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MISSING. PLEASE HELP: On Tuesday morning of 19th Nov our friend JOHN PAUL CONLEY was caught in a current and carried away whilst swimming in the Don Khon 4000 Islands region Southern L... more


Updated posted by Patrick Ruddy 4 months ago

Apologies: It's taken a while, but I've managed to freeze donations without the page being pulled, thanks to the site administrators.

This page has proved to be such a prominent asset that I wanted it to keep it running as a source of updates and information.

For all of you who have continued to donate beyond the conclusion of the search and rescue operation, and it's costs (tba), Kate will no doubt know of a cause worthy enough to pass your assistance on to.

We will update you all when we can in that respect.

Please try to enjoy your weekends, get together, share stories and be sure to raise a glass to our friend John Paul.

Next time I see you, I'll get one in*.


*Thank goodness it will be in the only town left on the planet where it might still be affordable to do so in such high volume.


Updated posted by Patrick Ruddy 4 months ago

Good morning

We have had sad news from Laos.

Early on the fourth day of searching, John Paul was found on one of the many beaches on the river and recovered by fishing boat.

Our brilliant, funny and much loved friend has gone.

Now, John Paul will begin his journey home.

Both families are now flying to Bangkok to meet Kate. She is making her way there with John Paul.

James McTiernan, who has been an enduring support throughout, continues to be invaluable in organising what is needed.

Kate’s good friends Andrew and Phillippa Mckeown have also arrived in Laos to support her. She is in very good hands.

I have no information on how long it might take to get John Paul home. At this stage there is very little else to pass on.

John Paul’s family have been so moved by what you’ve done for him.
You can’t imagine.

John, Angela, Michele, and Kate’s family, have all asked me to tell you that they can’t thank you enough.

Michele will be at home, helping her parents from Middlesbrough.

Thank you all so much.

Rest in peace Johnny mate.



Updated posted by Patrick Ruddy 4 months ago

With nearly 30k raised by you, an appropriately hopeful piece from Tyne Tees this evening.

Include's a clip Tom Blenkinsop MP's address in the Commons this afternoon.

Our second day of searching by air will resume in a few hours.

Please think of Johnny, Kate, their parents and the team working tirelessly in Laos when you go to bed tonight, and be as hopeful as we are that there'll be news by morning.

Thank you

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Created by Patrick Ruddy on November 20, 2013


On Tuesday morning of 19th Nov our friend JOHN PAUL CONLEY was caught in a current and carried away whilst swimming in the Don Khon 4000 Islands region Southern Laos.

His partner Kate (who was there with him) is there now, currently alone and coordinating a search, friends and family are also making their way over to help.

John Paul has insurance, but we need to be able to support as many volunteers as we possibly can during these crucial days.

One friend James, working in the area has put a reward out to the local fishermen, and is traveling down with an English speaking guide. This is a huge help, and something we can all help out with.

Volunteers might need food, shelter, and I hate to say it, even incentive to try that little bit harder for that vital bit longer.

We've also managed to charter a helicopter for tomorrow, but there are no guarantees with insurance as we've done it off our own backs to get ahead.

Please share, and donate anything you can for this brilliant young couple who have taken a year out of the nonsense for the holiday of a life time.

For those that know him, now is the time to buy him those pints back, and even get into credit with him down the Linny.

It'll be his round for a while.

Thank you.

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We are so sorry for everyone RIP xx

posted by Barbara Greenfield 4 months ago

I am so very sorry thoughts are with your family and loved ones RIP JOHN xx

posted by Karen Ward 4 months ago

RIP. Farewell big John... hope you'll continue your dream journey in a better place far away from all of us that'll missed you dearly.

posted by Anita Gabb 4 months ago

I didn't know you but recognise you from school. You and Kate must have worked and saved so hard to make this possible. You died living your dream John-Paul, RIP. Love to both families and friends x x

posted by Joanne Tonkin 4 months ago

Sadest news, you will be missed by many John-Paul RIP mate. Our deepest sympathy to Kate & John-Pauls families and closest friends

posted by Mark Beddard 4 months ago

What an amazing person you are paddy x

posted by Josephine Nolson 4 months ago


posted by Shona An John Wheeler 4 months ago

Please donate x

posted by Nicole Davies 5 months ago

I am the Communications and Policy Officer of the British Embassy Vientiane. Our embassy is very concerned about Mr Conley. We are doing all in our power to help. We have posted a link to this page to reach out to as many people as possible. We are in close contact with the authorities in Laos.

posted by Ildikó Hámos-Sohlo 5 months ago

Hi, it's Colleen cairns here from ITV Tyne Tees TV. We'd be interested in talking to Patrick Ruddy about the appeal. My number is 08448815156 Many thanks, Colleen

posted by Colleen Cairns 5 months ago

Hi, me and my husband are also travelling for a year and we arrive in don det tomorrow. We don't have any money to spare but if we can offer any help inbox me on Facebook and let us know. We wish you all the luck and our hearts go out to you x Hayley McNally

posted by Hayley McNally 5 months ago

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Let perpetual light shine on him . May he rest in peace.




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