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I have been receiving medical care for Metastatic Colon Cancer for the last three years. Unfortunately, I now find myself in a position where I need to ask others for financial assistanc... more


Updated posted by Mark Ian Resnick 8 days ago

Dear Supporters,

Thanks for your help. Having said that, I've been quite sick since my last two Chemo infusions and I will have more debilitating infusions this week. I am also drowning emotionally from all of my ongoing debt.

Though I've received generous donations over the last few weeks and months, please know the funds have already been used to pay only a small portion of my outstanding bills. These bills accumulated over the last three and a half years while I've been battling my Cancer. As everybody no doubt understands all too well, even when battling Cancer, basic bills need to be paid.

Along with my basic living needs such as the cost of my monthly condo mortgage and maintenance, there are also countless basics such as food, gas, insurance etc. these costs outpace my current income so my level of debt has been climbing. Even when one is too sick to stand or eat, I can assure you that monetary considerations are still serious enough to cause additional stress. The easy way out, would be to simply give up. Since I have never taken the easy road and see no reason to start now, your donations have been critical in my ongoing quest for a cure.

If anybody can donate any amount, that would be greatly appreciated. I would also be delighted if somebody would buy something from our website I've mentioned this before and we have had some sales which certainly help with the bills.

Not being able to work and being so sick with Cancer is a duel nightmare. The bills continue and the expenses skyrocket. For me, it's at the point where it's impossible for the average person to comprehend the debt I've incurred simply trying to keep my head above water.

I desperately need help and that's why I am writing this new post. If there were anything else I could think of to do, I'd certainly do it. I dread my upcoming Chemotherapy infusions, but the fact is that the prescribed poisons and the excellent care I receive at the Cleveland Clinic are keeping me alive.

Bless You All,


Updated posted by Mark Ian Resnick 15 days ago

Dear Supporters

Thanks to everybody who's helped me to continue to survive to date. I've been quite sick since my last Chemotherapy infusion ended on Sunday. I know that the effects of the Chemo infusions are cumulative, and this is to be expected, but it's still very hard to function on a daily basis when one is nauseous and in pain, 24/7. I am a fighter, but it's getting harder and harder to keep my head above water financially.

I truly hate to ask anybody for help, but I am desperate, and anybody who can help me with even a small donation, needs to know that their generosity will allow me to try to continue to wage war against my Cancer.

Please know if you can help financially with my ongoing medical nightmare, you will be helping me more than you can possibly imagine.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Bless You.


Updated posted by Mark Ian Resnick 17 days ago

Dear Supporters,
Thank you all for your ongoing financial help. I've been a total physical wreck / mess since my recent Chemotherapy session started this past Friday and ended Sunday afternoon.

I want everybody to know that I am eager to work on my website. This would hopefully allow me to try and make enough money to pay for at least some of my ongoing medical bills. Unfortunately, though I wish I had the strength to work on the website, it seems that my body has it's own agenda.

The Side Effects of over three plus years of Cancer treatments are cumulative. They work on healthy cells as well as rouge ones. I have been reduced to asking others for financial help because the various medications and ongoing expenses for my care have wiped out my life savings. If I want the Anti Nausea medication my Oncologist has prescribed, I would have to pay $860.00+ per month, out of pocket. This is because Medicare and hence my two supplemental health insurance policies will not pay for it. The same is true for any generic anti nausea medication. For the moment, I simply do without, but it does make receiving the Chemotherapy much harder than it needs to be.

My Oncologist doesn't understand these draconian rulings related to which drugs are covered and which are not, but the whole situation is now a nightmare for me. At one point, I was receiving a Chemotherapy drug that was injected into my system every other week and cost, over $18,000.00 per injection. Thankfully, I am no longer on that extremely expensive Chemo drug, but the co-pays and other incidentals have already taken their financial toll.

Please know, that anybody who can afford to donate anything, will be helping me with my ongoing quest to beat this pernicious disease.

Bless You All,

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Created by Mark Ian Resnick on October 28, 2013

I have been receiving medical care for Metastatic Colon Cancer for the last three years. Unfortunately, I now find myself in a position where I need to ask others for financial assistance. I am simply too sick to generate the income I need to be financially self sustaining.

I personally know from a lifetime of my own medical expenses how deleterious any serious illness can affect one's finances. I have been fighting to stay alive most of my adult life. I now find myself in a position that forces me to ask others to help me so I can continue to fight my Cancer and stay alive.

My entire life savings were depleted because of the cost of my Health Insurance and additional medical expenses for the previous three and a half decades. If this had not been the case, I would most certainly be able to pay my current and future bills. I had an accident when I was 29 years old and spent the better part of a year recovering at The Hospital For Special Surgery in NYC.

Getting older and depleting ones life savings on medical care is depressing, I also realize, had I not received the extraordinary care I did when I was younger, I would not have survived until now. I have read many of the other requests on this website and I know that I am not alone in my financial plight. Because of my preexisting condition the cost of my health insurance was exorbitant for most of my adult life.

My Premium (Motivation / Gifts) Publishing Business FRW Inc., which marketed among other things, subscription renewal premiums to companies like Newsweek, imploded with the publishing industry and was a casualty of the larger financial meltdown. Ultimately, due to lack of sales, I was forced to close the business.

I moved to FL full time in late 2011 after seven months of Radiation and Chemotherapy in NYC through my HMO. I no longer had my former health insurance policy that would have allowed me to use the MD's and hospitals that had helped me survive over the previous three and a half decades.

I moved to an HMO in 2009 because my monthly health insurance premiums were about to jump to $4,800 per month from $4,500 per month. By then, I had almost completely exhausted my financial reserves so I had no other options. Since I was about to turn 65 in January 2012, after moving full time to FL., I waited an additional month for continuing health care. I did this because I was eligible for Medicare in January 2012. What I did not know was that to receive the care I required to stay alive, I would also need to pay for two expensive Supplemental Medicare Health insurance policies. Cancer treatments are not cheap and Medicare doesn't cover everything including many drugs, procedures and incidentals.

To earn money, I started a website called with Drew Denning. This site was designed to sell items that both of us had inherited or had made by hand ourselves. The hope was that this site would allow us to generate the desperately needed income to remain financially solvent. To date, that has not been the case. The website is still active but it is unfortunately not yet financailly self sustaining.

FYI - I have been receiving Chemotherapy at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston FL. since January 2012. The Chemotherapy is very hard on my system and it's nearly impossible to do anything between treatments.

The medical care I receive at the Cleveland Clinic is excellent and I have a wonderful Oncologist. I now find myself in the financial position, where If I cannot afford the expensive supplemental health insurance policies, (and the cost of the various drug co-pays), I shortly won't be able to continue to receive the level of health care that has sustained my life for the last two years. This is a horrible situation and I quite often feel helpless.

I have had some sales on the website and I now receive my social security retirement benefits, but my income doesn't even begin to cover the cost of the various Health Insurance Policies, Co-Pays, Health Related incidentals like Dental Care, let alone my Mortgage, Auto Insurance, Car Repairs, Telephone bills, Home Insurance for my Condominium, Real Estate Taxes, Food, etc.

Unfortunately the apartment which I share with Drew Denning is deeply underwater so I cannot sell it. This in no small part is due to the fact that the housing bubble was extremely severe in FL.

Not knowing what to do, and afraid I would not be able to continue to pay my ongoing bills, I have contacted dozens of Cancer Organizations. I qualified for their help, but due to a lack of donations from their supporters they simply could not help me. Our sluggish economy has everything to do with this ongoing financial dilemma.

Asking anybody to help me with my financial problems is something I never thought I would have to do. The whole process of asking for help from anybody, is mortifying and humbling. I desperately need to keep my apartment, and I need to continue to receive the quality medical care at The Cleveland Clinic that will let me survive my battle with Cancer. To accomplish my goals, I find that I have no other options but to reach out to my friends, family, and others for their help and support at this time in my life. As the saying goes, where there is life, there is hope.

Given my enormous medical expenses, I no longer have any discretionary income. I try to live very modestly but my fixed costs keep mounting. Thankfully, some friends and family members including Drew Dennings, have helped with loans and some monetary gifts. These loans and gifts have allowed me to survive this long. I now need to generate more income quickly or I will not be able to pay for my ongoing care or remain in my apartment. It's a choice I would rather not be forced to make.

I am very embarrassed about asking anybody for monetary help and even writing this plea makes me feel worthless. I would much rather earn the money myself, but because of my ongoing illness and the severe side effects from my treatments, my ability to work has been severely compromised. Due to decades of extraordinarily expensive medical care, I now find that I have few alternatives to stay afloat financially other than to turn to a fund raising site like this. Perhaps, had there been an affordable health care act when I was younger, that did not penalize prior preexisting medical conditions, I would not find myself in this current financial predicament.

Contracting an expensive illness after spending the previous three and a half decades dealing with severe and expensive Orthopedic problems isn't easy. I do know that the extraordinary care I received when I was younger at The Hospital For Special Surgery from Dr. Phillip Wilson Jr. and many of the other amazing MD's and staff members, allowed me to survive until now. I take each day as it comes and I realize how fortunate I am to still be alive. Please know that I do try to work when I am well enough to do so. My hope is that one day soon I'll regain enough energy to work full time on the fascinating effects website.

Posting my story on the website hopefully will allow me to reach a larger universe of potential donors. I hope this larger pool of former friends, co workers, and friends of friends, can help contribute something to allow me to continue to receive my health care and the medications I need to survive.

Your help will also allow me to remain mentally positive about my ongoing fight to beat the cancer that has attacked my system. It's not in my nature to quit and given all of the money, energy and time that I have spent to stay alive until now, it would be a crime to simply give up.

I am turning to others via this funding website to see if they can help me with my fight. All donations will be appreciated more than mere words will allow me to express.

Thank you in advance for your compassion and understanding. May all of you be blessed with good health and prosperity.

Mark Ian Resnick


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I truly appreciate the help I am receiving from my friends and family.

posted by Mark Ian Resnick 5 months ago

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