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We are doing a fundraiser for Raquel's stander, orthotic boots. Raquel is 2.5 yrs old but doesn't walk, cannot sit up or stand on her own. In addition, Raquel has low motor skills and is... more


Updated posted by Renata DeMello 2 months ago

Thanks so much to all of you that contributed to Raquels road to discovery and recovery. We feel extremely loved and blessed for your kindness and generosity. The words "Thank You" doesn't express the magnitude of our gratitude.

I will be closing this page. Lots of things will be occurring in the upcoming months:
*Raquels blood results should be arriving in 6-8 weeks.
* She will be casted for the orthotics in about a week.
* We have applied for the rental of a stander which we are currently on a waiting list for.
* She has a very important evaluation with CCS on February 3rd, and much much more to come.

I will be emailing family and friends updates regularly. If you want to be included in the updates, please email me at: renatademello007@gmail.com.

"Thank you" once again. God Bless.

Much Love always,



Updated posted by Renata DeMello 3 months ago

Good morning everyone,

Raquel had her blood drawn yesterday for the genetic testing. The lab we found that does the most amount of testing for the least amount of $ is in the University of Chicago. The blood work will be sent there. We should have the results back within 8-12 weeks. I am praying that although "it quacks like a duck, and it walks like a duck" it isn't a duck. I'm praying for good news, and that their suspicions of possibly being Retts syndrome or the other regression types of syndromes as I previously mentioned, is incorrect.

Here is a something I created for her and want to share with all of you: "A Mother's Prayer"


Thank you all for your love and support.

Much love always,

Renata (Raquels mom)


Updated posted by Renata DeMello 3 months ago

Hope is vital because it makes the present moment less difficult to bear. Gratitude soothes my heart and cultivates my prayers where I am constantly, sincerely saying thanks. Faith... faith in knowing that regardless of the outcome, we will be okay.

I am deeply touched by all of you in such way that words can't express the magnitude. I am forever grateful. I will remain hopeful and will hang on to faith. Thank you.

Much love always,

Renata (Raquel's mom)

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Created by Renata DeMello on January 7, 2014

We are doing a fundraiser for Raquel's stander, orthotic boots. Raquel is 2.5 yrs old but doesn't walk, cannot sit up or stand on her own. In addition, Raquel has low motor skills and isn't able to feed herself, or hold her bottle and isn't talking yet. Raquel has low muscle tone throughout and the doctors have not given us a diagnosis. Unfortunately, our insurance company doesn't cover the medical equipment she desperately needs. Although we are grateful for all we have, we have not been able to financially fund these extra items as medical expenses for Raquel have tapped us out. Thanks so much in advance. Much love always. Renata (Mom)

Ps: We were fighting to get her what she "immediately" needs which are the orthotics and stander. But the reality is: there are very expensive genetic testings being done that I will be use the additional funds towards. It will alleviate us immensely. The Genetic Specialists will be looking at different things. Here are some of the syndromes they will be mainly be looking for: Retts, Angelman, Pitt-Hopkins, Mowat-Wilson, CNTNAP2 & NRXN1. Thanks again for your generosity and kind gesture. ❤️

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Blessings to you and your beautiful family!



Edwiges Demello

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I love you




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with love to Renata and Raquel



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Praying for your beautiful daughter.




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All the Best



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Raquel is so beautiful. This story has brought me to tears, I know what it is like to have a child with special needs, it is hard but also a blessing. Stay strong


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