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Robert Gordon is a distinguished ex US Army Airborne Ranger serving 3 tours overseas and now serves his community as a Firefighter at Hunter AAF, GA. Most importantly, he is a loving fat... more


Updated posted by Robert Damien Gordon 1 month ago

We still need help for the 6 months post op coming up in April.. Please like and share... Any help counts and we are truly grateful... Thank you to all the have helped.. I defiantly helped us keep out home.. This check up hopefully is a good one and we can coast for a few years as is.. that would be so great.. thank you all..

Please share...



Updated posted by Robert Damien Gordon 3 months ago

*Update* January 7th 2014...

I hope everyone had a great New Year.

I am doing very well!! I am back up to about 210lbs. But more importantly, I feel great!. better then I have in the past year or two. I have no headaches. My Thyroid medication is dialed in pretty good. I'm not tired anymore, I feel strong again, and my neck is healed almost back to normal. I have a new lease on life and I am doing everything to squeeze as much out of this run as possible. I have started learning the guitar. I am spending more time with family and getting to dig into my passion for old school cars. If I have learned anything, It's that everyday is a gift, love your family no matter what, and never let a moment to say I love you pass without embracing it and letting it breath from your heart and towards the object of your affection.

We are very close to our goal that will secure the medical bills for all of 2014. Thank you everyone that have helped, supported, and just became my friend during this adventure (I wouldn't say awful time because a lot of good has come from it). So adventure best describes it.

Feel free to Like and Share... In hopes that this might be shared and help someone that is going through a rough time or realize to not hold on to events and live for what you have in front of you. If anyone ever needs help or to talk or an ear. Please contact me. I will be here for you as all of you have been here for me.

Thank You All,




Updated posted by Robert Damien Gordon 4 months ago

Hope everyone has a great xmas.. Thank you everyone for the support and prayers... You all have done so much for me and my family and we really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts! We are very close to our goal and that would have never been possible it not for so many great, kind, and generous people.. So Thank You. We almost have what is needed for our deductible coming up in January. That is wonderful because it means we will be set for the ENTIRE year of 2014 minus the one trip I have to make back to Houston which is only for a few days. Besides all that I feel great right now. Hit the gym this past week with little to no issues. I plan on returning to work in the next week.


Have a great Chirstmas....


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Created by Robert Damien Gordon on October 9, 2013

Robert Gordon is a distinguished ex US Army Airborne Ranger serving 3 tours overseas and now serves his community as a Firefighter at Hunter AAF, GA. Most importantly, he is a loving father to three very beautiful children. 11 yrd Jazmine, 7 yrd Xavier, and 19 month old McKenna. He has never met a stranger, is a good loyal friend, and a very very dedicated family man. He coaches our sons football team as well as plays on his local fire departments recreational teams. As much as it hurts him year after year he is also a life long Dallas Cowboys fan. lol

Kidding aside, he is a great man and even better father!!

A month ago he was diagnosed with a very rear type of thyroid cancer called MTC (Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma). It is a cancer that attacks the C-Cells in the body and can spread to out reaching areas such as the liver, bones and lungs. The cancer is rare enough in which he has to be treated at the MD Anderson Cancer Center of Excellence. A week ago he flew out to MDA where they started his initial testing and staging. By the grace above, he was found to have caught it some what early and has a chance to pull through this with an operation by the countries best surgeon. This type of cancer is not one that goes into remission, but yet grows slowly. Chemotherapy and radiation do not work on MTC. So it is important that they cut out as much of it as possible. This means a total removal of the thyroid, a total neck dissection of the right side and a partial of the left. This surgery will add years to his life. Medical bills are medical bills and we as a family can pay them slowly as life goes on. It will be a huge strain, but for the kids to have their father it will be money well spent. We are asking for help with the cost associated with this unfortunate event. We have to travel and stay in Houston TX for the surgery. Flights, hotels, food, child care, lost wages, prepays, copays, surgical fees. It's amazing how many expenses arise when faced with something like this. On top of that. As if that wasn't enough to do it once, we will have to got back again in 6 months for post op scans. These are the things we need help with and if we raise extra then that will go towards the medical bills.

While traveling alone, his trip for the initial testing and diagnosis started on a Sunday and he returned that following Thursday . Just those 4 days lead to almost $1100 of out of pocket expenses and that was with him going by himself. This next trip will take us there for a full week and I will have to accompany him as a care giver for the flight home which will increase our expenses. As I am aware that most of the people that will see and read this understand what unexpected cost and lost wages can do to a family of 5. This is an extremely difficult time for us and he has been a rock. He is faced with missing out on his children growing up and I hope that we can get through this, together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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hey brother, as a firefighter and a brother in arms (marines) hope all is going way and prays are with you and your family.

posted by Paul Albertine II 4 months ago

SitRep Ranger!! Hooah? RLTW!

posted by Steven Lovett 4 months ago

Hey there Robert I know you don't know me but we are family. I will be praying for you a lot. God bless you guys.

posted by KimSue Swartout 5 months ago

Robert, please contact us at as we would like to pick up your tab for the hotel in Houston. We have some great contacts in that area and would like to make the reservations for you and take care of your lodging.

posted by جيسون كلوكستون 5 months ago

Reposted to all of my networks. Good luck Brother thoughts and prayers are with you. If you need anything else give a shout out, don't think, don't hesitate.

posted by Dale Smith 6 months ago

alot of veterans on here more then welcome to like the page i know your not from here but still maybe it will help you get the word out better again ill continue to share your story til your all better. ansofcentralflorida

posted by Bryan Buendia 6 months ago

on behalf of my self and Veterans of Florida, we are praying for you. I shared your story on our page to help get the word out. good luck brother

posted by Bryan Buendia 6 months ago

Praying for you and your family!

posted by Melanie Waldrop 6 months ago

Hey Robert, I heard about what you are going through from a friend and I just wanted to say that you are such a great guy and father and I always enjoyed every minute of watching you coach your son! I will definitely be praying for you and your precious family and I will spread the word. God bless!

posted by Charissa Fuhr 6 months ago

If you could message me your mailing address I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your service to your country and community, and may God bless you and your family. I'll definitely be sending up prayers to the Master Physician for your full healing! As a survivor of a rare blood disorder I can say without a doubt a little tiny grain of faith and a prayer goes a long way! Rest easy :)

posted by Anthony Wertz 6 months ago

Robert, check your private messages. I have an offer for you to consider.

posted by Jim Watson 6 months ago

Hello! I am sorry for what you are going through, but let me know your dates and I can try to help! I work for a worldwide hotel that has GREAT discounts for friends and family. I consider you both as you served our country! Contact me and I can get you amazing rates so that your family will not have alot of out of pocket expenses! 757-297-6213.

posted by Kelly Walsh Barcroft 6 months ago

We didn't know this was going to grow and help this much.. we really do thank everyone so much. I am beside myself with everyone's generosity. .

posted by Robert Gordon 6 months ago

It is absolutely amazing how generous your family is....God bless everyone who opened their hearts to help out a fellow hero!!

posted by Andrea Barreiro 6 months ago

May I suggest you investigate this option, this would be extremely cost effective and perhaps effective on you condition: The staff at River Rock would welcome you with open arms: Give them a call http://www.riverrockcolorado.c om/learn.php This post is not meant to generate business for River Rock. They have more customers than supply. However patients with serious illness get preferential treatment

posted by Paul Enright 6 months ago

Gordon Contact me I don't have a lot of cash to spare but am willing to help by making a custom knife for auction. I can make any knife to any standard. Call me or email me and we can discuss this if you would like. My knives usually start at $500 and go up to $2000+ depending on the design and materials. I can either make one for raffle or let the winner design or choose. My number is 336-467-1244 or 919359-9220 or email

posted by Kyle Gahagan 6 months ago

I posted and will try and help any way I can.

posted by Kyle Gahagan 6 months ago

9124337328 .. let me know when.. Ill have my phone on me.. it'll be good to see you again and have the wife meet the legend..

posted by Robert Gordon 6 months ago

See you Friday, Ranger Buddy.

posted by Chris Corbin 6 months ago

Jesus.. thank all of you. . This is suck an amazing feeling... me and leah are beside ourselves..

posted by Robert Gordon 6 months ago

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Glad to hear your doing better! Stay strong, Ranger buddy. RLTW!!


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