Lulu on Facebook to see her updates. Look for her as "Lulu Danvers MA" :)


Updated posted by Kimberly Hammond Donahue 3 days ago

Happy Sunday ! Lulu is not only discovering the fun of Deer and Elk Antlers...but she's not being protective of them with her buddies :) Still no regurgitation !!!


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Created by Kimberly Hammond Donahue on February 15, 2014

This is Lulu, she is truly the sweetest German Shepherd. She was abandoned at Spoiled Rotten Doggie Daycare  in Danvers, after being left behind there for over a month. She's had a hard life up to this point, spending most of her time outside, but deserves a second chance at life. Danvers Animal Hospital who has seen her in the past has shared that she has a medical condition (esophageal diverticulitis) which requires immediate corrective surgery to allow her to eat and not regurgitate her food. If she doesn't have the surgery, the condition will most likely escalate into a secondary condition (infection in her lungs from aspirating food when vomiting) that could develop, costing her her life. I am going to have her evaluated at Angel Memorial this week for immediate surgery to correct this problem which may cost between $5000 to $8000. depending on severity. Timing is critical. No donation is too small or will go unnoticed...please help me, help Lulu... the Staff at Spoiled Rotten is committed with me to helping her get healthy and get a second chance at life. We are her guardian angels, as she has not had an advocate until this point...  every soul deserves a chance. Thanks for lending whatever support you can.

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My very sweet and lovable LuLu I am so glad you are doing so well today!! I am praying for you everyday and so are many other wonderful people..I hope you are having fun today and feeling much better!! Good luck with your eating better. My black Lab had the same thing, and it is not a good thing; but, you are on the road with wonderful Kimberly!! Kimberly, are you going to be able to keep LuLu?? I sure hope so!!! Love you LuLu!!!!

posted by Margaret Slayton 8 days ago look great! Keep up the good work. GO LULU!!!!!!

posted by Debbie Duncan Campisi 8 days ago

Good morning LuLu......Happy Birthday. You have a great day. You'll start feeling better before you know it. Hugs and Kisses!

posted by Debbie Duncan Campisi 15 days ago

That's great news! She must be so happy to be home. She has been well cared for and loved and being home is the best medicine.

posted by Debbie Duncan Campisi 16 days ago

Great news with the LULU! Can't wait to meet again with a healthy German shepherd again. You can see it in her eyes! Go Lulu!

posted by Dexter Hammond 17 days ago

I have been praying for Lulu. I have a very good feeling that she is going to do okay. I think she is so thankful for you Kimberly and is trying very hard to get better so she can continue to get your love and care, as this is probably the first time in her life she has received it. Thank you for taking such good care of Lulu.

posted by Rebecca Garrett 19 days ago

LuLu looks great! I'm sure your visit had a lot to do with it. I am so glad she ate.....Hugs & Kisses LuLu

posted by Debbie Duncan Campisi 19 days ago

Poor Baby....Saying lots of prayers for LuLu. Be strong little can fight this!

posted by Debbie Duncan Campisi 21 days ago

Good Luck Lulu. Tons of prayers coming your way!

posted by Debbie Duncan Campisi 27 days ago

Has anyone tried / suggested Chinese Herbs and or acupuncture? I've had good results with both on my cat that has IBD.

posted by Ginger Krautkramer 1 month ago

I am still thinking and praying for Lulu Please keep us posted !!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Margaret Reynolds Kretsch 1 month ago

I am also trying to raise money for my dog's surgery. She was diagnosed with a cancerous growth on her leg. Congrats on raising enough money for Lili.

posted by Diane Elizabeth 1 month ago

I too was curious if a forever home has been found. I had 2 German Shepherds a female who lived to 17 and left me just over 2 years ago. I also had a male I adopted from a kill shelter and was blessed to have for 5 years. He passed 3 months after my Girl Teddy did. He had cancer we were dealing with. He was abandoned in an apartment by a 21 year old and the landlord found him 2 weeks later near death in the apartment. They had used him to train pit bull fighing dogs with...filed his teeth ,missing part or his ears and nose.He was a good boy.I know how expensive medical bills are as the last 2 years of my dogs life I spend 18 grand on needed medical events before they had to leave me for a better place. I'd offer a forever home once Lulu heals up and is ready just let me know...Best wishes.Thank you to all the donors and to Kim for being so loving and caring.

posted by Joe Hercik 1 month ago

I am so glad so many Angels have Come forward. Good Luck to lulu

posted by Alex Johnson-Rodriguez 1 month ago

I am so so so happy to see that Lulu is going to get the help she needs. My dog has been in my life for almost 17 years and he is my everything. He is so important to me and the best thing my parents ever did was adopting him. I hope Lulu finds unconditional love like this.

posted by Jess Galati 1 month ago

Has she been adopted yet?

posted by Gene Lauff 1 month ago

Have you found Lulu a forever home yet?

posted by Traci Sandler 1 month ago

So happy that you reached your goal to help this beautiful baby. I adopted a Boxer about 3 years ago that was neglected and also left at a doggie day care. The owner would drop him off at 7am and pick him up at 7pm then on the weekends drop him off at 7am Friday and not pick him up until Monday night at 7pm. Why have an animal if you are just going to leave it? They found he was also chaining the dog to a spare bedroom wall when he was home with it because the dog was "bugging him" all night. Some just never get it. Good luck Lulu. All the love and prayers for you and all the other animals in the world facing this type of situation. xoxo

posted by Randi DeLoreto 1 month ago

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mollysu laprell

6 days ago


This is in memory of our precious little Shitzu, who we miss more and more each day. Its so good to read how well LIttle LuLu is progressing , thanks to caring people like you that make it possible.



Gigi Patton

8 days ago


Go Lulu!!!



Cynthia Calabrese

9 days ago



Barbara Stephens

10 days ago




13 days ago




13 days ago




14 days ago



Zachary Morris

14 days ago



Chris Katcher

15 days ago


I also check for daily updates. Kimberly you ar incredible to have taken this on. I see the amount needed is rising so another donation is on the way.



Matt Maglio

15 days ago


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