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Beth has recently been diagnosed with a very rare form of brain cancer and will undergo radiation treatment in the month of February. Due to the cancer, she has been left with extremely... more


Updated posted by Christopher Azzara 13 days ago

I know it has been some time since my last update, but I wanted to let everyone know how Beth is doing.

Yesterday, she visited a doctor at NYU in an attempt to get some more answers. Unfortunately, the rarity of her cancer and tumors is making it near impossible for them to diagnose and treat. Her radiation treatment has concluded and we are now waiting for her to be re-scanned. They are switching up her medication in an attempt to counteract the radiation side effects and give them a clearer picture of how the radiation affected the tumors. We hope to have some more answers soon.

Your continued wishes, thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. We continue to battle this as a family and the love and support of our friends, colleagues and others makes the fight easier. We again thank you for your support as Beth fights through this difficult time.

Love and thanks to everyone!

Keep Calm and Fight On!


Updated posted by Christopher Azzara 2 months ago

Yesterday, Beth had a day pass from the hospital and spent the entire day shopping and spending time with her nieces and nephews. It was such an amazing day and made us all further appreciate all of the hard work she is doing in rehab. We were together as a family when we realized how close we are to the third goal we set for fundraising. It truly humbled the entire family to realize the amount of love and support we have gotten from friends and family. The amazing realization was that peoples’ love and support has gone beyond our immediate networks of friends and family to people who have never met Beth or Jon or any of her family for that matter.

When we started this campaign, our initial goal was to raise $5,000. We never envisioned having to increase it. Everyone that has donated has had a hand in all of Beth’s successes thus far and going forward. A million thanks to all of you who have contributed and who have passed this on to others. Beth continues to grow stronger both mentally and physically as she fights her battle, and the continued support only strengthens her will to defeat this.

Love and thanks to everyone!


Updated posted by Christopher Azzara 2 months ago

Continued thanks to everyone who is helping support Beth and Jon during their fight. The generosity, love and support you have given through your donations and kind words have helped Beth keep a positive attitude during this time. Here is Beth's most recent blog post. Please continue to stop by her blog and follow her progress. Much love to all.

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Created by Christopher Azzara on January 18, 2014

Beth has recently been diagnosed with a very rare form of brain cancer and will undergo radiation treatment in the month of February. Due to the cancer, she has been left with extremely limited mobility in her legs. Thanks to the love and support of her husband and family, she is managing to keep a positive attitude and fight with everything she has to beat this. Unfortunately, the radiation treatment involves a lengthy commute to Pittsburgh 5 times a week. With your donations, Beth and Jon will be able to manage their medical bills and day to day living expenses. We will continue to keep everyone updated on Beth's progress and her fight to beat this!

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beth Wisniewski Lee

posted by Kay Springer 2 months ago

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Jean Novak

2 days ago



Kelly Skovira

11 days ago


We are praying for you!




13 days ago



Lindsay and Michael Aroesty

13 days ago


Wishing Beth Ann the best possible outcome from her visit to NYU. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



Sally Miller

18 days ago


Wishing you the best, Sally R. Miller and David W. Heastings, friends of Chris.



Lauren and Mike Knaga

19 days ago


You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We love and miss you!




1 month ago



Betty Ciccotelli

1 month ago


Get well soon.



Lori Sutton

1 month ago



Jeremy Shapira

1 month ago


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