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Our strong Hulk, Joshua AKA JR, 4 yrs old, is in need of a heart transplant. Our life was very normal, jr went to pre-k loved playing with his little sister and even played T-Ball in the... more


Updated posted by Josh N Destiny Montoya 17 days ago

If any one knows of businesses that donate to people please contact me we aren't getting any money coming in and we're almost out of money message me here of any business that helps people or somethin any thing helps I have been trying to work but haven't found steady work that's close please keep sharing telling any one that can donate thanks


Updated posted by Josh N Destiny Montoya 3 months ago

Everyone including jrs nurses are saying all we need is a heart. He is doing so good and has gotten used to taking all of his meds he needs to take. We are all patiently waiting we just pray that more people know about being donors.



Updated posted by Josh N Destiny Montoya 3 months ago

Jr said if he wasn't sick that he would donate his heart to a little kid who needs it

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Created by Josh N Destiny Montoya on November 18, 2013

Our strong Hulk, Joshua AKA JR, 4 yrs old, is in need of a heart transplant. Our life was very normal, jr went to pre-k loved playing with his little sister and even played T-Ball in the summer. Jr had gotten a cold on October 15th 2013 and we didn't really think anything of it because he never complained of pain or feeling sick. He came home one day after school and was fine than started vomiting out of no where. The days after that jr complained that he he didn't want to walk and always wanted to take breaks and also still vomiting every night. We took him to the ER a couple times and on the third time they did more tests on him, like blood and x-ray tests. First they took an x-Ray of his stomach and didn't see anything but luckily they took the picture a little high and got a glimpse of his lungs. They took a second X-Ray of his chest this time and found he had fluid in his right lung and an enlarged heart. The doctors at Cristus St. Vincent's knew they couldn't care for him so they airlifted him to UNM Hospital in Albuquerque New Mexico to further evaluate him. They did several tests on him and said that he had viral myocarditis. After a week he was looking better and we thought the worst had past. His exterior appearance was improving, including his appetite and energy, but his vitals and heart continued to deteriorate. They conducted an MRI of his chest on Nov 11th 2013, and discovered that he had Dilated Cardiomyopathy, which they thought was genetic and not viral. This meant it was going on for months not just the three weeks we had noticed. They wanted to transfer him to a children's hospital in Aurora Colorado that specializes in pediatric cardiac surgery. When we got here everything went from bad to worse as his heart reached over 200 BPM, he lost consciousness and his heart was unable to work so hard on it's own. He had to be placed on a machine to pump his heart for him called ECMO, as he was no longer able to do it himself. He now must wait for a heart transplant while on an artificial heart called A Berlin Heart to work the left side of the heart. He will be in the hospital for the foreseeable future. We have no choice but to temporarily move from New Mexico to Colorado, away from all our family and friends. We have a car payment and must have cell phones on at all times so they can call us when we get a donor. We have no money, or stable living arrangements we plan to move back to New Mexico and have to try and get everything we had including a house again with trying to take care of all Jr's medical expenses. We are still here after 6 months and have found no jobs. We dont know what is going to happen after transplant he might be only needing one transplant but then he could go into rejection and start this processes all over again we are asking for any help we can get. We are in need of anyone willing to help us, We appreciate it all, and God bless you.


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Merry Christmas and all of my best wishes for the new year!

posted by Tara Belle 3 months ago

I am so sorry your son is going through this. I have 5 year old and I just can't even begin to imagine your pain. I am not able to donate as I have a baby with special needs and do not work but I can pray for your sweet Hulk and pray for your family. God Bless.

posted by Andrew N Natalia Sanchez 5 months ago

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Get well soon Baby Hulk!




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Good Luck Little Man, I hope you live a long healthy life, filled with love and great memories. Suerte



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Love you cousin.



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God Bless!


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