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On January 10th, 2014, Andrew McAdams tragically lost his life in an airplane crash while in Afghanistan. Andrew leaves behind his Wife, 3 month old daughter, and countless people who's... more


Updated posted by Randy White 25 days ago

Thank you to everybody who helped support Andrew's family with this fundraiser. We have done great things. Support from all over the world has poured in from people who's lives Andrew touched and many folks who's he hadn't had the opportunity to yet. As of today, we have raised $39,200 which is far beyond what I had ever expected. Thank you once again for all of your support, everyone should be proud!


Updated posted by Randy White 2 months ago

Well folks, its been over 3 weeks now since the unthinkable has happened. I am so thrilled and grateful for how everyone has come together and helped me raise so much for his family. The stories, pictures, and tales shared have been fantastic! It has been easier with time to smile and remember the great memories of his life and the impacts in which he has created. Thank you all again!



Updated posted by Randy White 2 months ago

Thank you to everybody who has supported Andrews family and friend during this incredibly difficult week. Healing isn't easy. It takes time, family, friends, and love. And a lot of it. Please continue to support all of our troops overseas, and more importantly, support the families of those that have fallen.


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Created by Randy White on January 13, 2014

On January 10th, 2014, Andrew McAdams tragically lost his life in an airplane crash while in Afghanistan. Andrew leaves behind his Wife, 3 month old daughter, and countless people who's lives he touched. My intensions with this fundraiser is to collect whatever people are able to give, in order to support their daughter in whatever needs become necessary. If there are any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you all for your help!

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We love and miss u. And my promise to you to take care of your sister. Will stand forever. Rip brother

posted by Erick Hullion 3 months ago

Andrew was a great friend and an awesome cousin. He would always ask me how to improve his mom's computer to be able to play flight simulator, and I don't know how many times we break that computer. You will be missed my friend and my family will always be their to help your daughter and wife whenever needed. It is amazing what has happen here and I thank u all.

posted by William McCollom 3 months ago

Ha, I remember the time I couldn't find my ID in Kuwait and I spent hours blaming Andrew, because he was always getting into things, only to find out you Randy, forgot to tell me you stapled it to the ceiling! Ugh, the McWhites were something else. You two really helped the deployment fly by.

posted by Justin-Melissa King 3 months ago

Tailwinds, my friend.

posted by Bob Stacy 3 months ago

I wish I would have gotten the chance to get to know Andrew better. It's heartbreaking to hear his story from his family and know we lost a person who really was an angel in the flesh... I hope the best for his little girl. And I hope this money really benefits her life. Thank you everyone for your generosity.

posted by Ricky Griffith 3 months ago

You will always be remembered as the funny, outgoing, laughable, loving... Well the list goes on... Person you are! There are many memories that we all have of you, like helping the theater arts class of 1998-1999 with dresses for the play. In which you modeled all of them for us. Thanks for being you!! Your in everyone's hearts and prayers along with your family.

posted by Arin Schlensker 3 months ago

I can not donate financially but my prayers are with you all

posted by Kimberly Kellum 3 months ago

I know it sounds cliche' but Andrew was seriously one of the nicest people I have ever met. I knew him for most of my life and I honestly cannot remember EVER hearing him talk down to someone or talk rude to someone. He was a genuinely nice and caring person. We've all lost an incredible human being and one hell of a friend. Rest in Peace Andrew, you will be missed.

posted by Landon Brown 3 months ago

You will Never be forgotten brother.

posted by Ken Rupp 3 months ago

Will you send me these photos please? I'd love to include them in the presentation video for the memorial held at the unit!

posted by Kerry Lynch 3 months ago

It's only been up for 11hrs and already met half the goal!! That's amazing! Comes to show how much a young fun loving person has affected so many peoples lives!!

posted by Dani Rizzuto 3 months ago

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Miss you man..



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I'll miss you Andrew you taught me to give 100% and then some. Run hard.




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