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I am an animal rescuer. I, like many of you, help animals when everyone else has failed them. It's just what we do. As you can see from the picture, Levi is a mule who is being starve... more


Updated posted by Sheila Maphis 9 days ago

No court tomorrow another continuance till May 9th.


Updated posted by Sheila Maphis 12 days ago

Court this Friday!


Updated posted by Sheila Maphis 24 days ago

Thank you for the many messages of support and kind words, it means so much to me! Next court date April 11th.

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Created by Sheila Maphis on January 9, 2014

I am an animal rescuer. I, like many of you, help animals when everyone else has failed them. It's just what we do.

As you can see from the picture, Levi is a mule who is being starved to death here in Marshville, North Carolina. I pass Levi every day on my way to work. Seeing how his ribs and hip bones were sticking out was too much to ignore so I started to feed Levi. But big bags of feed are heavy. Thank God, a neighbor would help me help Levi. A Facebook page went up for Levi. People responded and wanted to help. A new home was offered for Levi if the owner would give him up. The owner refused without explanation. He wouldn't take care of Levi but by God , he was going to see no one else did either. I called Union County Animal Control thinking they'd help. Boy was I mistaken. They did nothing.

Tuesday, Jan 7th, when I drove by Levi, I saw "the law" in a white SUV who it seemed had been waiting there to tell me that "I'd be arrested for trespassing if I so much as stepped foot on the property." Horrified, I immediately left, without feeding Levi. I did not return.

Yesterday, Jan 8th, a sheriff deputy came to my place of business and branded me a criminal by ARRESTING me in front my customers for a trespassing warrant taken out by Levi's owner, George Steele. Mr. Steele has caused me to be arrested, photographed, fingerprinted and put through the beginning of a criminal process for feeding his animal which he appears to have abandoned. I have never been in trouble my whole life and now I have a criminal record. I guess he thought that by arresting me that I'd cower with intimidation and go away. Maybe that it would frighten other rescuers too. I am scared. After being released from jail, I was taken to an urgent care because of the physical effect of the events. To think that this is America and that you or I can be taken away at work on trumped up charges without proof, how can anyone sleep at night? I don't know that I will ever sleep again.

I now have a legal team to help me through this and need your help to cover the costs of getting the charges against me dismissed, to get Levi away from Mr. George Steele, to get him to a vet and for the other costs associated with these injustices. I'm doing this not only for myself and Levi but so other rescuers won't be intimidated by bullies who abuse their animals and Officials who selectively enforce the laws.

If you can help, no amount is too small. Thank you.


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I wish more people were like you. I hope that you are able to get enough to help with your fees because you should not even be in this situation and wouldn't be if the mule was taken care of from the beginning. You she'd some light on his horrible life and because the owner didn't like that he is trying to punish you. Don't give up there are people out there that know how you feel and will support you.

posted by Kim Maphis 3 months ago

Thank you for being there for him...I would be tormented as well if I had to pass by this poor animal every day. May you raise enough money to fight for him and not be punished for doing so. Have you contacted ALDF?

posted by Melissa Butcher 3 months ago

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diane barrow

12 days ago


Keep the faith! Just believe that everything is happening just as it is suppose to.



Fabiola campos

24 days ago


I'm sorry I've been out of pocket but know that your always in my thoughts ❤️



Fabiola campos

2 months ago


Keep your spirits up!



Kristi Gray

2 months ago


Please share Levi's story and help a fine woman, working mother who has never been in trouble, and is being falsely accused and slandered for being compassionate!



kim maphis

2 months ago


You are a strong woman with a big heart and we will not let these evil people bring you down for trying to help this innocent animal



Fabiola campos

2 months ago


You're in my thoughts and prayers!



Chris Gotzamanis

2 months ago


Sending positive thoughts. You're an amazing person for caring!



Fabiola Campos

2 months ago


Sorry I've been out of touch lately but wanted you to know I'm still thinking about your plight and Levi's fight!



Kim Parker

2 months ago



Tracy Kuehler

2 months ago


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