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Our family lost everything today (12/19), including our 2 beloved family dogs to a house fire. We found out that we are severely under insured and have an entire home, 10 years worth, of... more


Updated posted by Zandra Ghiroli 2 days ago

My name is Zandra Ghiroli, and my family’s name may have entered your homes back in December 2013 after we lost our home and two dogs in a tragic house fire in Winchester Center, CT. The local community really stepped up and assisted us with getting back on our feet.

Now here we are four months after the fact and finding out that our horrible situation was taken advantage of by a local business here in the community. There were a few places that took it upon themselves to collect donations on my family’s behalf. However, there is one business specifically that took advantage and stole donations from my family.
It has just recently been brought to my attention that a woman by the name of Christina, who owns and runs Christina’s Consignmint of 18 McDermott Avenue in Torrington, CT, was the individual who took advantage of my family in our time of need.

Christina took it upon herself to collect donations on our behalf, sounds like a wonderful thing to do. If only it were that genuine. Come to find out this woman went through all of the clothing that was to be donated to my family and took what she wanted in order to put it up for sale in her store! On top of this, a local woman went in with $50 in cash to be donated to my family, yet somehow this turned into Christina putting it into the form of a gift certificate for her store... THEN, from there, she “donated” a pair of men’s boots (which were of no use to us) and then charged us for them by taking the $20 out of the $50 certificate! From there she charged us another $20 which we to this day are clueless as to why, from the $30 that was left.

I am not apologetic in the least for throwing her name or her store’s name, into this. My family was taken advantage of, and this is far from right. There should be repercussions for this establishment, and the owner who allowed for the theft to take place.

What I am asking of the local community is for anyone who donated anything, whether it is clothing, household goods, food, gift certificates, monetary donations, etc., to this establishment that was solely meant to go toward the Ghiroli Family, to please contact me. I can be reached by email at GhiroliTheft@Gmail.com. I am determined to get to the bottom of this, and would appreciate any and all assistance. If you’d like for our emails to be kept confidential, then please specify in the email prior to disclosing anything to me. The only person who I will refuse confidentiality to, is the person who hurt my family.


Updated posted by Zandra Ghiroli 2 months ago

Good evening all! I apologize that I haven't done much updating lately. Our family is settled into a small three bedroom apartment in Winsted. The apartment is, for the most part, furnished. We are lacking desks & chairs for both of the kids and a kitchen table with chairs still. Stuff has been offered, but furniture is stuff that when offered... The donators fail to come through and it ends up being a lot of talk.

In other news...
It has recently been brought to my attention that there are individuals collecting donations on behalf of my family who aren't authorized to do so, in turn meaning we are not getting said donations. Basically they are telling others that they are taking donations for us and then they are keeping the donations for themselves or they are giving them to others that they feel are more entitled to them. If you would like to donate something or if you want to be sure that our family indeed received a donation you have made! please privately message me with who you made the donation through, what you donated, and approximately when you donated it. I will try my best to put you at ease with any donations that you have made.

I honestly can't believe this is happening, but some people just truly can't be trusted. It's very sad. Absolutely feel free to message me if you have any questions. Take care! xoxo Zandra


Updated posted by Zandra Ghiroli 3 months ago

I just want to let people know that I don't have the option to send messages to people who don't leave donations. PLEASE do NOT take that as me asking you to leave a donation in order for me to speak with you!! The Go Fund Me page simply does not allow me a "reply" button or a "Thank You" button (This is what it does when donations are left, and I can send personal thank you messages this way!)

If you're interested in contacting me personally, no matter the reason, please feel free to email me at ZGhiroli@gmail.com I promise to respond back in a timely fashion!

I would also like to put out there that while we appreciate the numerous offers we have received for puppies, rescue dogs, and even other pets... That is not a road our family is comfortable with going down at this time. Our two pups that we lost that horrific day are irreplaceable and we as a family need adequate time to mourn them. They were family in every way imaginable, and to simply get another is not something we feel is right for our family. We absolutely appreciate the offers, but they have all been declined because we genuinely are too saddened by losing our furbabies to even think of adding any other furry beings to our life.

Again, thank you to each of you who have given their condolences, clothing donations, monetary donations, thoughts, prayers, etc! We genuinely appreciate them.

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Created by Zandra Ghiroli on December 19, 2013

Our family lost everything today (12/19), including our 2 beloved family dogs to a house fire. We found out that we are severely under insured and have an entire home, 10 years worth, of belongings to replace in order to get back to somewhat of a normal life again. All of our Christmas presents for our two children were in our home at the time as well. Any help given is extremely appreciated. Thank you.

*UPDATE* 12/20: As you can all imagine things have been chaotic over the last 24 hours or so. We are incredibly grateful for everything everyone has donated and words will never come close to showing how grateful our family actually is.

A little about our family... We are a family of 4. My husband, Joshua, and I have been together for 10 years and this Monday (December 23rd) marks our 8th wedding anniversary. Together we have one little boy, Dominik who turned 8 last month. We also have legal custody and care for my sister Cheranne who is 14. My husband served 7 years in the Army as a Military Police Officer for 3 years and was forced to reclass due to an injury he sustained on his first deployment. He reclassed to the Satellite Communications field, and held that for the next 4 years. His injury kept him from doing his job to the best of his ability leading him to a medical discharge. He served a total of two tours one to Iraq and the other to Cuba.

Our family deeply misses our pups. Kobe had been with us since 2007 when we rescued him and Kloe we just rescued this past March. Both were family, they were like crazy fun little four legged nuts... Kinda like our kids and the kids siblings.

I have had many people ask about clothing sizes for us and so I thought it appropriate to post them here for all. Any clothing that is donated that doesn't fit or we are unable to use we will pay it forward and donate to others in need. None will be sold and none will be donated to any place that charges for the clothing. We will make sure that they are given to others in need.

Dominik: Size 8 or Small in Boys clothing. Size 13 in Boys shoes.
Cheranne: Size 11 or Extra Large in Junior clothing, Size 8 in Womens shoes.
Joshua: Size 36x34 Jeans, Large/Extra Large in mens. Size 8/8.5 in Mens shoes.
Zandra: Size 11 or Large in Junior clothing. Size 7 in Womens shoes.

Message us to set up any meetings for donations. Any and all questions can also be asked through the message option as well. We wish you all well this holiday season and hope for you that this is something you and your loved ones never have to experience.

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Hello there I have a bunch of stuff to give you if you'd like it mostly women's clothes a couple men's things, if you want to message me and we can find a time to meet that'd be great

posted by Taylor Bourgault 3 months ago

I am truly grateful to everyone who has helped my kids at this terrible time, words just don't seem to be enough, Thank you and God bless you all and your families

posted by Roberta Kopjanski Ventura 3 months ago

I know exactly what you and your family are going through. I survived a fire but lost everything. I will be reaching out to family, friends, and social network to collect household items and clothes!

posted by Karen Patrocinio 3 months ago

I am in Enfield ~ I have a brown couch ~ clean ~ no stains or pets ~ also a hutch ~ its yours if you can come get it ~

posted by Drinda Carey 3 months ago

Zandra, I'm soooooo sorry that this is something you have to go thru. Nothing has been easy for you guys, but you guys are strong and will over come this too

posted by Kelly Schipritt 3 months ago

I have a fotone couch that I don't use and a big comfy chair. I don't know if that would help. If there's anything else let me know. I'll be glad to help

posted by Missy Wojciak 3 months ago

On behalf of the Berkshire Trail Riders Association, please accept this $500 check donation as a symbol of the local, community spirit found here in the Northwest corner, and as a token of our gratitude for your families' sacrifice and service to this great country. We will text you to make check arrangements. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

posted by David Seften 3 months ago

My mother in law has. 3 bedroom apartment that will be available for rent in January. It is in Winsted. I have shared your info with her and she is willing to meet with you and your family if you are still in need of a place to live. It is right near Hinsdale. Please inbox me if you are interested. My heart goes out to you and your family at this time.

posted by Joann Bunel 3 months ago

I can't help with money but I am a struggling landlord with a large 4br appt in Torrington. PM me we could work something out. I would do this for a vet.

posted by Josh Clarke 3 months ago

I am in Torrington and am able to meet you on Sunday please message me

posted by Roberta Kopjanski Ventura 3 months ago

I have a bunch of stuff put together I can be at any of the lots tomorrow Sunday can someone meet me ? Boys clothes and toys my son is donating. Contact me thru Facebook!

posted by Tracy Baldis 3 months ago

I will be at McDonald's in Winsted at 9am this morning and at Burger King or the commuter lot at 11am exit 44 if anyone would like to dorop of items. I have a white Scion XB thank you so much!

posted by Betsy Richards 4 months ago

My thoughts prayers to you and your family. Thanks for serving our country! !! I have already donated a box and a bag of new clothes and some used but all like new mostly woman's and girls clothes. I have the word out to a lot of friends and picking up all their clothes for your family from friends who might not be able to get them to you and your family. God Bless you all.

posted by Tyler Morris 4 months ago

I have a basket full of boys clothes, snow pants, winter coat. I will get it all to McDonald's tomorrow morning.

posted by Kim O'Meara 4 months ago

We are so sorry for your loss. We own Kelly's Kitchen here in Winsted. We have $200 worth of gift certificates to the restaurant that Gina Sartirana will be picking up for you. I hope it helps a little. God Bless. -The McCarthy Family

posted by Kelly McCarthy 4 months ago

I will pick up donations for my daughter Zandra and son in law Josh and the kids also. Contact me at 18604807702 phone or text I will be in the Winsted area at 9:00 am tomorrow and Torrington at 11:00 am I am finding two Lori's listed I'm not sure which one to contact. These are additional drop off locations also: Howmet 145 Price Rd Winsted Winsted news main street S and s treats main torrington Christinas Consignment 18 McDermott Ave Torrington Donna Hill Designs 63 Water St Torrington Entrance on Prospect St 2nd floor.

posted by Betsy Richards 4 months ago

Here is who you call..Colleen Sullivan 860 594 6112 She is the dav coordinator ! She is waiting for your call and will help....Call her on monday morning...We will get this ball rolling!!!!!

posted by Peacock Bassman 4 months ago

can u let people know the kids sizes and what they wanted from santa and post on facebook. My son losy everything in a fire almost a year ago in North Carolina would like to help in some way

posted by Trish Seddon 4 months ago

Zandra, this is Gina from scouts. Pack 27 is here for whatever you need. Please call me.

posted by Gina Sartirana 4 months ago

My dog recently had puppies I know how close they become to the family and ill keep you all in my prayers and a pup is yours if wanted

posted by Tabatha Garofalo 4 months ago

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Claudia Bradley

3 months ago


Josh, I am Amy's mom. So sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope you get back on your feet son.




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Stephanie T

3 months ago


Wishing you the best of luck!



Erin Larson

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Cindy Bisner

3 months ago


Hang in there! Wish I could do more...



Kevin Hines

3 months ago


To help out a brother in arms at any time! Sorry to hear, hope this helps



Kathy Gilloran

3 months ago


Words never seem adequate when folks have experienced such loss. Your furbabies will always be in your hearts. Thank you, and your family, for your sacrifice and service sir.


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