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As most of you are aware, my dad Ron Stonoga passed away suddenly on January 3, 2014 at the young age of 63. He was an amazing musician and the best dad to me and all my friends... while... more


Created by Becky Kelley Stonoga on January 13, 2014

As most of you are aware, my dad Ron Stonoga passed away suddenly on January 3, 2014 at the young age of 63. He was an amazing musician and the best dad to me and all my friends... while he left behind amazing memories that I will always treasure, he didn't leave behind much in monetary terms, unfortunately no life insurances or health care that will pay for this.. so the whole process of his memorial and his cremation, plus all expenses accrued transporting his belongings has fallen on me and my mother. We both have limited incomes, as my moms a public school teacher, so she has been putting all the expenses on her credit cards. In addition to my dads sudden passing, I now also have the responsibility of having to head up to Canada to process legal paperwork regarding his death and also must tell my Grandma about what happened.
So now I not only have the expenses of all the arrangements but I also will additionally need help on the travels I must do.
I am creating this in the hopes I have enough friends that are able to help me and my mom out during these tough times. I have never asked for money like this but it's truly my only option, I have no other resources.
Please, if you can help me out in ANY way, please donate anything. I appreciate anything you can donate and I will also be updating everyone on his memorial, which is being planned for January 30,2014 around 6p until 9p at St James Gate, its not 100% official yet, but once its confirmed EVERYONE is going to be invited! He loved the Gate, he played there a ton of times with his band, theres food (I will be providing appetizers) and I plan on organizing live music to play & jam for the few hours we have at the bar, but somethings are still subject to change.
Thank you everyone for all your support and help. Love you all.

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Kenneth Harper

2 months ago


We are deeply sorry for your loss. Ron was a great man and we will miss him.



Suzan Sezgen

2 months ago


Lots of love, hope this helps!




2 months ago



Joey Shell

2 months ago


So sorry about Ron’s passing. My brother Jerry and I became close with Ron when we were still in our teens and although he moved to the west coast, we remained life-long friends. We have so many great memories of our time with him. We really looked forward to his visits back home (Winnipeg). He was a beautiful person, a kind and gentle soul. We will miss him dearly but he will never be forgotten. Becky, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Joey, Vijay & Jazmyn Shell.



Rich Koury

2 months ago


Becky, I'm so sorry to hear of Ron's sudden death. I know how hard it can be to deal with all the things that need to be done. Hope this helps.



Rachael Rountree

2 months ago



Joanne McFall (Carlos deJesus)

2 months ago


Becky- Hope this helps. Carlos and I will be there.. Let me know if you need any help



Lorena Ortega

2 months ago


Hey BeCkY!! Keep being strong! I'm sending u my love and prayers. Xoxo



Kristen & Doug

2 months ago



Jenn Karp

2 months ago


Hi Becky, I love you and really wish I could be there in person to offer support for you during this time.


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