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We Need a Trailer Now known as 'Takoda' this beautiful paint gelding you see today was the victim of a brutal beating by his previous owner that left him blind. He had been neglected a... more


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Updated posted by Steve Stapp 10 days ago

It has been some time since our last update. Takoda still needs a trailer so we can hit the road and help raise funding for equine rescues. Animal abuses seem to be on the rise but the good news is more and more states are increasing penalties to felony status and putting people in jail!

BUT...that doesn't pay the feed, vet, or farrier bills! Rescues are in need of donations to exist and for whatever reason people seem to have closed their wallets. Yes they click the 'like' button on Facebook a lot and forward messages with words of encouragement for others to help financially but they themselves don't seem to be willing to follow their own advice.

Over the past couple of public appearances I've found that people hearing the horror story of Takoda and looking at him now with an understanding of the work and effort his recovery has entailed are more likely to reach into their pockets to help.

We need your help with funding...not with just good thoughts and well wishes. We asked artist Angela Lloyd-Briggs if she would offer one of her classic works to help us and she graciously agreed.

Her original pastel, "Down By The Pond" is up for auction. Take a look at this beautiful 16x20 and bid for your chance to own it.


If art is not your thing then please open your heart and make a donation. There are horses and the people who have opened their homes to help them in dire need of your financial support.

Your help would be greatly appreciated...

Steve and Takoda


Takoda takes a church member for a ride!


Updated posted by Steve Stapp 1 month ago

Due to some very nice local gifts we may in fact get a trailer this week. We've been invited to attend a local church picnic to help raise the remaining dollars needed. The seller has given us a great discount and is willing to let us use the trailer to attend the picnic this weekend. Another donation is pending which may in fact seal the deal...please say a prayer! Steve and Takoda


Updated posted by Steve Stapp 1 month ago

Update...should we be able to secure this trailer I've spotted I will have vinyl decals made with everyone's name (first name and last initial) who donated to make this happen. (If you don't want your name published just let me know.) It will be a tribute to those who support our mission against animal abuse and raising funds and awareness for equine rescues. I would also like to update the website with a complete list of rescue's and their contact information so it will be easy to reference. Obviously these rescues will need to be vetted before being added to our list. Your help in this matter will be of utmost importance. Thanks again! Steve and Takoda

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Created by Steve Stapp on December 10, 2013

We Need a Trailer

Now known as 'Takoda' this beautiful paint gelding you see today was the victim of a brutal beating by his previous owner that left him blind. He had been neglected and starved and appeared nothing more than a bag of bones.

Today, Steve and Takoda are on a mission that includes strengthening animal abuse laws with stiffer penalties and to help raise funding for rescues...

"Our mission is to raise the awareness of the general public that there is never a reason for animal neglect or abuse. Help is often just a phone call away and those that provide that help need contributions to survive.

You can help their cause by helping them raise money for a trailer to attend parades and other events in an effort to promote their mission. Rescues receive absolutely NO government funding. It is up to us to help them continue their efforts, saving lives, and finding forever homes for abused and neglected equines.

Your help is greatly appreciated!


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Steve please call me tomorrow....i have an idea

posted by Elaine Lewis 4 months ago

Pl help if u can and share

posted by Marilyn Wilson 4 months ago

Have to wait til after Christmas but you know I will do what I can! If I win the lottery I'll buy ya a new one!!! Love ya!!!

posted by Tami Hottes 4 months ago

Thanks for your interest Elaine. Yes I am looking into a drape 'sign' to be worn across the rump and signage for the trailer as well. One of the volunteers at the rescue has an embroidery business and has offered to make the drape. We would also hope the local rescue to be benefited will have a booth at the event and sign boards have been made for those with pictures showing Takoda's progression from when he first arrived (skin and bones) to the day he was adopted. Ideally they would also have a roundpen with some of their adoptable horses. It is quite possible you've read about Takoda as several articles were written while the authorities were looking for his owner for criminal prosecution. Thanks again for your interest...

posted by Steve Stapp 4 months ago

I read about this horse somewhere else. I would like to help, but am wondering how you will let people know about the story and the rescue in the parades. With a sign?

posted by Elaine Brown 4 months ago

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Beverley Hughes

1 month ago


Wish I could do more! You and Takoda are teaching the world compassion! I am so proud of you both!!




2 months ago



Viola Wright

2 months ago



Sue Rudy Rusch

2 months ago


Best wishes for a successful fundraising!!



Diane Mitchell

2 months ago


Bless you both.



Evelyn Swinamer

2 months ago


I love this story and want to help with this small amount. Good Luck and God Bless



Patricia S. Krystofolski

2 months ago


Love your story. Wishing you both the very best. Shows there are good people in this world.



Susan Boehm

2 months ago


God bless you both!




2 months ago




2 months ago


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