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Keith McKenzie, Jr., KJ for short, was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) at birth. His parents, Tamiko and Keith Sr. were devastated by the diagnosis. For the first five years of... more


Updated posted by Tamiko Parker- McKenzie 3 months ago

Hallelujah!!! In the midst of the 2014 Arctic Vortex, KJ came home from the hospital yesterday! Wow, he really is a SUPERHERO, and he's only 5!

This is a major step in his recovery process. While many baby steps lie ahead, KJ continues to amaze doctors with how he's faced his recovery challenges with such grace and determination.

During is home based recovery, mom and dad will be more hands on. Making sure KJ takes 11 pills every morning, 6 pills every night, checking his blood pressure twice a day, and running his IV machine daily. I'm sure this can be overwhelming for anyone, however, God doesn't give you more than you can bear. Tamiko has such grace and patience. Keith is strong and determined. And, together, they are focused.

Lovingly Submitted by:
-Auntie Charisse'


There's no place like home!


Updated posted by Tamiko Parker- McKenzie 3 months ago

As we wrapped up 2013, my family began what we knew would be a long journey. One that would be life-saving for my 5 year old nephew Keith Jr., (KJ). Since his bone marrow transplant in late November, he has made incredible strides that continue to amaze his doctors! For this reason, 2013 was a GREAT year and 2014 has so much in store for KJ, his mom, dad and twin brothers. KJ remains hospitalized as he recovers and is doing well. Last night, in his hospital room, he and his parents celebrated their new beginning with a toast at the stroke of midnight! God is SO GOOD!!!!! Happy New Year to my sister and her beautiful family!

-Love Always, Charisse'



Updated posted by Tamiko Parker- McKenzie 4 months ago

It's been 9 days since KJ's bone marrow transplant. Most days KJ is full of energy and smiling. Doctors are still amazed of how well he's doing despite undergoing chemo and transplant. However, I'm struggling to hold back the tears as I watch the side effects of chemo slowly change his physical appearance, the darkening of his skin, especially around his neck and under his eyes. This morning hair is everywhere! All over the pillows and sheets. It's happening the one thing he was most afraid of, loosing his hair. But I will keep my cool in front of him. Tonight when he's sleeping I will cry.

This too shall pass..


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Created by Tamiko Parker- McKenzie on November 24, 2013

Keith McKenzie, Jr., KJ for short, was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) at birth. His parents, Tamiko and Keith Sr. were devastated by the diagnosis. For the first five years of his life, KJ was on a daily liquid penicillin regime, a course of action that proved to be productive as he didn’t exhibit any physical signs of the disease.

KJ’s sickle cell began to manifest a few months before his 5th birthday, doctor’s informed his parents that he was at risk of suffering strokes due to the lack of blood flow in his brain. To prevent him from suffering unimaginable pain, KJ began a series of blood transfusions.

We were inspired by the many stories of successful bone marrow transplants used to cure sickle cell disease. Three years ago we had the surprise of our lives when we learned we were pregnant with twins! Concerned that the twins could also have the disease, they were tested in utero and they were found to be sickle cell free. And,the news just gets better from here, KJs’s twin brothers, Kalen & Karson are a perfect bone marrow match for their big brother.

So the journey to cure KJ begins. His treatment plan consists of 10 days of chemo, 1 day transplant of stem cells, 6 weeks or more of hospitalization. First 100 days after discharge will be followed by 1 to 2 times a week clinic appointments; they will become less frequent as he recovers.

Many people have expressed interest in supporting our family as we embark on this year long journey to cure KJ of sickle cell. Many of the costs are covered by insurance. All donations will help for temporary lodging, food, and travel expenses. Other costs include medical and prescriptions not covered by insurance.

Of course, financial help is not the only way to offer support. You can send cards, letters or emails; and most of all send your prayers!
Mail can be sent to KJ McKenzie & Family 35560 Grand River #227 Farmington Hills, MI 48335-3120.

Thanking you in advance for your prayers, love, support and other acts of kindness.

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my prayers are for you and your family

posted by Cora Smith 4 months ago

Lisa Whitmore Davis and I are with you and Keith all the way , God is in the plan!!

posted by John Henry Davis 4 months ago

On behalf of the McKenzie family: Thank you for your support, kind words and donations. One thing we know for sure is that we have the support of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and complete strangers. And we are so very thankful for you all. There have been times when we've been so emotionally and physically drained that your prayers and well wishes helped get us through. On this day of Thanksgiving we are very grateful to have you in our corner. God bless you and yours during this holiday season.

posted by Charisse Ausbrook 4 months ago

To Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie, KJ, and Friends. My name is Freda Young, and I represent SizzleZing. I can be reached at (313) 575-3752. I am touched and moved by KJ's story, and my prayers are with KJ, his family, and friends. My sister has the Sickle Cell trait, and I would like to introduce an idea that I know will raise the amount of funds that you are seeking to raise to support you on your journey to cure KJ. I propose that you create a fundraiser for KJ using SizzleZing. SizzleZing provides an opportunity raise funds for KJ and to further the Sickle Cell cause by informing people all over the world about the struggles that people with Sickle Cell must endure and, more importantly, about the journey to recovery of one little Boy and the community that supports him. Give the Gift that keeps on giving: Please review the following information and get started now. 3 Minute Call: 267-507-0255 Pin is 69402921 Join through My website: http://www.sizzlezing.com/fanc yfree Our Social Site to inform others also offers an additional income stream to support KJ. http://fancyfree.socialzing.me / Click on the following link below and See and hear how Pastor Lofton is helping his church and his membership achieve financial freedom. The same can be done to financially support KJ over the coming years. http://www.ministryfunds.info For more info, please call me at the above number.

posted by Freda Young 4 months ago

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Romonda Jordan

1 month ago


Still praying for KJ and the entire family!



Roman & Linda Oben

3 months ago



Earl Davis

3 months ago


Get well……blessings to you and your family in healing!



Celeste Ribbins

3 months ago


I wish I could do more to help you. I will keep you all in my prayers.




3 months ago



Cindy Mette

3 months ago


To give is the most wonderful way to celebrate Christ. Merry Christmas Cindy, Kris



Donella Thorpe

3 months ago


Praying for you all Tamiko!



Tina M.

4 months ago


I hope you feel better soon!



Tiffany White-Johnson

4 months ago


Praying for the McKenzie Family Love you!! Tiffany and Robin



Earl Davis

4 months ago


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