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This page has been closed for any further donations. Thank you so much for all of the support! I will post an update soon. Hello Fellow Spartans, I am asking for all of your help! Th... more


Created by Karen Wood on December 8, 2013

This page has been closed for any further donations. Thank you so much for all of the support! I will post an update soon.

Hello Fellow Spartans,
I am asking for all of your help! The game last night was beyond amazing and the celebrations that followed were one for the record books! However, this morning when police and reporters showed up at his door, one of our fellow Spartans, Steven Ripley, learned that his car had been turning upside down during the celebrations last night. Acts like these make people look down on our University, our fans, and our students. Please help mend people's impression of us by helping the owner of this car!

Our overall goal is to raise some funds to help our fellow Spartan get rolling again! Everyone's donation counts, big or small, whether it is $1 or $20. I think that it is important for the MSU student community to show our support for one another. SPARTANS STAND TOGETHER!

This fundraiser does not have a set end date, as long as there is still interest we will be accepting donations. Also, the goal can be exceeded to please keep on donated if we reach our goal. The damages to the car are much more than $1000 and a new/used car to replace it will also cost more than $1000.

100% of the funds will be sent to Steven via check at the end of the fundraiser.

The car has been turned right side up, and is not longer in running condition. The repairs include a new engine, windshield, mirrors, and roof.

For those of you interested, here are some articles about the event:

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Spartans will!

posted by Jerry Duncan 4 months ago

I think it is great that everyone raised enough money to buy this young man a replacement car, but since the goal has been met (and doubled) why don't we instead start giving to some local charities that so desperately need community support at this time of year?

posted by Rebecca Mitchell 4 months ago

Haha, it wasn't even in Cedar Village. Steven and I live in an apartment complex on Milford.

posted by Ben Saint-Onge 4 months ago

lesson learned, don't park your car at cedar village during a couch burning or riot

posted by Gabriel Santiago 4 months ago

Steven~ You take all that money without guilt and buy yourself something nice. Maybe some extra for tickets to Rose Bowl? ;-)

posted by Julie Welch 4 months ago

Seriously I can't believe some of you and your comments. It's bad enough that this guy had his car destroyed but to have some of you argue and imply dishonesty. Imagine how this will make him feel getting help. You should give with no ties or conditions. For what he's been through he deserves a much better car.... One that's reliable and will last. People who donate know how much has already been donated. The whole point is to make better a wrong, not tear his situation further down. Anyone questioning the insurance obviously has never been a struggling student with a beater car. If you don't agree with these donations keep your two cents to yourself!

posted by Derek Stephens 4 months ago

I tried to donate a buck and it would not let me. Proud Spartan Alum! Spartans what is your profession!? If it changes to where I can donate I would be happy to!

posted by Mariah Martin 4 months ago

come on people, let steven keep all of the money. if he sees fit to donate what he isn't using that's his business; however, based on what his mom is saying, he and his mother truly have a difficult time of things. i know what it's like to have zero wiggle room and for both parent and myself to be living paycheck to paycheck, with school often being a possibility, not a probability. stop telling him how to use his money! people in dire straits are the last ones who need to be told how they should be using their money.

posted by Josie Oak 4 months ago

Karen and Steven - Shoot me a note at May be able to make some more Spartan magic for you.

posted by Scott Westerman 4 months ago

Thank you everyone. You are our Christmas miracle.

posted by Chimane Dolan 4 months ago

Beyond proud to say that I go to Michigan State University. We have THE BEST student body around.

posted by Tanner Erndt 4 months ago

People who drive $1000 cars usually don't have full coverage!!!!

posted by Anthony Bolek 4 months ago

Why not just put in an insurance claim?

posted by Ben June 4 months ago

I recently got interviewed by WLNS to talk about the riots on Saturday. I mentioned that Spartans were getting together to help this guy. The man who interviewed me seemed very interested in the story! I am sending him an email directing him to this website. :)

posted by Charli Herman 4 months ago

Steven is my son. It's only him and I paying for him to get through college. His father won't help. I'm a single mother, I work as a bartender. He is working as many hours as he can. His car isn't worth near enough to put full coverage on and neither one of us can afford it on either of our vehicles. Things were tight this month and it didn't look good as it was before this happened. Don't judge till you're in a position like this and you don't know what you're gonna do. Thank God for everyone who has donated. We honestly didn't know how we were gonna get him another car ontop of the financial outlook this month. Thank you everyone. Who knows how this would have turned out without you.

posted by Chimane Dolan 4 months ago

Isn't this what insurance is for?? :-/

posted by Tim Ross 4 months ago

I don't want to be "That Guy" but why not use this money and buy another car? Just looking at this picture the car looks like it is worth less than $3K even if you sold it after getting it fixed. I don't know how exactly donating a car works but you can get a tax write off for the car. I am glad people are donating. I am just giving out my advice on what he should do. Attempt to send this out to even ESPN or news networks and you'll for sure get more. In hindsight, you should have set the goal to be a little higher. They did the SAME thing when a fan after the Red Sox winning the WS who got his car flipped.

posted by Nolan Hughes 4 months ago

Just to clarify things, 100% of the profits of this fundraiser are going to Steven to help fix or replace his car. If he does not use all of the funds in doing so, he is the person who gets to decide how else it is spent. I cannot change the destination of the funds because over 250 people donated to Steven and this cause. It is not right and against the agreement with this website to change the recipient of the funds at any time. However, anyone of you can set up another fundraiser just like this one for any cause you want! So any of you who would like to see money spent for other causes I suggest you take the initiative to make it happen! Thank you to everyone who has donated and spread the word, it is amazing what we have done!

posted by Karen Wood 4 months ago

"Please help mend people's impression of us by helping the owner of this car! " why is that the reason? i feel like the real reason people should be donating has more to do with respecting each other than our "social image"

posted by Chelseea Bridson 4 months ago

Why don't the people that turned the car over, step forward and pay for the damage they caused on this car? It's called being responsible for your actions.

posted by Emily Cummins 4 months ago

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Max Pullano

4 months ago


Go buy something shiny! You deserve it!



Jaimie Medel

4 months ago


Get something nice.



Action Packed Sophia

4 months ago


People's stupidity shows no limits. What is wrong with society?! Major congrats on meeting your goal x2 and then some!!



michael plimpton

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Kristina Zhang

4 months ago


Hope you can replace your car!




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