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Katie Star Herron is 4 years old. She loves to participate in dance, music, gymnastics and art classes. She is a huge fan of all the Disney Princesses and loves having tea parties. Katie... more


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Day 163! Day +15 post transplant plant! Happy Easter Katie!



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Day 162! Day +14 post transplant.



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Day 161! Day +13 post transplant!!!
HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY KATIE!!! Love you xoxox


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Created by Angie Roberts on November 12, 2013

Katie Star Herron is 4 years old. She loves to participate in dance, music, gymnastics and art classes. She is a huge fan of all the Disney Princesses and loves having tea parties. Katie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on August 6th, 2010. After 25 months of intense treatment that included numerous lumbar punctures, bone marrow aspirations, chemotherapy, steroids and 2 to 3 times a week hospital visits, Katie received her last dose of chemo in September 2012. As the family celebrated the success of her treatment and her remission, Katie began to live a normal childhood. Her hair grew back and she started Junior Kindergarten in September 2013. Katie is a smart, vibrant little girl with an enormous loving heart. When she laughs it is contagious and her smile can light up any room. On November 6th, 2013 the family's worst fears were realized. Katie had relapsed - her Leukemia is back. Katie was admitted into Hamilton's McMaster Children's Hospital and her parents have not left her side. Mom sleeps at the hospital with Katie, while Dad spends the nights close by at the Ronald McDonald House. Katie will need 3 years of chemotherapy or a stem cell transplant, depending on the results of her bone marrow assessment at the end of November. This is going to be a long, difficult journey and we want to be sure that Katie and her parents Paul and Anne will have everything they need while they concentrate on beating ALL - nothing else. Anne has lost her job and is not getting unemployment. Paul's benefits only cover a certain percentage of the drugs Katie needs just to name a few things. People do not realize the financial strain this situation takes on a family. That is why we need your help. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Anything and everything helps. Katie and her family would like to thank you for all your support. Sincerely, Katie's Stars Update Jan 2014 After initial treatment and after phase 1 Katie's parents received the bad news. The chemo was not being effective and Katie will need a stem cell transplant. The world wide search is on to find a stem cell match for Katie! Please pass this information along to everyone you know and help my cousin Katie. There will be updates and information posted on Facebook of where and how you can donate. Thank you Angie


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Hello Katie and family. I am writing to say that your story has really touched me. My wife Mary and I have a little girl (8 months) and she is the light of our life. I think it is beautiful to see how so many people can come together and do so much for one person. You are loved Katie that is obvious. I am praying for you and your family. Special mention to Katie's Dad, I want you to know that you are a hero too!

posted by Michael Côté 1 month ago

Katie,Anne and I would like to thank everyone again and for those that continue to donate! Our family is going through a difficult time. Your donations have allowed us to concentrate on getting our little girl better. Many of you that have donated we know, and many of you we don't! It is an amazing feeling to know that so many people care. Again, from the bottom if our hearts, thank you!

posted by Paul Herron 2 months ago

Hi Herron family, We are one of the families at Lake Huron Resort and I too have young children. My daughter's (3yr) name is Katie-you have touched my heart with your story and I want you to know that we are thinking and sending our thoughts to you every day to help with this fight.

posted by Sue Duyvestyn 4 months ago

Anne, Katie and I would like to thank everyone who is able to donate. We don't expect anything more then your support and prayers for Katie. The fund for our family was setup by my niece. We are very grateful for that. We have been updating Katie's progress every day on Facebook to our friends and family so they can be part of her journey! I will be posting Katie's progress each day on here as well! Thank you to everyone!

posted by Paul Herron 4 months ago

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Pray for you every day Katie




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Prayers for little Katie from Texas!!!




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My thoughts and prayers are with you all. You have been through so much I can't even imagine.



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Wishing you a long and healthy life. My prayers are with you.



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