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10 This is Keegan, and her family. They may be a lot like your family, except that Keegan just found out that she has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia(ALL). That's her in the chair,... more


Updated posted by Kim Bertolasi-May 4 months ago

Keegan at her cheerleading banquet!


Keegan at her cheerleading banquet


Updated posted by Kim Bertolasi-May 4 months ago

Wow - I just saw that the goal has been met - you know what this means? It is time to raise that goal again. I just wanted to update everyone on Keegan - She has finished her "first round" of chemo and the results came back VERY positive! She has now entered her second phase of her treatment which will last 7 months. She will go to clinic once a week for this phase. She will start back to school on Monday; however, will only be attending a few days a week right now! She is now considered low risk which means her survival rate is 96-98% - YEAH! See what all of your thoughts and prayers have done!!! With that said, the doctor said she still has a long road ahead of her with tough times ahead! Let's keep those thoughts and prayers coming for Keegan and her family! Thank you soooo much for your generous donations! I know it means the world to the Denecke family!


Updated posted by Kim Bertolasi-May 5 months ago

Just wanted to give everyone a update.....we saw Keegan over the weekend and she was in good spirits. She has one week left of intense treatment and then it will be time it find out if the cancer is gone(we all know it will be). Carey was explaining that all preliminary tests have been positive so keep those thoughts and prayers coming, as they are working! I can tell you one thing....Keegan has a great appetite! Carey was telling us that she has been enjoying food that she previously disliked. How fun! With that said, the Denecke family still has a long road in front of them. Carey is not able to work, as this is a full time job. Let's raise that goal, continue to share this site via Facebook, Twitter, etc. I know the Denecke family greatly appreciates each and every donation. Thank you all for your extreme generosity and kind words! -Kim


Muffins with Mom

Keegan's new haircut

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Created by Kim Bertolasi-May on October 13, 2013


This is Keegan, and her family. They may be a lot like your family, except that Keegan just found out that she has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia(ALL). That's her in the chair, getting ready to whip cancer's butt. As you can see, Keegan's family will be right behind her on her journey, which is going to make it pretty tough to keep to a normal routine. Keegan's mom works from home, watching other people's kids, while they go to work. That's her, Carey, in the back. For the next few months, however, she is going to have to take care of Keegan, and will not be able to work. That's going to leave the family with half of their income, on top of the other challenges. The good news is, that you can help!!

What can I do??

Step 1: Say a prayer for Keegan and her family.
Step 2: Send a donation.
Step 3: Feel satisfied that you helped a good family, who has found themselves in a really difficult position.
Step 4: Share this site with as many people as you can.

Let's do this together! Instead of buying that Starbucks this week, think of Keegan and her family and donate the $5.00 to help the Denecke's!

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Dear Keegan & Family, You all have so many people who love you and are sending healing prayers your way! Keegan, stay strong, laugh with your family, hug each other...all the time...and give that cancer a big kick in the pants! I did! Hugs & More Hugs to you all!

posted by Sarah Johnson 6 months ago

Love the window Keegan! Great job - keep strong and know you are loved and cared about by so many!! :) Looking forward to seeing you soon!

posted by Lynn Burns 6 months ago

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In honor of the Christmas season, this donation is being made in the name of Natalie and Bill Hollingsworth, aunt and uncle of the O'Laughlin Badger football players.



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thinking of you Keegan!! from, the Bunt Family



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Thinking of you beautiful Keegan & sending our well wishes to you. God bless you & the Denecke family.



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Keep up the great work and positive attitude! (((hugs)))


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