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Hi everyone, My US shoot-fest fund will temporarily be turning into a collection for my 4 year old border collie Cody-Wan. Cody-Wan has begun having seizures after a year of bad h... more


Updated posted by Kirstin Amaryllis Ursula McGrath 27 days ago

Cody-Wan had another seizure this morning after his breakfast. Poor Boy. I wish I could explain to him that it will all be ok and that as soon as we have the money for the final tests he will be on medication to help him. I am just so glad I was home today!

If anyone could spare just a little money to hrlp Cody get his MRI scan please donate here ❤

Love to all your pooches x


Updated posted by Kirstin Amaryllis Ursula McGrath 3 months ago

Hey all! Still trying to raise funds to make it to the US this year for some fantastic photography opportunities. If you can donate or know anyone who can please share this... I'll give you a hug! Haha.
Mwah xx


Updated posted by Kirstin Amaryllis Ursula McGrath 4 months ago

Still trying to gather the funds to fly to the US next year for a SG shootfest! Any donations, big or small are hugely appreciated oxox


Created by Kirstin Amaryllis Ursula McGrath on December 2, 2013

Hi everyone,

My US shoot-fest fund will temporarily be turning into a collection for my 4 year old border collie Cody-Wan. 

Cody-Wan has begun having seizures after a year of bad heath and multiple hospital visits and testing with still no answer as to what is causing all of these problems. 

His symptoms have begun as an unusually slow heart rate of 60-65 bpm (usually 100 and above), then came the dizziness, disorientation, loss of balance and short blackouts while excited. This has now escalated to seizures. We have done everything from blood tests to ultrasounds and an ECG before we ran out if money. 

The Vet originally believed this to be a heart problem but now they are sure the problem lies in the brain. possibly epilepsy or a brain tumour but these require observation and testing. As I still have no idea what is wrong with him I could use all the help I can get to do more tests and find out what is wrong.

Cody is my baby. I won't give up on him and every cent I have will go towards his tests and treatment once we find out what this is. Though on a part time wage with a hefty mortgage this will mostly a waiting game while I save. 

MRI and CT scan will cost $3,500.

If worse case scenario if can only manage to save $2,000 including donations I can still plan to finance the rest with the Vet Hospital at a decent interest rate.

All donations are so appreciated you have no idea!!

Thank you all so much x

Hello everyone!

I am Wick_ a Hopeful Suicide Girl aka. alternative pinup model.

I have been invited by the always lovely _Icarus and fellow SG hopeful, to attend a shootfest in Minneapolis, MN in june 2014.

I would love to go but the flights are long and expensive from lil' old Australia haha. So, I thought I would try this and see if by raising some money early and saving my butt off, that I could buy cheap, early flights.

This would not only be the career chance of a lifetime and a great chance to get some awesome new photos done for you all by photographers I would never have the chance of meeting but also I would get the chance to visit a country that I would have otherwise only dreamt of seeing with my own eyes!

I am so excited!

Thank you to everyone who donates xx


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David Doran

25 days ago


Good luck! Get well soon Cody!




27 days ago


I hope this helps



Kieran Preston

1 month ago






2 months ago




2 months ago



Norman Mullins

2 months ago


We are pulling for you Cody-Wan!!



Matt Sutherland

3 months ago



Trent P

3 months ago


Good luck lovely I hope youraise the funds you need!




4 months ago




4 months ago


Hope you can make it! You will be an awesome SG.


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