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It all started Monday Jan. 12th when Mark just had a high fever, than some chest pains and quickly progressed and went downhill from there. He was rushed to the hospital around 4am Fri... more


Created by BroOke Alana Bricker on January 21, 2014

It all started Monday Jan. 12th when Mark just had a high fever, than some chest pains and quickly progressed and went downhill from there.

He was rushed to the hospital around 4am Friday morning never knowing that would be his last car ride ever. After days spent suffering in pain in the hospital with a 105 fever that wouldn't go down the whole time spent there and a heart rate of 160 the whole time as well they took some test to find out that he had bacteria in his lungs and fungus on his heart. They then decided to do a bronchoscopy (something used to help clean out the lungs) to do this though, he needed to be put under anesthesia. That was when it all took a turn for the worst and with the infection so strong his body was too weak to wake up:( they worked on Mark for 45 mins but god had other plans and needed another angel<3

When the doctors came to the waiting room we were all sitting into tell my sister they needed to talk, we all knew what that meant and I had to catch my heartbroken sister in my arms as she had a meltdown. It was that moment Monday January 20, 2014 that my sister's life would change forever. How would she tell her 3 small boys that daddy would never be coming home from "the doctors".

Mark was an amazing fiance to my sister Brittany but more importantly was an even more amazing father to their 2yo son Markus and my sister's 2 boys from a previous relationship Anthony(9) and Damien(7) who adored Mark and looked to him as their own father. As for he was the only man to ever father them and show them a true father's love. He loved those boys like his own and excepted them as his own the day he fell in love with my sister and promised he would take care of them for as long as he lived. But sadly, that wasn't as long as it should have been. It is so unfair that my sister had to lose her soulmate,best friend, and father to her 3 beautiful boys. She was always a stay at home mom and Mark took care of everything. They recently moved into their first house together only 4 months ago and my sister fears so bad that she will lose this house and let down her 3 boys. She has been left with so many bills and just needs funds to get through. It hurts my heart so bad to sit with her and see the pain in her eyes so i knew i had to try and do something!

I could not begin to express my gratitude for even stopping by this page to read about my sister's story. Every single dollar counts and if you cannot donate I would appreciate just a share on facebook or to everyone you know. I would really like to get my sister's story out there in hopes that we can raise our goal in helping her stay on her feet to pay bills and take care of her boys just until she can learn to do it on her own again. Mark Henson was a great man and will forever be missed.

Thanks so much everyone! It'd truly mean the world to me to be able to make my sister stress less knowing people care and are here to help at such a difficult time in her and her boys lives.


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I still cant believe this, Mark was a good friend he talked a lot about his daughter ( the princess) and his three marketeers. God called him for a reason.....

posted by Emilia Negron 2 months ago

Thank you EVERYONE who's took the time to share this page and or donate I'm very thankful to have ppl like that and especially thank you to my sister and brother in law who made this page to help me get by at this difficult time! Mark wouldn't want anything else! After loosing my fianc/soul mate/best friend & father of our 3 boys sooo suddenly those who know mark and myself know I was a stay at home mom while mark provided for the family and that was our decision....never knowing he'd be taken soooo soon from us:( everyone knows loosing someone is hard enough and having to grieve his loss plus worry about loosing the house we shared and supporting kids it was a miracle to see when Brooke & Mike showed me what they have came up & how many ppl have helped!!! Thank you thank you thank you

posted by Brittany Davis 2 months ago

I swear life is to short. Really makes you stop and think.

posted by Bruce Williams 2 months ago

can't believe it.. great motivator. great guy.

posted by Bret Higgs 3 months ago

I came across this completely by accident, and was shocked to recognize your kiddos! Miss Brittany, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. So very sorry for your loss, and thinking of all of you. Julia still adores Anthony, and thinks it is awesome that she has been in school with him ever since preschool. We never had the opportunity to meet Mark, but it sounds like he was awesome. So very very sorry. Sending love, the Stock family.

posted by Joscelyn Hume Stock 3 months ago

I am so sorry for your loss. Mark was a good friend when we were in high school. The days look dark now but they will be bright again. Sending prayers!

posted by Clair O'Hara 3 months ago

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Jasmine <3

2 months ago


I love you Britt and the boys ;)




2 months ago



Erin Quinn

2 months ago


I love you Britt. RiP Mark . . . 💔




2 months ago




2 months ago



jnc jnc

2 months ago



Justin nicolosi

2 months ago


Wishin those boys to find strength and leadership through this. So sorry for your loss Britt, wish I could give you a thousand.




2 months ago



Jackie Russell

2 months ago


I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers.



Anthony Dolce

2 months ago


Sorry for your loss!


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