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Since October 2012, I have been creating a docu-web series called  Is our forest really ours?  This project is about forcing government to revamp the Crown Forest Act in N.B.which was en... more


Created by Charles Theriault on February 14, 2014

Since October 2012, I have been creating a docu-web series called  Is our forest really ours?  This project is about forcing government to revamp the Crown Forest Act in N.B.which was enacted in 1980  and gave control of managing our public forest to the forest industry.  Report after report by experts tells us that every year, millions upon millions of dollars that could fund healthcare, schools and roads are manipulated out of our hands into the coffers of industry while succeeding governments are to scared to act and stand up to these industrial bullies..

The Crown Forest in New Brunswick is our most valuable natural ressource yet we have received very little benefit for our ownership. In episode 1 of the series, historians confirm that controling Crown Forest means controling government! Think about it! Today 4 companies contrôle 100% of our Crown Forest. A forest we own! Our richest ressource, the corner stone of our economy, yet today we receive a portion of the real potential benefit.  

In order to extract the forest industry from managing our public forest it will take a groundswell of New Brunswickers to force government to act. The series I have created is building that groundswell and industry  is nervous and have created an expensive advertising campaign to counter it

Yet a survey of the people in N.B. in 2010 (which was   indicate that 93 % of the population do not trust the forest industry to manage our forest in a sustainable way to garantee a future healthy forestfor our children.

We the people of New Brunswick have the power to bring about change.

Visit the web site and view the work that has been done so far in raising awareness in N.B.  Momentum is growing, credible people are getting involved but I need funds to keep going.

Please donate because we need to keep raising awareness right up until the provincial election this coming September 2014

Thank you

Charles Thériault

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Brent Cliff

17 days ago


Mr. Theriault, very pleased with your project!! You have great interviews and information. It would be great to get your information out there in a greater presence to NB Public. Watched the interview of Ken Hardie on the Dennis report, it is a start but you have much better information and from a more public prospective. I am a wood lot owner near Fredericton and would like to send you an email with a few comments from my prospective. Regards!!



Martin Roussel

19 days ago


Envoyer svp l'autocollant au 137 avenue Belisle, Edmundston, N.-B. E3V4C7. Et encore bravo!




23 days ago




26 days ago




1 month ago



Willard Wright

1 month ago


We support you 100% Keep up the the great work you are doing



steve waddell

1 month ago


the clear cuts have to stop, i believe it has to start with jdi




1 month ago



Doug and Geri Carter

1 month ago


I'm beginning to feel the old saying just may be true...."One persona can make all the difference in the world."



Guillermo Castilla

1 month ago


Keep it up Charles, bravo!


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