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1500This is the donation page for Deidre Romine, who was charged with theft for taking $2.87 from a fountain. Come to find out, she was just hungry. You can read her story here: Coins in... more


Updated posted by Will Zell 6 months ago

Seeing that we raised 5,588.5% of the original goal of $200 in less than a week, I feel it is appropriate to reset the goal. New goal, $15,000.



Updated posted by Will Zell 6 months ago

** New Story from 10tv **

So, I got emotional for the first time this afternoon as I was sharing the events of this week with a friend .

This has truly been a demonstration of the global community for good.

Thank you for taking the time to consider and give to Deidre.

As you look to Logan County, Ohio I hope you see one thing... Hope.

May God bless you abundantly!


Updated posted by Will Zell 6 months ago

You all are amazing individuals! I am very grateful for your support for Deidre. #gratitude


Created by Will Zell on October 15, 2013

1500This is the donation page for Deidre Romine, who was charged with theft for taking $2.87 from a fountain. Come to find out, she was just hungry. You can read her story here: Coins in the courthouse fountain: One woman's wish

Update (10/19/13): Below is a detailed update about the plan for the funds that have been raised and more details about myself. If you have any further questions for me please feel free to reach out through the message feature on GoFundMe.
The Funds
In addition to this online campaign people have been giving offline. Deidre has a case manager through the Developmental Disabilities department of Ohio. Additionally, she is now receiving support through an agency called Quality Residential Alternative (QRA), which helps people with developmental disabilities live independently. The support team around Deidre (which includes our representative Brian Evans) met on Thursday (10/17) with her to develop a plan. Her immediate needs are: 1) New housing by November 1st. 2) Vet services for the cats 3) New clothing. 4) Furnishings for new living (furniture, appliances, etc.). All of the furniture and appliances have already been donated!! 5) Food for her and the cats. 6) Fines- God forbid the charges are not dropped.

We are also working with the great support staff at GoFundMe on how to best transfer the donated funds given the uniqueness of this situation. At this point, it appears the funds will be directly deposited into Deidre's account, which has custodial oversight by the support system.

My commitment to all of the donors is that the funds will be used to help with her immediate needs and then to continue to support her in the most sustainable way. I am confident in the support team's ability to see this through.

A summary of the activity will be provided once everything is transferred.

About Me
My name is Will Zell, and I am the owner of ConnectToHome and the founder of Providence Holdings, Inc. You can read more about me here:

You can also follow me on Twitter at @WillLZell.

ConnectToHome published Deidre's story online on Monday (10/14). We received so much response from people who wanted to help support Deidre that we organized the giving here on GoFundMe and also within the community in Logan County.

On Wednesday (10/16) WBNS 10tv from Columbus, Ohio ran a story about Deidre on their 11pm news report. This story was picked up by the Associated Press and was disseminated across the world!

The mission of Providence Holdings is to build brands that love people. The story of Deidre, and the subsequent events, represent the highest and best use of our mission: Use a Providence owned company to positively impact the life of another.

I reside in Logan County, Ohio with my beautiful wife Beth and three children. We also own Sweet Aromas Coffee in Bellefontaine, and are involved in the ministry at Christ Our King Church, also in Bellefontaine.

Prior to this event I did not know Deidre. We live in the same county but I did not know her personally. Now, not only me, but our entire community, and many people from around the world have rallied around her to provide a fresh start.

This is a beautiful story.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Sad things is there are many people that need this kind of support. I wonder how much they spent in public money to charge her for the 2.87 she took to feed herself. Unbelievable

posted by Saida Amirova 5 months ago

What this woman needs is a J O B. Can't anybody help her?

posted by Patti Bostick 5 months ago

We have seen the case of TRUE policemen feeding a hungry child or buying shoes to a homeless man. In this case we see the will of a guy in uniform who did not offer her anything, but a felony. Did he ever have a heart? So sad... Good luck to Miss Romine.

posted by Adriana Sofia Llantada 5 months ago

I'm happy to see an attorney take her case pro bono, but what is wrong with this city? Why don't they drop the charges already? It's going to be on her record that hurts her chances of employment.

posted by Jolene Blow 6 months ago

Is there somewhere we can send gift cards for cat food and litter ?

posted by Becky Chatelain 6 months ago

I'm a truck driver from Chicago and I deliver in Ohio.I was listening to the radio one morning and heard the story.You folks from Bellfontaine are awesome,way to stand behind this young lady.I wanted to make a donation and help support her even if I am a mile or two away.Way to go everybody.

posted by Eric Marro 6 months ago

It's never ok to steal, but in this case, totally understandable...if she had not done so, none of us would have been able to help her. My faith too has been restored by so many of you......:)

posted by Michelle Hartman 6 months ago

My faith in the compassion of people has been restored by what is being accomplished here. While the donations will be helpful, I feel that to prosecute Ms. Romine is an injustice. I have emailed the mayor of Bellefontaine and city safety director and if anyone is interested in doing the same the mayor's name is Adam Brannon and his email address is abrannon@ci.bellefontaine.oh.u s and the safety directors name is James Holycross and his email address is jholycross@ci.bellefontaine.oh .us. Wishing Deidre health, happiness, and security!!!

posted by Lori Witham 6 months ago

Does she need anything else that could be donated? I plan to go to belfontaine today and donate there. Does she have plenty of blankets and a good warm coat?

posted by Peggy Leach 6 months ago

I REALLY hope that whoever is administering this money FOR her doesn't end up handing most of it over to someone ELSE under the guise of "cost of management" and I also hope it doesn't all have to be used for court costs because THAT would be obscene

posted by Barbara LeBouton West 6 months ago

I pray that Ms. Romine and her cats fare well. The fact that she views her 'furmiliars' as being inseparable from herself speaks volumes of her character....!

posted by John Kormos 6 months ago

Well done! I hope this gives Ms. Romine a new lease on life. I hope her case manager will get this money to her.

posted by Jolene Blow 6 months ago

Every cloud has a silver lining. As ridiculous as the charge is/was, if it didn't happen she wouldn't be receiving the gifts and support she is. A blessing in disguise. Hopefully the donations will help get her back on her feet and in a warm apartment with plenty of food and cat food before it gets too cold. My heart goes out to her and I will be a cheerful giver. God bless, Diedre!

posted by Rene Lechler 6 months ago

I heard about Deidre's story on my local news station in Abbotsford, BC , Canada. I was very touched by her situation. After searching for her name on the Web, I found your donation site. Thank you for providing me with a way to reach out and support Deidre with a small donation.

posted by Linda Carter 6 months ago

It's what we do for others that defines who we are. Will, God Bless you!

posted by Steven Marshall 6 months ago

I'm glad she is getting help. Shame on the city government and the police.

posted by Linda Later 6 months ago

The name of the cop who arrested her should go public too to get the shame on him

posted by Onébeinmieux Danslebois 6 months ago

It is a shame that her name is all over papers, while people that steal millions from taxpayers are getting awards and promotions. Let us donate enough to buy her a trailer she wishes for, stock up on food for a year, and maybe her luck will change and she will make it on her own. She needs a helping hand. Blessings!

posted by Vera Hamann 6 months ago

This woman is so sweet. I've had the pleasure of meeting her a couple times, I think its amazing that as a community we can reach out and help her in anyway that she needs. United we are strong.

posted by Ashley McLaughlin 6 months ago

I would hope that her case manager or other people competent to do so ( I do not know enough about Ohio code to advise) advise her to plead not guilty and demand a jury trial lest the donations end up as fines and "probaition fees" ect all . I fail to see where the offense of theft under Ohio revised statute occured

posted by BM Turner 6 months ago

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I have 4 cats. Cat food is expensive. But i love them.



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Well done Will. A great cause.



George Huang

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Good luck, keep warm!



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Good luck and please be good stewards of the money.



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We are all in this together...




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Iv'e been through rough times too.


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