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Addalyn Elise Ployhar was born on 9-23-2013 at only 25 weeks gestation due to mama developing preeclampsia at 21 weeks. she was born weighing only 1lb2oz. As with any preemie she has ha... more


Updated posted by Joe Ployhar 5 months ago

As of yesterday 10-31 Addalyn has broken the 2lb milestone!! She has been doing very well for the last week or better, she is consuming 5.5cc of milk every 4 hours and they increase the amount every few days. How ever she is anemic and requires a blood transfusion today, the transfusion takes about 4 hours but will hopefully help her keep her required oxygen levels down. She has been very alert lately and being her feisty little self. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support it means the world to our family.


Updated posted by Joe Ployhar 6 months ago

The infection she has been fighting is finally giving up and things are getting more stable, she is no longer tapped out on life support but still requires help breathing and is having many bradycardia episodes. She has been givin a supplement in her milk to up calories helping her gain 6oz! Although her blood pressure is not stable and they believe a valve in her heart they treated earlier has possibly reopened. She will undergo many more tests in the next few days so we will keep you all posted on her condition. Thank you all so much for the love and support, we couldn't do this without each and everyone of you!



Created by Joe Ployhar on October 12, 2013

Addalyn Elise Ployhar was born on 9-23-2013 at only 25 weeks gestation due to mama developing preeclampsia at 21 weeks. she was born weighing only 1lb2oz. As with any preemie she has had her ups and downs battling infections,breathing on her own, oxygen levels and many other life threatening setbacks. She is faced with a hard road in the NICU for the next few months. We have already been faced with an accumulation of bills that are not fully covered by insurance and she will need special equipment even after we are able to bring her home. Her due date was January 5th 2014 so we can't expect to bring her home until at least around that time. We appreciate the love, support and prayers for our special girl!!!

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Hello my name is Troy Fisher i work at oles in east missoula we have been raising money for you and are having a problem with the jar getting full i would like for you to contact me at %%2 8452 so i can give you the money we have raised so far . I also want you to know we are praying for your family

posted by Troy Fisher 6 months ago

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Justin Dellwo

3 months ago


Your in my Prayers.



Margene Hance

3 months ago (Monthly Donation)



Ryan Ritari

4 months ago


Glad to see Addalyn is getting bigger and stronger with each day!! Jen and I hope she is home soon in your loving arms, so we can come meet her!! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Love Ryan, Jen, and Kayle



Margene Hance

4 months ago (Monthly Donation)



Cereta Wills-Brown

4 months ago


May each day bring good news. There are so many people pulling for you and keeping you in their prayers.



Vickie Honzel

4 months ago


My niece gave birth to a beautiful little girl in the same way and under very trying circumstances several years ago. Both momma and baby are doing well, living normal lives today. May this small donation help in some way. Bless you and your family.



Laci Carvey

5 months ago


Prayers and well wishes to you and yours sweet baby girl!



Kevin and Stephanie Ritari

5 months ago


Keep Fighting Addalyn!!!......We will keep looking fwd to those updates as she gets bigger and Stronger.




5 months ago




5 months ago


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