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Hi Folks, My name is Greg Boone and I'm an artist and writer with over 35 years professional experience. From news to comic books to animation and children's books I've had a general he... more


Updated posted by Greg Boone 5 months ago

Well the good news is my boss at the Don Margolis hooked me up with air fare and accommodations. That shaves several thousand dollars off the bill. The primary facility is in the Caribbean but there are other centers around the world. It's a matter of the price range and service. It takes constant monitoring as things change in this treatment industry and you have to hop on them after careful scrutiny which is what Mr. Margolis does. He physically goes to facilities all over the planet inspecting them. Just amazing.

On the other hand I'm not getting the response with donations I'd hoped for. It's slow and I can't figure it out considering the umpteen numbers of people I know. Heck, if everyone on my Facebook page donated $20 I'd be out of the woods. No prob as I know donating via crowdfunding is strange to many people. Many people ask me why with all the people they know I know why the response is so slow and there are probably many factors. It first calls upon my own personal responsibility to see what I might be doing wrong. It also calls on me to re-evaluate the value of the relationships I have personal and business and public. Sometimes I'll write an article on one of my websites and a million people will show up congratulating me. None to be found now. People I've trained in art who've gone on to be wealthy, no word from them. Companies I've saved the same.

It's up to me to make things go right and of course at some point God will show up again and straighten things out as he always does after the suspense and turmoil come to a boil. In the meantime I've got to focus on the prosaic and see what kind of business deals with the rights to some of my comic book properties I can wrangle. I hate to have to deal with the studios because they'll try to take advantage but this is a serious situation that can't wait longer.

Stay tuned.


Updated posted by Greg Boone 6 months ago

Okay, some of you have had concerns about donating via this website. If so just contact me at or to make other arrangements. Thanks and keep donating and sharing.


Updated posted by Greg Boone 6 months ago

Thanks for the shares folks. I still have a long way to go. I'm studying fast to find any shortcuts to costs and so on. Am hoping the FDA approves some of the coronary stem cell treatments on the books now so I can get insurance to cover it. The big pharmaceutical companies don't want the U.S. to have affordable stem cell treatments as it would crash their industry of dangerous and expensive drugs and the whole world knows it and President Obama is ignoring the issue. This is a battle for millions of Americans to stay alive and be well and it's like there are continual evil forces against us no matter what we do.

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Created by Greg Boone on October 11, 2013

Hi Folks,

My name is Greg Boone and I'm an artist and writer with over 35 years professional experience. From news to comic books to animation and children's books I've had a general healthy life until about six years ago when I developed CHF or Congestive Heart Failure. Lucky for me my background in the sciences allowed for me to work with people in the groundbreaking stem cell industries. I created websites, blogs and the first ever children's book about adult stem cells along with my writer Dave Granovsky. My CHF was an on and off problem but in the past year it went downhill quick. My only alternative is to get the adult stem cell treatment I've helped send hundreds of other people to.

These treatments work. Miraculously. Unfortunately the U.S. is far behind other countries in administering the treatments and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is keeping a close guard to make sure that any stem cell treatments meet their guidelines before allowing them in the U.S. which could take years more if that.

There are groundbreaking advances in the adult stem cell industry here in the United States and the FDA is being more lenient than usual allowing for more testing and expansion. So in general the ball is rolling but for people like me who need proven successful treatment NOW my only option is to go outside of the U.S. to one of the reputable adult stem cell treatment centers. Since insurance won't cover the costs it's up to me to pay for the treatments. I'm looking to see if some insurance might cover it but the bottom line is at present the costs are around $25,000. I might be able to whittle that down but that will take some doing.

As you can see in the little animated video I've done the process is easy and quick. The results astonishing. I literally could be above excellent health in several months after the procedure. So that's the reason for this solicitation for funding. It means my life and quality of life.

I'll be detailing this adventure as I go along as I know so many of the doctors and technicians involved in the industry. Let me tell you honestly, stem cell treatments and technologies are the biggest breakthrough in medical history since who knows when. The potential is beyond imagination. We are now growing brand new organs in just a week or two. We can regrow fingers, large amounts of missing body mass due to accidents and war. We may literally be able to keep you young and vibrant for hundreds of years.

So please, donate what you can and take part in the goodies I'm offering in exchange.


Greg Boone


Some of these videos are a few years old but they still carry a punch when it becomes apparent that the present and future holds miracles thanks to stem cell research. Only the top of the line doctors and institutes do I quote here as I know them from experience.

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Ruslan Sharipov

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Bless you, Greg.



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6 months ago


Get well soon Greg!!! Sending love and healing energy.



Charles Zembillas

6 months ago


Thanks for your many years on AnimationNation Greg! Good luck to you as you face this challenge! God bless!



The Repair Stem Cell Institute

6 months ago


Good Luck Greg!

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Dawn Ingold

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Prayers for a peaceful journey!



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For now.



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6 months ago


i am not able to donate much - but am glad to be able to get you started = any friend of david g is a friend of mine. many prayers that you will be SOON be on your healing journey


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