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This contamination has affected over 300,000 people! We need your help in getting water trucked into West Virginia especially the back woods areas! PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP DO SO! Accordi... more


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We had ONE last donor who called and asked us to re-open so they could make it an even $4000! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Here is TOTAL of what will be used for Water and Supplies: $4000 minus GoFundMe percentage left us with a grand total of $3649.66! PLUS we have a business that donated 4 pallets of water worth $900!



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We are SO close to the $4,000 mark everyone, THANK YOU!!! We are working with suppliers to get the best deals possible so we can get the most out of the donations and hopefully get the donated semi truck loaded and en route TODAY! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let everyone you know about this tragedy in West Virginia and help up get the last bit of the donations in. $25.00 buys 1,1250 baby wipes, $20.00 buys 1,000 ct paper plates or 1,250 foam cups. $5.00 buys a case of water. Every little bit helps! PLEASE PUSH THAT DONATE BUTTON AND SHARE THIS OR PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL PEOPLE WHO YOU THINK CAN HELP! We need to do this FAST!!!

UPDATE: http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/12/us/west-virginia-contaminated-water/


Updated posted by 2MillBikers ToDC 3 months ago

FOLKS WE just got off the phone with a major supplier! WOOO HOOO! Let's PRAY we have great news SOON!

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Created by 2MillBikers ToDC on January 11, 2014

This contamination has affected over 300,000 people! We need your help in getting water trucked into West Virginia especially the back woods areas! PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP DO SO! According to people in the affected areas, they need bottled water, paper plates, plastic flatware (because people can't wash dishes), hand sanitizers, baby wipes for possible bathing, etc. The more we can get in donations, the more we can help these people and bear in mind that this chemical doesn't just "flush" away, it will make it's way into the Mississippi river and continue to affect more areas! This is TRAGIC and we as Americans NEED to come TOGETHER to help fellow Americans! PLEASE HELP ~ IF you already have, please help us get the word out!

Hundreds of people in West Virginia have suffered nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of chemical exposure since a spill contaminated the public water supply across nine counties.
The chemical spill was the largest single event the West Virginia poison centre has encountered in 20 years.

By 4pm ET on Friday, some 671 residents had called in to the poison centre with concerns on a wide range of symptoms from chemical exposure, the centre's director, Elizabeth Scharman, told The Guardian.

There were also 54 cases of animal exposure.

“The number continues to change every minute,” Scharman said.
She said about half of the callers were reporting symptoms of exposure. “They are complaining of some nausea, vomiting, some dizziness, headaches, diarrhoea, reddening skin, itches and rashes," she said. “There are different complains from a little bit annoying to a little bit more significant.”

A small number of callers were directed to hospital emergency rooms.
The chemical spill was believed to have contaminated the public water supply for 300,000 people, and West Virginians were told on Friday they would not be allowed to drink, bathe, or even wash their clothes in tap water for an indefinite period.

ARTICLE: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/10/west-virginia-chemical-spill-thousands-exposure-symptoms?CMP=twt_gu

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anyone in nc picking up things to take or what?

posted by Lee Godfrey 3 months ago

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