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Muhammad Shahzaib Bajwa is an exchange student (Pakistani) in university of Wisconsin, He was in a vehicle-deer accident on 13 Nov,2013. He suffered severe fractures on his face. It's be... more


Updated posted by Shahraiz Bajwa 1 month ago

The Consular General of Pakistan from Chicago consulate came to meet us today. He told us that the state deportment has agreed to to extend Shahzaib's visa. He said the hospital wants to transfer him to a long term facility. So the hospital is looking into it. The hospital will finalize 2-3 facilities in Duluth area and we will have to choose one from them. The insurance company has 90,000$. They will keep on paying until 13 Nov,2014 or until the 90,000$ runs out, whichever comes first. After that we will have to pay for his medical expenses and other costs. Please pray that Shahzaib gets better before we reach that point. So, we can use this money for his Facial reconstruction surgery and rehabilitation. Thanks to all those who has contributed to our cause. Please ask your friends and family to contribute too. So that we have enough funds for Shahzaib's medical expenses.


Updated posted by Shahraiz Bajwa 2 months ago

We would like to share with you all that the Pakistani Consulate in Chicago and the State Department have given verbal assurances to not deport Shahzaib. We are still awaiting more details, which we will have by the end of the week.

All of you have helped make tremendous progress in this case but we still need your help. The hospital will not pay for Shahzaib's medical care after February 28 and we need to raise $300,000 to ensure he will get the continued medical care that he needs. If you have already donated, please consider doubling your donation and ask your friends to help. We are almost there.


Created by Shahraiz Bajwa on February 11, 2014

Muhammad Shahzaib Bajwa is an exchange student (Pakistani) in university of Wisconsin, He was in a vehicle-deer accident on 13 Nov,2013. He suffered severe fractures on his face. It's been 3 months but he is still unconscious. He is admitted in St Mary's medical centre, Duluth,Mn. He had a small amount of travel insurance, which was not good enough to cover his medical bills. The hospital committed to keep him only for 90 days.Now, we may have to put him in the nursing home, and we don't how for long he will to be in the nursing home. We need some urgent funds so we can put him in the nursing home and get his visa extended. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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How is he doing now? Please update!

posted by Sanah Soomro 23 days ago

Regardless of which corner of the world you are from, when it comes to human life...borders, visas, and politics should not matter. The fragile element of our humanity should always come first. Praying for your brother and entire family.

posted by Rosalynda Longoria 1 month ago

Would like to know who was driving and whether they had insurance.

posted by Nannette Cintron 1 month ago

I speak life to you. You shell live and not die. Get Well Soon!!! I hope!

posted by David Lee 1 month ago

Get well soon my brother!!

posted by Nauman Mustafa 1 month ago

I pray that you get well soon. May God Almighty bless you and your family.

posted by Hassan Bhatti 1 month ago

I would like to request that we all keep this beautiful young man and his family in our prayers. We may not be able to change the State Departments position on when Shahzaib's visa ends or the hospitals position on how long they will keep him in the hospital...but our Great God can move mountains, He can do anything asked in his name. Let us all pray for Shahzaib's recovery, may The Lord bless and keep him in His light and give him His peace. Please give whatever you can to help pay his medical expenses even if it is only a few dollars, together we can all make a difference!! God bless and keep you.

posted by Kristen Amanda 1 month ago

May ALLAH grant you shiffa and speedy recovery. My prayers are with you.

posted by Sohail Ahmad 1 month ago

May you get well soon in sha Allah !

posted by Fahmida Afsha 2 months ago

Inshallah we will make special prayers for him tonight at a zikkar mehfil in Maryland.

posted by Aasim Sehbai 2 months ago

May you get well soon Brother!!!

posted by Waqas Butt 2 months ago

INSHA ALLAH He will Better Soon. Allah Bless Him aameen

posted by Engr Abbas 2 months ago

May Allah SWT recover him soon with good health ameen.

posted by Faizan Khalid 2 months ago

INSHA ALLAH He will Better Soon Allah Bless Him aameen

posted by Ali Syed 2 months ago

i pray that you come Home with all the health and well being in the world. God Bless you brother.

posted by Fahad Rafiq 2 months ago

praying for his life and recovery..

posted by Mohammad Ali 2 months ago

Brother may you get well soon.

posted by Syd Kmr 2 months ago

Allah Pak give you health soon InshaaAllah.

posted by Muhammad Saqib 2 months ago

ALLAH bless u full health soon

posted by Faisal Kabir 2 months ago

I speak life to you. You shell live and not die.

posted by Deborah Cue 2 months ago

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