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Many of you who have set foot in our galleria office over the past 16 years have likely met our beloved medical assistant Nikki Bell. This past Saturday, November 23rd, the family was... more


Updated posted by Maite Uribe-Echevarria 4 months ago

We Made It! Thanks so much to everyone who has helped out this season! We have a lot to be grateful for, one of which is a wonderful and loving community. I will keep this page open just in case. Sincerely, from my heart - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Updated posted by Maite Uribe-Echevarria 4 months ago

Surprise! Christmas Miracles do happen! Nikki and Family win the annual Gallery Furniture Give-away!!! See the exclusive by KHOU.


Gallery Furniture to the Rescue!


Updated posted by Maite Uribe-Echevarria 4 months ago

2 days away from our deadline and we are only $910 short of our goal! Keep sharing!
Happy Holidays!

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Created by Maite Uribe-Echevarria on November 25, 2013

Many of you who have set foot in our galleria office over the past 16 years have likely met our beloved medical assistant Nikki Bell.

This past Saturday, November 23rd, the family was headed to the hospital after her daughter was going to have a baby. When they suffered a devastating loss of all their belongings in a fire.

“We went to St. Joseph’s Hospital this morning to see if my sister was going to have a baby today or tomorrow,” Jordan Malone, a 10-year-old fire victim, said. “So we went to the hospital. We got a phone call that my house was on fire. I lost everything,” Nikki Bell Malone, Jordan’s mother, said. The family was left devastated. They just had a baby shower for their 17-year-old daughter Whitney Malone. “We had a stroller, playpen, clothes, diapers, all that, and it’s all gone now,” a teary-eyed Whitney Malone said. Firefighters pulled out charred diapers, strollers and clothes for the unborn child.The family had at least one year worth of supplies for the unborn child. Arson investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of the fire. - Channel 11 KHOU News

Lets help Nikki and her family get back on her feet this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Help us raise $5,000 by December 15th to help this family get back on their feet. They are in need of everything newborn related (diapers, crib, stroller, baby clothes) and everyday items for their home (clothes, sheets, towels, furniture, shoes, kitchen items, etc.). The ages of the children are as follows: Whitney age 17, Jordan age 9, DJ age 16, Victoria age 21.
Donating Items: I have had several inquiries as to how to donate items. If you could please drop them off at our offices that would be great!! The address is 1900 St. James Place, Suite 550. THANK YOU!!

Update: We raised $9,175 by December 2nd! The amount of support and love that has come from the community has been astounding. At nearly 200% of goal, we know we can make it to $10,000!! Help us to continue to spread the word so that the Bell Family can get a fresh start this holiday season!

Update #2: WE did it again! Hooray! The generosity and love displayed on this page shows us just how special Nikki and her family are. I am feeling ambitious this morning... can we make it to $15,000? I think so!

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How can people donate items at?

posted by Meagan Blanks 4 months ago

I dont have money to give but I do have baby girl clothes ranging from 3-9 months if you would like to have it. Im in the deer park area. I also have baby socks. If you want you can text me at 409 526 4131

posted by Dora Olivarez 4 months ago

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Kate akers

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Love and prayers to you and your family. God will provide and take care of you. Have faith.



Leslie Olson

4 months ago


Your family is in my prayers during this time of trial! Keep your faith and congrats on new angel!



Addition Money from Jean Day in the Office!

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it is not a lot but hopefully will help if several folks do this amount too



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