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First we would like to thank our Facebook page fans for suggesting to use this program. We have encountered some amazing people that would like to give to support Grace Anna. This site... more


Updated posted by Angie N Jeff Rodgers 1 month ago

Rain, rain, rain go away. We are ready to build today.



Updated posted by Angie N Jeff Rodgers 1 month ago

Overwhelmed by the generosity of others. Warm weather has appeared. We are ready to move forward. Once the land dries up we should begin construction. God bless you all.


Updated posted by Angie N Jeff Rodgers 2 months ago

Went over all the final steps to get building. I'm going to have to start picking out paint and room decorations for Miss Grace Anna. Whenever Mother Nature decides to hold back on the rain, sleet, and snow we will begin.

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Created by Angie N Jeff Rodgers on October 26, 2013

First we would like to thank our Facebook page fans for suggesting to use this program. We have encountered some amazing people that would like to give to support Grace Anna. This site allows supporters to give and see what good is doing with it.
We are trying to save up money to adapt our home to help our daughter Grace Anna. Right now our home is not equipped to help her function. We are trying to add one big room to become the kitchen and living room; then turn existing rooms into a bedroom and bathroom for her. We are hoping to add a covered porch and ramp for wheelchair access. Any donations is greatly appreciated and will be used to enhance Grace Anna's life.

Below is some info on her and her Facebook link.
Thank you so much for any support.

Grace has a rare form of dwarfism called Conradi Hunermann syndrome. Doctors tried to get us to abort her at least five different times. It never was an "option" for us. She has overcome many obstacles including being born blind due to cataracts, severe kyphosis and scoliosis of the spine, and other health issues. SHe has many other health issues she deals with daily. We almost lost her in 2012 due to complications after surgery. We travel to other states for her health care as far as Maryland as well as in our home state of Kentucky. With all of that said, she is never in a bad mood. She is always singing and happy. SHe is super smart and loves to entertain. She is a blessing each and every day. God truly gave us a little girl that touches our souls. She is very close to her brother and he adores her. They have a very special bond, its just amazes me. She started singing at 16 months, and absolutely loves to sing, sing, sing. Thank you all for the many messages and words of encouragement. You will never know how the support and prayers from around the world keeps our spirits high. We feel all the love sent our way and we are very, very grateful. God bless you all.

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I just want you to how much of an inspiration Grace Anna and her loving family are. Every day she reminds me of all the beautiful joy she brings to all of us. I am so glad you will be able to start construction and make your home easier for your little girl. Grace Anna you are a gift from God and every single day you bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. I just wish I could give you the biggest hug!

posted by Tressy Moyer- O'Connor 29 days ago

If there is a cuter child in the whole world - show me! She may forget some words but she can hold a tune - just beautiful!!

posted by Beth Edwards 2 months ago

I am so jealous i want her :)

posted by Kristen Watson 3 months ago

I am so happy that the goal was met and that you can now work on getting the house more accessible for Ms Grace! She deserves it and even more importantly, she needs it. I love seeing her sweet face and hearing her precious voice...sharing her with us is such a gift! Thanks!

posted by Renee Byrd 3 months ago

Grace Anna is such an inspiration to me. I have health issues & I watch her videos & feel so happy & smile from ear to ear hearing her sweet little voice singing with such enthusiasm. I pray for you all & her. God had a purpose for her & as her parents you are fullling his wish. You are wonderful people to share your beautiful child with the world. God Bless!!!

posted by Gayle Gray 3 months ago

I just saw her video... Absolutely adorable! You are a strong momma and have an even stronger baby! If you'd like to know my sons story check out /DAMIAN-VS-SMA GOD BLESS

posted by JaiLee Elvis Marin 4 months ago

I continue to follow this precious spirit. I watch videos over and over. She never fails at making me feel happiness and smile. Thanks again for sharing her with us. Makes my world a brighter place!

posted by Jenell Burnham 5 months ago

She is God's Amazing Grace! Thank you for taking such good care of her.

posted by Carolyn Aird 5 months ago

God's continued blessings for your entire family! Thank you for sharing your heart and soul.

posted by Bella Mcreynolds 5 months ago

I only have ONE THING TO SAY about Grace!! She's BEAUTIFUL!! :-) :-)

posted by Cindy Smith 5 months ago

Sorry for messing up her name. It's Grace Anna!

posted by Tricia Erby 5 months ago

If that li'l Grace Ann ain't the most precious li'l thing!! :D She's like sunshine. I thank the Lord for the parents He gave her. Mommy of Grace Ann, your joy comes through just as clearly when Grace Ann is singing the "Star Spangled Banner". God bless you for the environment that you've created that allows the precious one to BE sunny!

posted by Tricia Erby 5 months ago

Hi Ya'll! I run Lake Cumberland

posted by Sean Francisco 5 months ago

This child is a blessing that heaven has allowed us the opportunity to look at our own blessings and ponder the wonders of life.

posted by Karen Libby 5 months ago

Grace Anna ~ We send our love to you from Mexico with a heartfelt applause for your lovely voice and a big roar from Chloe, our friendly neighborhood tiger. Blessings in abundance to you and your families and friends.

posted by Sherry Garrett 5 months ago

Grace Anna has stolen my heart! I want to hold this sweet angel soooo bad and be touched by her warmth and inspiration ! If ever in high point, nc or close, please let me know. With love and deep concern, Mema Parrett

posted by Barbara Parrett 5 months ago

Grace Anna's smile & sunny disposition is contagious. I smile just looking at her beautiful face. Thanks for sharing her life with us. A lot of us truly love her & want the best for her!

posted by Helen Dever 5 months ago

Grace Anna and your family are a TRUE have risen through so much and have such brave wonder...Blessings and LOVE to you all and a special warm squeeze for that precious baby girl!

posted by Heike Strand 5 months ago

I fell in love with a precious soul as soon as I heard her voice. Grace Anna is an inspiration. As her parents, I am glad that not only is Grace Anna supported through prayers and kinds thoughts, but you as well. You are truly a blessing from God, and Grace Anna is as well. Knowing your story and knowing that this little miracle has truly overcome so many obstacles is proof to people that no matter what anyone does or says we can defy odds. Can't wait for Grace Anna's next debut. God Bless!

posted by Melissa Dunn 5 months ago

God Bless this little Angel... She is the cutest!

posted by Kelli Carpenter 5 months ago

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Paul Miles

14 days ago


God Bless you, you are sooooooo a Beautiful.




1 month ago




1 month ago



Diane Hofer

1 month ago


God bless your building project. And God bless you especially in the stress of the day. Grace Anna has stolen my heart and I pray for her and will continue to pray for her and her family. Sending huge hugs to Grace!



Angie Ritchie & Hisham Masry

1 month ago


We ♥ you Graciebugg!!!!! I hope your room turns out great!!!!! Love, Angie & Hisham♥




2 months ago



Sean Kelly

2 months ago


We came across Grace Anna on Facebook last week and she has literally become part of our day. We love to see her videos of singing and her progress. She is an amazing girl that has a spirit inside of her that is truly inspiring to us. Her family is the perfect family for her providing her with all the love and support. It is amazing by reading the comments on Facebook how many lives this little girl is touching!! Thank you for sharing her and we look forward to following her progress!! I know you reached your bedroom goal already but want to chip in to help with Grace Anna's needs. We love that sweet girl. All the best from CT....



Fran Smith

2 months ago


Grace Anna is a amazing little girl. I wish the best for her and her family.



Wanda thompson

2 months ago


Give Grace a hugg for me and Shaila.


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