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This page is for a little boy fighting for his life after suffering a rare reaction to Medication given to him by the doctor. This is called Stevens Johnson syndrome TENS. He will be in... more


Updated posted by Wayne Lander 18 days ago

Thank you all for the support. Oakley is now home and is on the road to recovery. So now our aim is to send the Orange Family on a holiday of a life to Walt Disney in USA. So please help us by donating any thing you can. Wayne



Created by Wayne Lander on December 22, 2013

This page is for a little boy fighting for his life after suffering a rare reaction to Medication given to him by the doctor. This is called Stevens Johnson syndrome TENS. He will be in hospital for a few weeks this page is to help his family with donations for help with travel costs, parking costs etc please donate.

This can happen to anyone including you and your children. We Want
to make people aware of the dangers and with this money it will help. Please follow us on Fb


Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) was diagnosed as a disorder in 1922 by Albert Mason Stevens and Frank Chambliss Johnson, American pediatricians; due to their findings they published a description of this Syndrome at the American journal of diseases of Children.


roughly is a mild classification of Toxic epidermal necrolysis(TEN). In simple words, this is a disorder due to the severely reaction of the mucous membranes and skin toward medication or infection. This is completely dangerous and can cause death of the epidermis that is forced to separate from the dermis. Mostly is triggered by a reaction to antibiotics and sulfa drugs, a little percentage is caused by genetics. Is barely known due to the low percentage of incidence, around 2.6 to 6.1 cases per million people per year.


For this unlucky percentage, it starts with a severe cold and a skin rash. First mistake from Doctors is prescribe antibiotics and overlook the initial damage: Skin reaction and destruction of skin tissue, sort of a purplish rash with top layer of skin dying and shedding. The rest you can imagine.

People are not aware of this and this is why we are raising the awareness as it can happen to you or your children.

Thank you all for the support and help support the Orange Family.

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Our thoughts are with you.. Our son Joe had many problems and also had SJS. Protection from infection is key in his recovery good luck

posted by Matt Way 3 months ago

Get well soon little darling.

posted by Ban ALbadri 3 months ago

get well soon Oakley, I pray you and your family will have a good Christmas xxxx

posted by Carole Watford 3 months ago

Get well soon darling we are all praying for you xxxx

posted by May Stygal 3 months ago

God Bless you Oakley, get well soon little one xxx

posted by Gillian Watts 3 months ago

Get well soon Oakley

posted by Christine Stewart 3 months ago

I can only wish, hope and pray that people will fund this cause. Everyone wishes young Oakley to get better soon. So please even if it's a 1 or sharing this cause, it will make a difference. I've never heard of SJS, or would I think the cause was an adverse reaction to medicine. No one thinks it's going to happen to them until it really does. I really send my prayers and thoughts. Get Well Soon Oakley xx

posted by Kimmie Morgan 3 months ago

I find myself on here for a second time today and it's two young people. Love and prayers to the family at Christmas xx

posted by Jackie Fisher 3 months ago /Young-Oakley/1441814962706857 ?fref=ts please like this page everyone & help raise awareness of this terrible condition Stevens Johnson Syndrome/TENS ... Praying for you always darling Oakley, everyones little miracle, keep fighting sweetheart! xxx

posted by Barb Verrier 3 months ago

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Kelly Doyle

1 month ago



Malcolm Caulfield

1 month ago


Hope this helps, best wishes.



Ian Kingswood

1 month ago



Kim & Wendy Costen

2 months ago


What a courageous little man and an amazing family, you touched our hearts! Heres hoping you continue to make a great recovery & hope this can get you a little step closer to Mickey!!!!! Xxxx



Jacqui Boyce

2 months ago


It was nice to meet you all today @ Broomfield , I meant what I said , call me if you fancy a coffee or chat or some where to stay .



Katrina Whitehead

2 months ago


Good luck, enjoy meeting Mickey xxx



Julia Miller

2 months ago


Donated on behalf of Chris Archer's hairy face for a very brave lad. xxx



Natasha Armstrong

2 months ago


Keep fighting Oakley you're an inspiration and have come so far. I wish we could donate more but I hope this goes some way to get you to the place where dreams are made - Florida. You deserve it so much and your strong family xxx



Sue Heather

2 months ago


Keep fighting Little Man x


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