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i'm hoping to raise money to be able to get a prosthetic leg. my right leg was amputated below the knee on august 19th of this year due to complications from diabetes. i have applied for... more


Updated posted by Matthew Stone 1 month ago

at this point, it's just a matter opf time before it's all good.


Updated posted by Matthew Stone 2 months ago

- one thing they don't tell you about prosthetic legs is how expensive they are. i thought everything i'd already raised thanks to all of you would be enough, but i was off by more than i had feared. disability is still at this point in limbo, and even though i hate to ask, if any of you could please share this around, with a little luck i can finally be able to put this bad patch of life behind me and move on to the rest of my life. much love and thanks to all of you


Updated posted by Matthew Stone 3 months ago

thank you, all of you. i never expected anyone to help, let alone so many wonderful people. thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Created by Matthew Stone on September 30, 2013

i'm hoping to raise money to be able to get a prosthetic leg. my right leg was amputated below the knee on august 19th of this year due to complications from diabetes. i have applied for medicaid and disability but the application process could take months or even years before i get approved to just be able to walk again. you never know just how much you can take something for granted until you lose it for good.

update - as of October 18th, i have been denied on my applications for help from the government, as well as told by the lawyers i spoke to on the subject of an appeal that they, though sympathetic to the fact that i can no longer so much as carry a drink from one room to another, or take two steps, or make food for myself, or so much as even step outside, they didn't think that they would be able to help me get any kind of benefits at all, so they refused to even try. i suppose what it boils down to is that this donation page and the help from all of you is now the only way i'm ever going to be able to walk again. please... share this page with everyone you know. this is a plea for help, not a chain letter offering to give you good luck if you pass it on to your friends, but what it does do is help someone get their life back. thank you, all of you.

update - i had to raise the goal a bit as i was off in my guess as to how much this leg would cost altogether between the fitting and the actual construction. i am currently going through the legal quagmire of applying for disability a third time, which entails a hearing with a disability judge, but there's a 12 to 16 month wait for an appointment according to my lawyers. i wish when i'd started this campaign i'd known how much these things cost. thank you, everyone, for your help with this.

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the support from all of you has been mind blowing. a third of the way to the goal, and it's all thanks to all of you astounding people for donating and for sharing this page and my story. thank you, all of you.

posted by Matthew Stone 5 months ago

you guys and gals all are beyond amazing. thank you so much for all the help and support, and for spreading this around the internet, too. it means a lot to me to know that so many people care.

posted by Matthew Stone 6 months ago

posted by Eclipse Queen 6 months ago

I thought this Walter White's page!

posted by Tony Dodds 6 months ago

I asked my mom, she's donating. And she's contacting a journalist at the akron beacon journal who specializes in fund raisers for such cause, but only with your approval. You'll have that leg in no time!

posted by Jacquelyn Pattyson 6 months ago

I will definitely be donating. Please have patience. As a stay at home mommy, I'm on a strict budget. But I do have parents who hearts go out to you Matthew. And you never know with them. I can't promise anything, but they most likely will donate enough to buy half the leg for you. They know your story. And they are very wonderful loving people. A blessing for sure.

posted by Jacquelyn Pattyson 6 months ago

Matt, I hope you get the best leg in the world. Better, Stronger, Faster.

posted by Dusty Dionne 6 months ago

thank you for spreading this around, and for any and all help. you people are restoring a lot of my lost faith in the world.

posted by Matthew Stone 6 months ago

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We met briefly at Mayhemfest 2012 - I'm Stephanie's aunt - and my sisten has diabetes. Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best!




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Wish you the best man.



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My second donation...I had to do this number cuz it was just killin' my OCD.



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Hope to see you in the pit at our next show. Good luck brother!!



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