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Quote from Danny Metts (daddy to Bradley) "Ok everyone, it truly warms my heart and keeps giving me hope to have everyone praying for Bradley. With all this support to keep strong, I kno... more


Updated posted by Joni Allbaugh Ross 5 months ago

This has truly been such an amazing blessing to witness..........I know that this family has been equally blessed by everyone who has donated, prayed and sent positives thoughts.


Created by Joni Allbaugh Ross on November 18, 2013

Quote from Danny Metts (daddy to Bradley)
"Ok everyone, it truly warms my heart and keeps giving me hope to have everyone praying for Bradley. With all this support to keep strong, I know he will pull through. Bradley had brain surgery because of an ear infection that spread to his brain. He was doing great until the pressure in his head injured some parts of his brain. After a second surgery, to relieve pressure it is up to Bradley to heal what parts he can and come back to us. He shows us little tiny improvements everyday, but he still needs all the strength he can get. I just can't wait to see his beautiful smile again. Thank you everyone for the support you are giving us!"

Let's continue to support Bradley and his family during this difficult time. If you could help and donate a little money that would be wonderful. If not, your prayers will be more than appreciated.

If you would like to donate monies but not able to through this site, you can contact Joni Ross at 740-707-6223 for more information.

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Keeping this precious child in my thoughts and prayers with the good lord above I have no doubts that he will make a speedy recovery..

posted by Angie Chick 4 months ago

My prayers are with you and your family! Remember God loves you no matter what and you have all these great people supporting you threw out it. My heart is with you!

posted by Summer Brooks 5 months ago

my precious child of God my prayers and thoughts are with you, You and your son and family has been added to our prayers list at church. I do know how hard it is to keep the faith at this time of need for I am a mother and lost a battle to The Lord. And yes that is what it feels like your going through a battle. From experience I can tell you the faith of a mustard seed is all you need !, Win or loose you have one and (god sees to that he is a merciful God. what we sometimes is a loss it's actually a win! If he goes home to The Lord it's a win If he recovers all together it's a win! And if he remains one of Gods special children it's a win. I'm a strong believer our special gifts from god are those that keep us humble and on our knees! For he knows best!, with that in mind I hope you find the comfort I found when I was told the exact thing when I felt I had lost my battle and in reality I won Mark suffered no more, he's walking on the street of gold no crime, no pain, and a guaranteed mansion and eternal life and only a few are bronzed with that guarantee the rest of us have to want it bad enough to work for it. I pray telling you my story gives you just a moment of relief Prayes can move mountains. Forever in my thought Lynn Clark(Erica Leak Smiths Aunt)

posted by Lynn Clark 5 months ago

Our family has experienced similar circumstances with our daughter Kimberly Cochran. When she was only 1o she was in a bad accident and had brain surgery. I understand what you are going through! Believe me....God IS in control! To encourage you, my daughter is now almost 19! She has had an amazing life and is an amazing young woman! I will happily talk with you at ANY time if you want/need someone who understands brain injury and living with brain injury. My number is 740-331-0806, I facilitated a Brain Injury Support Group for over 6 years.....I will be glad to help in any way I can! God Bless you all.....and especially I pray that God keeps Bradley in His care and that he improves with every passing hour! Stay strong!

posted by Debra Baldwin Cochran 5 months ago

May God give him a healing touch and you his family strength .. I couldn't imagine going through such a trial, please know my heart and thoughts are with u .. Continued prayers as I too have spread the word that this precious little soul needs them ... God Bless U all ...

posted by Tisha Skellett 5 months ago

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Luetta Marshall

1 month ago


Bradley you are a strong boy and God is on your side. You are in my thoughts and prayers that God will heal you from this and make you stronger. You will then be able to play any kind of sport that you like. Everyone is supporting you and wanting you to get better so you can go home and have lots of fun. May God Bless and Keep you in his arms and heal you.



Cameron Bayha

1 month ago



Eric & Jennifer Pinney

1 month ago


Prayers from our family!




1 month ago




2 months ago



Bobby Filar

4 months ago



Melissa Garnes

4 months ago


Think, o God, of Bradley who is ill, whom we now commend to your compassionate regard. Comfort him upon his recovery. We beg for deliverance, and submit that no healing is too hard for the Lord. We therefore pray that you bless Bradley with Your loving care, renew his strength, and heal what ails him in Your loving name. Amen




4 months ago



Katherine Marshall

4 months ago


Praying for Bradley and the family daily!!



Shellie Rosser

4 months ago


Heartbroken but hopeful


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