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As many of you know on Sunday January 19, 2014 around 2:45pm Steven went into full cardiac arrest and was given CPR by his family until the paramedics arrived. After they arrived the eme... more


Updated posted by Steve Pine 1 month ago

Its been 8 days now that Steven has passed away and it still seems so unreal right now. But my family and I would like to say Thank you to everyone that has showed Steven and our family all the support and love this past month. From people putting fundraisers together (as I've heard there is 2 more fundraisers being put together) to tee shirts to raffles to raiser and meals and hygiene prducts . Steven's funeral is going to be on Saturday march 1st at 1pm. Details on church location and church is on Stevens profile. Also please sign the guest book (keep it clean) with memories of steven so his daughter. The first fundraiser at the Silver Star Saloon was a total success. So thank you all for everything and hope to see you all at the funeral Saturday. And I know Steven would be honored to have his funeral on the 9year anniversary of my dads passing. So steven and my dad will be together again and remember on this Saturday. And please wear your tee shirts if you got one.



Updated posted by Steve Pine 2 months ago

Since the day my brother went into cardiac arrest it has been very hard to come to terms to why this has happened to him. Someone so young and loving, caring, kind hearted guy that people cant help but become close to and call him a great friend or brother. He has showed many of us what a true friend is and how to accept others for who they are and not by there looks or their problems or their past. I've heard many of his friends say he has shown them how to be a true friend to someone and no matter what the problem is work it out and move on and let the past be the past. And if anyone of us needed anything he would give his last $1 to if you needed it or the shirt off his back. And I know even though he isn't able to tell anyone of us thank you; I know he would be thanking everyone of you guys for the love and support you have shown him these last few weeks but also us his family that you didn't have to do anything for or be there for us. I know now why he loved all of you guys and gals you all are a bunch of loving, caring, and giving bunch of people. And we his family cant come up with the words to say to you all but thank you from the bottom of our hearts and its been easier for us having you here to support us and Steven in this difficult time.

So now the sad news. As many of you all know last week we talked with the care team of his and they have told us its not looking good. They are not able to take him into surgery to have the peg tube inserted (feeding tube) its just not possible because of him still in critical condition and he wouldn't make it through the surgery but also because of his size its just not able to be done. They also showed my mom the CT Scan of his brain and his brain is swollen and is pressing against his skull and because there is no more room to swell its causing other problems now. His body isn't able to control his body temperature anymore so he is constantly running a fever of 100.0 or more and he is given Tylenol to bring the temp down but it can only control it for a short time. And then the other night when we got up to tell Steven goodnight the doctor pulled us aside and stated that his heart was showing signs of v-tech which tells us his heart is getting weak and his heart is about to give out and also his organs are starting to show signs of them shutting down so the doctor told us it can be any time now that he can pass. So after that information he set a meeting with a palliative care person so my mom could talk her on what the next step will be. So knowing that Steven would never wake up and he would be put into a nursing home until his body would give up and knowing what Steven wishes are and that is not to be kept alive on tubes and machines we have now made the choice nobody should have to make for someone at the age of 34yrs old.
On Saturday we are going to take Steven off the breathing machine and let him pass peacefully. The doctors said it may be minutes to hours to a day or so it just depends on how his body handles it. Anybody is welcome to come by and see him from now till the day he passes if you wish to come say your good byes. But thank you all again for the love and support you have shown Steven and our family


Updated posted by Steve Pine 2 months ago

Sadly tonight when mom and I got up to the hospital the doctor asked us to come talk to him. He stated Steven's heart is getting weak and is in v-tech which is not good news so this means his heart is failing. And the rest of his body is starting to show signs of shutting down as well. So from this point on we are just ensuring that Steven is comfortable and is in no pain. The doctor said its just a matter of time til he passes and it proably could hsppen at anytime. But Please don't put your life or your kids life in danger to come see him because you know Steven would tell you to stay home and be safe. But if you wish to come to see him to tell him good bye you are more than welcome. But please take extra time to get there to see him. Thank you to all his friends and our family for all the support you have all given us over the last few weeks. And the funds that have been or are collected from this time on will go to funeral expenses. And if left over funds will be put away to make sure his daughter gets what she needs. So please pray for his comfort and his daughter during this difficult time.


Steven and his daughter Shelby

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Created by Steve Pine on January 26, 2014

As many of you know on Sunday January 19, 2014 around 2:45pm Steven went into full cardiac arrest and was given CPR by his family until the paramedics arrived. After they arrived the emergency personals took over doing CPR and had to shock his heart three or four times to get a heart rate. While doing CPR they tried to incubate him but wasn't successful because of his narrow throat. Once they got to the ER the doctor that was taking care of Steven was able to get the tracheal intubation tube in right away and was able to get his oxygen back into normal range. But the doctor stated his throat was so narrow for a guy his size and is smaller then most kids is the reason why the emergency personals had trouble getting it in so Steven's brain and organs went without oxygen for around 20 minute's if not a little longer. Do to the lack of oxygen for that 20 minutes his brain swelled and his liver and kidneys started to show signs of them failing. So to revise the damage to his kidneys and liver they did a treatment called a "Therapeutic hypothermia" that cools his body temperature down to 32.0-34.0 degrees. They did this for 24 hours and then after the 24 hours they slowly reheated his body 0.03 degrees per hour until his body was at its normal temperature. After his body was warmed they redid his blood work and thankfully his liver and kidneys showed no more signs of damage and was back to working they way they should be working. Days have passed by and we know Steven is still here because he's a fighter and is going to fight with everything he has to pull through this and to recover. He still hasn't woken up since the day he went into the cardiac arrest but it can take sometime for someone to heal and recover from this. On January 30 when we walked into his room they had his breathing machine off and he was breathing on his own for about 2 hours the nurses said. After the 2 hours his body got really weak and was worn out and so they turned the breathing machine back on. But we were so happy to see that he was breathing on his own. On Friday January 31,2014 Steven went into surgery to have a tracheostomy done. This is when they make a small cut in his throat to insert the tube to assist him in breathing since he will need help with breathing. Next step with be to have a feeding tube put in so he can get the nutrition he needs until he can eat on his own. He has a long road of recovery and we will all be by his side to help him with every step of the way until he can do it by himself. Although Steven has medical through the state and most of everything is covered that he may have to have but there is some things his insurance will not cover and we want to make sure we can get whatever it maybe to help him recover from this. Steven hasn't had much income since an early age when he was placed on SSD at the age of 26 after suffering a massive heart attack. He also has a daughter that is 15yrs old and doesn't live here in Vancouver, WA anymore and is living in Newport, WA with her mother and we want to make sure we can help her out with plane tickets to get here to visit her dad whenever she would like to. As we know Shelby is Stevens world and the best medication in this world for Steven would to have Shelby here to root him on whenever its possible. Thank you all for the support you have given to Steven and the family since this has happened. It has been totally unbelievable the amount of love you have shown all of them by sending prayers, blessings, dinners, visiting and whatever it may have been it hasn't gone unnoticed to any one of us.

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Its crazy, i have "known" you since 3rd grade, yet never knew you. Sending prayers to you,your friends &family. .. praying you prove doctors wrong& come out of this ...

posted by Tiffiney Folkerts 2 months ago

O' dear Steven, I'd remember that face from anywhere.I met u about a year ago at the chapel bar on 164th, I was there for a bachelor party and u made my night. I met u out in the smoking area and we talked for like a half hr. U then told me u were having a lot of medical problems and u were tring to turn things around and tring to do right by urself for ur kids that u adored more than anything. U told me how ur kids had made a major impact on u. Then we went inside and u got up on the mic and sung,it was beautiful man. u were such a genuine,loving guy and it didn't take me long to see this. Even though I only knew u for a night I felt and feel very touched by u and I know there's much more things that u are needed for here whether it's in person or spirit. I prey to u jesus that u give him the strength to endure his journey to Angelhood. :) His spirit will surely be missed.. pass and rest in peace, my fellow brother..

posted by Rashell Ambroz 2 months ago

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Kate & Jax Quinn

2 months ago


Steve buddy we're still praying for you and praying you're resting well. Rest well our friend.



Jen Webb

2 months ago


Never met you Steve, but you were a friend to my cousin Crystal and your brother's precious words melted my heart. Godspeed in your journey to the other side. May your family find comfort.



dawn dennis

2 months ago



Joseph Gentry

2 months ago



Mike & Laurie May

2 months ago


Thinking of all of you and praying for comfort and peace to be with you.




2 months ago



Sarah Anderson

2 months ago


Always love those hugs of yours. Get well soon!!




2 months ago


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