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Emily Jewett's friends and family are uniting to raise money to aid in the expenses associated with her hospitalization and recovery.Emily is a vibrant and much loved 17yr old who unfort... more


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Emily finally enjoying her own bed


Em in Bed


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Last day at Northeast Rehabilation Hospital


Last day at Northeast Rehab Hospital


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February 12, 2014

Thank you so much for your support, every little thing helps. Debra Baiocco set up some fundraising website to help with the cost of medical bills not covered by insurance and other expenses we'll incur when Em wakes up. She started this on Monday (12/16/13) and we're up to $3500.00 on one **** and $9462.00**** on the other!!!

Please share:

Emily Had a Awesome day. I went to rehab early to start packing up her room for her discharge tomorrow. To our surprise they were discharging her today because of the snow storm coming tomorrow. While she was in therapy I started to pack up all her stuff. All the cards and posters came down, I only managed to rip a little bit of paint off the walls. She had so much stuff, it filled my Truck right up. They also got Em a cake and a few gifts. It was wonderful. Em was so surprised when Teri-sue walked her to the living room. Most of the staff was there, and they were clapping and cheering for Em. My eyes filled with tears. You could feel the love and pride in the room. I can't Thank Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital enough. To think on 12-28-13 Emily got there not even fully awake from her medical induced coma and today she walked out. The work they do there is amazing. She didn't have her eyes open, she couldn't walk ,talk, eat or even use the toilet. And today she is home! It's truly Amazing, I can't say it enough.

After her party we had back to back family teaching therapy. They went over things Em can do when she isn't in out patient therapy. She also said good bye to a lot of the staff there. They are all Em's friends. We grew very fond of so many of them. We'll miss them all. Em and her dad drove home this evening. I drove to the pharmacy to get her prescriptions filled. When they got home, Em was pretty excited. All she talked about was laying in her own bed. Of coarse I posted a picture of that. Mike came by and hung out for a while. He brought his puppy with him. If he brings her again, she may not leave. She is so sweet and listens good. And besides that Em needs a new dog. :) Miss Debbie and Jess came by as well. Their the best. They brought us dinner and cake, so I didn't have to cook and could get Emily settled back in her home. :) It was nice not having to cook for one night :)

Emily is settled in her bed right now. She took her meds, and is watching a music channel with her ipad. Soon enough she'll be knocked out, with the TV on. :) So nice to hear noise coming out of her room. Tomorrow we'll be busy. We'll have to unpack all her stuff, and figure out where everything is going. But we have no plans on going any where anyways. 6 to 12 " of snow is coming. I hope she's ready to shovel. Just kidding. LOL

All I know is it's wonderful having Em back home where she belongs. We've missed her so much. I pray that she continues to recover, and will be 100% soon. We really want to thank each and everyone of you for your support, prayers and thoughts. We appreciate it so much.
Also now that Em is home, our door is always open. Don't hesitate to stop by and say hi. She will be going to therapy 3 times a week, but besides that most likely she be home. I will be hooking up her phone some time tomorrow too. so feel free to text her. :)
Again thank you for everything you all have done for us :)

I will post as much as I can and keep everyone updated as best as I Can.

Thanks for all your support,
Debbie And Dana

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Created by Debbie Belanger- Jewett on December 16, 2013

Emily Jewett's friends and family are uniting to raise money to aid in the expenses associated with her hospitalization and recovery.Emily is a vibrant and much loved 17yr old who unfortunately on December 9th was involved in a car accident in which she sustained a serious brain injury requiring her to be placed into a drug induced coma. While our Emily is a strong fighter we have to be patient and wait for her body to heal. Emily has shown to be a wonderful role model, a passionate and caring sole who is supportive to all her friends, family and teammates. She would be the 1st one to aid another in this instance. We all hope her hospitalization and recovery will be brief with all the positive thoughts and prayers coming her way. Our hope for her involves wishing her a life of abundance, not just the prosperity, but also joy, love, comfort, laughter, understanding and forgiveness...Oh and most of all gratefulness because without that nothing else matters. It is our (her family and close friends) gratefulness for you and your support at this difficult time that gives us peace. Thank you for your generosity.


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DesiLu Jewett

2 months ago


Glad to read these posts everyday and hear of Emily's great strides to recovery.



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Emily, For the coffees that you love to drink.



Tumbledown Family Farms

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Thank you so much for your 50/50 donations:)




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Susan Williams

3 months ago


Dana, Debbie, Emily: thinking of your family and wishing a speedy recovery for Emily.



The Saunders Family

3 months ago


Sending prayers for Emily's continuing healthy recovery, as well as positive thoughts and love to Dana and Debbie !!



Do it for Jewett Fundraiser Basketball Game

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I went to the



The V. Family

3 months ago (Offline Donation)


I Feel Blessed for knowing a family like this... I always knew there were Angels among us... Thank you so much for your generous donation!!! Debbie & Dana



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