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Last night in a tragic apartment fire my daughter's boyfriend Dev Hynes lost everything- important music he is composing, computers, clothes, personal and sentimental belongings..and the... more


Updated posted by Robin Urbani 3 months ago

At Dev's request I have ended the fundraising effort- Thank you all so much for your kind spirit & generosity!! peace &


Updated posted by Robin Urbani 3 months ago

Good Morning! Thanks to everyone that donated we have raised 5 times the amount I had intended! I am at a loss for words! Thank you all so much for the love and support! I will be ending the fundraiser as soon as I can figure out how to turn off the donations. I wish everyone a happy and peaceful holiday! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!


Updated posted by Robin Urbani 3 months ago

Good morning and THANK YOU to EVERYONE for your very kind and considerate comments, and contributions!! It is SO great to see the outpouring of love!!
I want to mention that this fundraiser was initiated by me, and not Samantha or Dev. There have been a few comments on Brooklyn Vegan that were rude and hurtful.
This tragedy is a financial and emotional trauma and loss for Dev and emotional for Samantha. All proceeds will go to replace Dev's apartment, it's contents, and help with any recovery they will need help with throughout this ordeal..and should there be anything leftover after that there will be thoughtful, charitable decisions made as to what will be done with that portion of the fundraising effort.
Dev and Samantha are two of the most caring, compassionate, loving people I know and we are all so grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you again for your compassion. Love, Robin U.

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Created by Robin Urbani on December 17, 2013

Last night in a tragic apartment fire my daughter's boyfriend Dev Hynes lost everything- important music he is composing, computers, clothes, personal and sentimental belongings..and their little puppy Cupid. :( Please donate if you can. Even a dollar will help.

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Only heard the news from my brother today after talking about the album to him. I hope you get back on your feet soon, It's good to know there's so many people out there that care and have donated. All the best and hope you have the best christmas possible.

posted by Andy Wilson 3 months ago

Sorry you've shut down the campaign, but my sympathies and best wishes are with you nonetheless. I hope you spend the money on something that brings you comfort, even if it's a $120 Burger Royale at DB Moderne. And ignore every word Ms. Baxter said!

posted by Lisa Tumuli 3 months ago

The fact that Dev & Samantha lost their sweet puppy, Cupid, breaks my heart, but it is heartwarming to see so that so many fans & friends from all over the world are giving $5 or $50 or whatever they can afford to a very talented artist who lost everything he owned. Even better than the money is the collection of comments posted here along with the donations from people who feel good about helping a fellow human who has been though a lot, despite that his last album has made all sorts of 'best of' lists. Reading those comments here reminds me of "It's a Wonderful Life". Merry Christmas, Dev & Samantha, and Robin, too!

posted by René Silinis 3 months ago

It's sad that people can be mean and hurtful in light of a tragedy (or at any time for that matter) I think this campaign was such a caring gesture by an amazing mom. It's beautiful how many people have stepped up. I wish you, Dev and Samantha all the best. I'm so sorry this happened and heartbroken for the loss of Cupid .

posted by Ami Jerman 3 months ago

I donated what I could wish more but I am going through an ordeal health wise myself. I am so happy this campaign is doing so well. I hate that ppl are so skeptical when u ask for help! There are a lot of frauds out there but there are also a lot of ppl in great need that r great ppl. Like Dev and Samatha. Love to them both

posted by Erin Brady 3 months ago

Thank you guys so much for the love!!

posted by Robin Urbani 4 months ago

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Ahmed Gallab

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Sending positive vibes your way!



Marianna Anthonisen

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Mike Bindra

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Sending sincere condolences for your loss. You are so talented, your future looks very bright.




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melanie browne

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DEv, and Samantha Sending you love, light and strength. I know no one can replace your beloved dog. He or she still loves you from wherever he is now and I'm sure is sending you all the love your need to heal yourselves. Keep going, you are 2 of the most talented individuals. We need your work! Melanie Browne, London.



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