Brothers die 10 days apart, leave kids

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On January 2nd, 2014, Eric Kaupang unexpectedly passed away on his way to work on an oil rig in Alaska. He had just been in Minnesota the day prior with his family and friends celebratin... more


Updated posted by Katie Helmrich 2 months ago

What an amazing turnout at the benefit! Thank you all who took the time to attend and support this precious family!



Updated posted by Katie Helmrich 2 months ago

My name is Lindsey and I am Eric's fiancé. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has donated and sent their thoughts and prayers! The support that me, Evelynn, Kiley and Bella are receiving from people around the world is unbelievable. I know that one day when I am able to I will definitely pay it forward! Your kindness will never be forgotten! Love from us! God bless


Updated posted by Katie Helmrich 2 months ago

Bella, as funny as ever!


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Created by Katie Helmrich on January 27, 2014

On January 2nd, 2014, Eric Kaupang unexpectedly passed away on his way to work on an oil rig in Alaska. He had just been in Minnesota the day prior with his family and friends celebrating the new year. He was engaged, and has an 8 week old daughter, Evelynn. Eric and his fiancée Lindsey met at the vet clinic where Eric had brought the dog he was fostering, and they were inseparable ever since. When Eric received a job offer on an oil rig in Alaska, he asked Lindsey to go with him, and always up for an adventure, she said yes. They moved back home to Minnesota in 2012, with Eric traveling back to Alaska every three weeks to work. Eric proposed to Lindsey on December 21, 2012, the same day his older brother and best friend, Edwin, married his longtime girlfriend, Kiley. Eric and Lindsey's baby, Evelynn, was born on November 7th, 2013. After Eric passed away, Edwin was an immense source of comfort to Lindsey, as well as a rock for family and friends.

Eric was laid to rest on January 11th. He knew so many people from his adventurous life, and the room was packed with people, filled with sadness, comfort, but ultimately love as fond memories were shared. After such an emotionally taxing event, the families had no idea that they'd be hit with pain once again during this vulnerable time. The morning after Eric's funeral, January 12th, Edwin's wife, Kiley, went to wake him up after he had passed out in a chair, exhausted from the day before. But she found him dead. He had an enlarged heart, a condition he was unaware of.

Edwin and Kiley started dating in 2007 after being friends for years. On March 13th, 2010, Kiley gave birth to their daughter Bella and they were engaged the same year. In 2012 they married. Kiley and Edwin were the definition of soul mates and when Bella came, the three were inseparable. Family and friends gathered on January 18th to mourn the loss of Edwin. The funeral home was packed full of everyone touched by both Edwin and Eric, and many heartwarming stories of love and brotherhood were shared.

Losing both of these amazing fathers in such a short period of time has been insanely difficult. Both Edwin and Eric were the breadwinners in their families. Edwin had recently started his own painting and construction business, and worked very hard to make sure it succeeded, not only for his family, but for his employees' families as well. Lindsey and Kiley were both stay at home mothers. Unfortunately, neither brother had life insurance.

Edwin and Eric lived life to the absolute fullest. The only thing bigger than their personalities were their hearts. They would have done anything for their family or friends and showed that commitment daily.

Now that we have lost these amazing men, it's our turn to do what we can for their families. We'd like to minimize their financial struggle, and help them move forward comfortably, with their young daughters. We hope to pay Edwin and Eric's funeral costs, living expenses for both Kiley and Lindesay, and provide educational funds for the girls.

We are also hosting a benefit for the family on February 8th at the Bloomington/Richfield Eagles 3208. Any and all help is appreciated, we thank you so much for your support!


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Thank you to everyone who has donated, said a prayer, or sent positive vibes to my family. I can hear both of my brothers laughing at the unreal amount of support that is pouring out, it is simply amazing. Again, thank you all.

posted by Bailey Jean 2 months ago


posted by Joan Studzinski 2 months ago

For the mother..http://www.formomsonly .org/ roups/formomsonly

posted by Belinda Hawkins 2 months ago

An underlying message in the middle of all this grief is to procure life insurance for your family. At their ages, it would have be the cost of a dinner out to fund the monthly premium. I will try to help in the coming days.

posted by Eric Schrader 2 months ago

Although no amount of money will bring back my sons, I am grateful to all of those that have donated, provided prayers and useful grievance links in an effort to help my granddaughters and daughter-in-laws with the emotional & financial burdens they are facing. I would like to give my sympathies to those that have commented on the loved ones they have also lost my heart goes out to each and every one of you, your concern for others while dealing with your own tragedies is a testament to the compassion you have for others, including strangers. God Bless all of you that have visited this site, your generosity is immense! Thank you again to everyone!!

posted by Jeri Wright 2 months ago

Stay strong, I will be attending a grief camp the first week in April, just north of the cities. It is free and helped my children and I when we went in November. It is called Children's grief connection. please friend me or check out their website and both families try to go so your children and you can connect with others like us....http://www.childrensgrie

posted by Allison Hopkins-Owen 2 months ago

Halfway there! Thank you everyone! This is so amazing!

posted by Jacob Oates 2 months ago

Even after almost 20 years of pastoral ministry, words escape me ... how can you adequately comfort a family that has lost not one but two brothers, fathers, friends, partners, cousins, sons ... how can we even fathom such grief, sorrow, and loss. I pray that the outpouring of love and support being demonstrated provides some measure of consolation and comfort to hearts overwhelmed with grief and sorrow. May the grace and peace of the KING of all glory and the LOVE that is eternal comfort those who mourn this tragic loss. May the children remember love, laughter, kindness, and happiness. Let us all remember to love one another deeply and authentically in remembrance of these brothers. While I didn't know them, it is obvious that they were deeply loved and loved genuinely those around them. May we all love more deeply, forgive all offenses, be generous with our hearts and make the most of every preci0us moment we are granted.

posted by Peter Martinez 2 months ago

Just 30 seconds ago I typed up a text to send to my good homie Eric , asking why he hasn't hit me back for almost a month now. I decided to try Facebook thinkin maybe his phone isn't working or whatever. I said to myself "soy sauce" wouldn't do me like that - no way - never. I laughed at myself out loud for being an idiot for not msg him via Facebook after he didn't respond to my call/txt in the first place... I open FB on my cell phone, aimed my finger at my "friends list" when at that moment BOOM there pops up a flic of Eric & Edwin. I'm thinking wtf that was crazy weird - why is my iPhone literally reading my mind. As baffling as my smartphone's apparent display of hyper-intelligence was, and as excited as I got when I'm apparently one touch away from contact. The next page to pull up heads "brothers die 10 days apart..." and all I'm thinking is get this damn spam ad or whatever out of my way I gotta talk to my boy!! It took a minute until I realized that. I'm sorry for rambling on I'm sorry to all the families I miss u E, and u Edwin. Sorry I missed your funeral(s) I didn't know. This is I gotta go can't think straight

posted by Eric Flahave 2 months ago

If possible, can you please pass the following information on ? The Liz Logelin Foundation is a national non-profit dedicated to providing support to young families after the death of a parent. They provide financial support that can be used for anything the family desires and help connect the family with bereavement resources. They can be found here facebook or at They can send resources and provide support in whatever needed.

posted by Jody Johnson-Moseng 2 months ago

What a beautiful and heartfelt message. My heart is bursting with pride for all who have taken it upon themselves to help these wonderful,loving families. As Gregory said, the boys would be so blown away by the outpouring of love and support. Thank you everyone. Pam

posted by Pamela Reiser-rowland 2 months ago

My brothers would be in utter disbelief at the outpouring of generosity each and every one of you has shown. No amount of thanks can be said to show the gratitude of our family. Thank you, again.

posted by Greg Wright 2 months ago

My heart goes out to your families. What a tragic event to have to go through. Through your hearts, peace be with all of you.

posted by Tracy Tuthill Anagnost 2 months ago

The level of response in such a short amount of time is nothing short of amazing. Filling my heart with joy to see the support!

posted by Elaina Martinez 2 months ago

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May God Bless all of you during this sad and difficult time!




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