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Ana is at Wake Med in North Carolina recovering from a serious car injury. Her leg has been amputated as a result of the crash in which a man without a license hit her and then fled the... more


Updated posted by Ana Kessel 5 months ago

All profit from the covertlight sale goes to Ana.


Updated posted by Ana Kessel 5 months ago is now having a sale on there website in order to help out Ana.

Sale is for the purchase of any "lifetime led" product.


here is a link to the brand on our website

Lifetime Leds Products -

Sale ends on November 30, 2013


Updated posted by Ana Kessel 5 months ago

Another Gears of war listing. Original Lancer Replica "signed"


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Created by Ana Kessel on November 12, 2013

Ana is at Wake Med in North Carolina recovering from a serious car injury. Her leg has been amputated as a result of the crash in which a man without a license hit her and then fled the scene. She will be in and out of surgery for the next few days. When she wakes up she will endure a life changing moment. Losing a limb is never an easy obstacle to overcome for anyone and with the healthcare changes currently being revamped there is no telling how much this could affect her recovery. Ana is a recent graduate from Full Sail University with a very unique talent. Although, given that Full Sail is a very expensive school to go to she will be having many financial issues with medical bills and college loans. I as well as all her friends and family are wishing for a full recovery and hopeful future using her talented skills with as little complications as possible.

If you would ever meet Ana the first thing that would come to mind is how talented of an artist she is both traditionally and in the Computer Graphics world. Being a Computer Graphics artist was her dream and nothing was stopping her from reaching the top. Right out of school she received an internship with Insomniac Games, one of the leading gaming companies in the United States. She was onto bigger and better journeys when she was struck by this tragic accident.

I ask that if you cannot donate for this cause, to please just send prayers to this young girl for a full recovery and bright future. Please share this page to all your friends and hope for the best in this mournful time.

Thank you for your time and compassion for this tragic event.

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Hey Ana, I'm an aspiring character artist as well and studied you at my school (SCAD-Atlanta) and admire your talent- of which I hope to achieve one day. I hope you feel better and I am sorry for your loss. The thoughts of all my game dev friends are with you.

posted by Hank Silman 3 months ago

I want you to know you are a very gorgeous young woman, I admire your positive outlook and would like nothing more than to meet you someday and spend that day doing whatever you like to do and ending that day with a meal then a ride into the sunset.Please stay strong and follow your bliss in life. P.S don't be stranger , msg me :)

posted by Thomas Finnigan 4 months ago

Keep the faith Ana... M13 send me :)

posted by Chris Weadick 4 months ago

Hi Anna . I heard the story about you. as you know I did seen what happen to you. you are awesome girl and beautiful . my prayer is with you . take care Anna

posted by Bern Laderoute 4 months ago

my thots and prayers are with u ana hope u get better ur very beautiful and im sorry this had to happened to u may god bless and always be with u much love to u

posted by Valerie Silversmith-martinez 4 months ago

I you have done a great job in your Rehab. I am so proud of you and how you are willing to be this and not let it beat you.You are a strong person, you are wonderful person and I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be one of your supported friends and I thank for sending me your way, my prayers are with you,Much love my friend Ana.

posted by Dwight O. Spencer 4 months ago

Hope you get better real soon so you can do some more cool art.Hang in there .Prayers go to you

posted by Emanuel Dasilva 4 months ago

Our Prayers are with Ana and her family

posted by Kurt Covertlights 5 months ago

Those types of drivers just makes me want to go nuts on them. How very sad this has happened to this girl, I lost my father and sister this year in a few days of each other then I almost lost my mother she just had a stroke, but the reason I'm telling you this because my mom's a strong woman, and I bet you are too! So I'm passing my mom's strength to you and you will recover just keep positive an stay strong!

posted by Becca Bartelson 5 months ago

Ana, I so sorry to hear about your accident. Your Westland family is praying for you. Youre a resilient and determined person. You have the strength to overcome this.

posted by Myrna Bromfield 5 months ago

Good luck Ana, hang in there! --Lotsa of love and support from our little game studio.

posted by Greg Johnson 5 months ago

I don't you know at all, I'm barely on polycount but I can't ignore this. You have my prayers and my thoughts, thinking of your family as well, stay strong , I wish you the best, get well soon , Love.

posted by Mickael Thierry 5 months ago

Wow, I'm so sorry this happened. I don't know you, but you're a game developer too and your portfolio is solid. I'll pitch in and share your story. Get better soon, Ana! You're a very skilled artist.

posted by Bryanna Lindsey 5 months ago

I don't know you very well, but I wish you the best, you are in my prayers Ana, and I hope you make a great recovery and reach for the stars. You were kind enough to allow me to use your models in my demo reel.

posted by Marley Kudiabor 5 months ago

Ana, I am a Full Sail Grad and friends with friends of your friends.... and I am so sorry this has happened to you. I wish and pray for your speedy recovery and I hope that you will make a wonderful recovery and get right back to making beautiful art. Stay strong. Love is all around you.

posted by Mary Kate Macpherson 5 months ago

Hi Ana, I do not know you but once I read your story my heart went out to you. I was in a hit and run accident and I feel outraged that there are people in this world that could do that because I couldn't. This just shows how strong you are, I currently go to Full Sail for Music Business. That's how I saw your page. I will spread the word and have your name in my prayers. Follow your dreams :) you are loved by so many!!!

posted by Annabel Love 5 months ago

Best wishes for the fund raising and a strong recovery for Ana. From all at Dynamighty us fellow game developers are rooting for you!

posted by David Nottingham 5 months ago

Hey Jason I don't know you but thank you for starting this page for her. It's amazing and truly touching seeing how much money people are able to raise for Ana. I'm sure you'll reach the goal in no time! Ana when you read this I just want you to know that I am amazed at how many people's lives you have touched, and you are truly strong. Good luck with everything.

posted by Susanna Yepes 5 months ago

Love you! I'll be praying for you!

posted by Joel Cordial 5 months ago

Hang in there, Anna. We're all taking care of you. May you go back and bring us some fantastic games and of course do your best and take your time. You're receiving $100 from me and I really hope that it will help getting you a very quick recovery.

posted by Alexander Hansen 5 months ago

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Keep hanging in there, Ana! Hope you're adjusting to your new life, and I hope recuperating is going well! You're a tough kid and you can do it!



David Mercadel

1 month ago


stay strong



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Paul Chambers

2 months ago


Hi Ana. I was really saddened to hear about the incident you were involved with. It's truly horrible. Best of luck with your recovery. I'm sure you'll be back doing the things you love sooner than it feels right now.




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