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My name is Alexis-Brianna Felix and I am a sophomore at the College of Communication at Boston University studying public relations and sociology. I have worked exceptionally hard to mak... more


Updated posted by Alexis-Brianna Felix 5 months ago

Hi everyone!

Once again I'd like to thank all of you for your amazing support and generosity. I wanted to make sure to let you all know that if you have yet to receive a thank you email from me, it's on the way! Since I wasn't expecting so much help in so little time, it's been hard to keep up. I'm also having trouble viewing any donations older than the 50 most recent ones on my GoFundMe page. If you'd like a hand-written thank you note, please email me your mailing address so I can send those your way. Also, check us out in Business Insider!
Thank you all again,
Alexis :)


Updated posted by Alexis-Brianna Felix 6 months ago

I am really and truly in awe right now. I have never seen so many people work so quickly to help someone before. I would have never imagined that someone would be me. Today you all showed me that there is love in this world and that hard work is never in vain no matter how hopeless a situation seems. You all have brought me to tears multiple times today and I still cannot believe we raised $5000 in about 27 hours. You all are incredible and I will pay every cent forward as I continue on the road to success. I'm in the process of writing thank you emails, cards and comments and I will get to everyone! WE DID IT!!!!!!!


Created by Alexis-Brianna Felix on October 18, 2013

My name is Alexis-Brianna Felix and I am a sophomore at the College of Communication at Boston University studying public relations and sociology. I have worked exceptionally hard to make it here and I am proud to say that I am making the most of my college experience. I maintained a 3.78/4.0 GPA last semester and have continued receiving all A's so far this semester. I am holding down both a job tutoring elementary school students at a YMCA after-school program and a research position for a Boston-based consulting company. I am also a member of BU's Latin dance team, M.U.S.I.C. I love my school and am doing well here academically, socially and emotionally. However, I am not doing well financially.

I spent my whole life in low-income neighborhoods in the Bronx with my mother and 3 sisters. I still call one of those neighborhoods home. I was fortunate enough to have a mother who stressed the importance of a great education and sacrificed to make sure I was able to attend incredible programs and schools that helped me get to where I am today. Though neither of my parents attended college, my mother made higher education an expectation for me. If I am able to graduate, I will be the first member of my immediate family to finish college.

Unfortunately, my family is unable to pay for my next semester here. We have tried everything from applying for extra loans and scholarships to cashing in the giant change jar we've been filling since before I was born, but we simply do not have the money. It has now reached the point where I will have to leave BU if I cannot come up with the money by December 17th. It is very much out of my character to ask for much of anyone, especially when it comes to money. But as a very wise woman said to me, "pride is for tomorrow." I need help to continue making my dreams a reality and this is the crucial time when I must ask for it. If you choose to give in any amount, I'd like you to consider it an investment rather than a donation. If you invest in me, I have no doubt that I will be successful. I have always felt a strong desire to give back in my community as a way of thanking all of the incredible people who have helped me on my journey to success. Please consider investing in my future so that I may become the best version of myself. I will not let you down.

Thank you,
Alexis-Brianna Felix

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You are an inspiration! I am trying to raise funds to become a teacher and most of my friends disapprove, but I have 2 jobs, 2 kids and I am going back to a local school that I started at for $989 per credit hour!! I have to graduation and take graduate classes as an alternative to standard methods to fit my classes which kills my financial aide and we already have loans in default. Keep your head up and make something wonderful of yourself. It is never too late!

posted by McKenzie Wheeler 2 months ago

Amazing, Alexis! You have much to be proud of and I'm sure anyone who "invests" in your education will see a great payout! Ignore people (like John K.) who have no grasp of the facts. 40 years ago (when he was probably struggling through basic classes in college), the average year cost $550 at a public school. Now that average is closer to $20,000 per year. Even with adjustments for inflation, that $550 translates to only $4,000. There is no comparison; college is no longer an affordable endeavor. The cost of undergraduate education has risen 42% since 2000. I am confident that you will graduate and go on to accomplish great things. I am also sure that unlike John, you will never look down on anyone trying so hard (and so successfully) to make something of herself.

posted by Nancy Baker 4 months ago

Nice work! I am so excited for you to start your future (: Gives me hope to finally start mine!

posted by Sherry Watson 4 months ago

Wow, how did you spread your word? I'm also raising funds for the final term of my degree to be abroad learning international skills. Keep up the hard work! You're clearly doing an awesome job!

posted by Christian Buck 5 months ago

Hi Alexis, I, too, am taking the risk to raise money for my education and am inspired by your beautiful story. I'm so happy for you that you reached your goal. You seem to be a hard-working, driven woman. From one fellow Bostonian to another, I wish you the very best at BU and in your future career.

posted by Heather Poitras 5 months ago

You go girl!!!! What an awesome story & letter.

posted by Juju Angeles 5 months ago

Fantastic Alexis educating women and girls is the quickest way to fix the world!! And you are making your mother's best dreams come true, well done!! We have been asked to help finalise Malala's closest friend Parveen's education =KtprX8i2k-Q and we got a breakthrough last Friday by Melbourne University offering a place at Trinity College!! Malala and Parveen (and all Swat Valley girls wanting education) have been targeted by the Talibam to be killed for wanting this. We will not let this happen and now we have secured the Trinity College place for Parveen we will raise the funds to look after her in Australia until she is educated and will then go to help many other girls. We are committed to women's and girls' self-empowerment You are so INSPIRING Alexis, never stop!

posted by Glenn Floyd 5 months ago

That is so amazing. What is your secret?!

posted by Shauna Goldman 5 months ago

Congrats! I know how hard stuggleing financially can be while trying to better yourself. Most of us can say that we have had some form of help along the way. I only hope that you will pay forward the kindness of strangers. You have well surpassed your goal. Maybe you could help others out by contributing to the scholarship funds at BU or help another struggling student. Good Luck with all that you do!

posted by Mandie Gober 5 months ago

John, how can you say that she should just work when she is working and there has to be time to go to class and excel. She is young and is trying to be a blessing to her community and I have no doubt that she will be. This takes gutsy faith and a lot of determination to make it to this level, especially being the first in her family to attend college and she will graduate even with people like you out there as a discouragement. SHAME ON YOU

posted by Joan Franklin 5 months ago

Great job Alexis. Don't let the naysayers keep you from obtaining your goals. John Keil should learn how to read your profile and stop being judgmental.

posted by Jerry Smales 5 months ago

John do you realize how rude and ignorant that is? It clearly states above that she has TWO jobs! I recently graduated college, but was blessed with a partial scholarship and parents who made enough money to pay my tuition. Higher education is a requirement to get a decent job in this country today, but only those who have parents with college degrees can afford it. I'm sure she has already taken out loans and has worked very hard to save up to pay tuition. She is earning her education by making A's.

posted by Rachel Laymoun 5 months ago

Get a job Alexis, stand on your own two feet. Thousands and thousands have done it and you can too. Earn your education!

posted by John Keil 5 months ago

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Ed R

1 month ago


Please use this donation to treat yourself to something that your usual budget doesn't allow for



Jess Wong

4 months ago


After meeting and interviewing you for my 201 paper, you are one of the most genuine and humble people I have met here at BU. I can't even describe how inspired and moved I am through this story. I really enjoyed writing my profile on you and I really hope to see you in future classes!! -Jess



Nancy Baker

4 months ago


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela



Ruth Marsach-Wood

4 months ago


Dear Alexis, Blessings and best wishes to you. Keep up the good work and know that you can be an inspiration to others.



Charlotte Rocker

5 months ago


Best of luck to you!



Ilyana Sori

5 months ago


I wish you the best Alexis. Become a BU alum with style. :)



Ryan Scannell

5 months ago


Crush it Alexis-Brianna.



Linda McGivern

5 months ago


Keep up the hard work and get it done Alexis!




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5 months ago


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