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Dogs are always happy when you come home. They never talk back, they are great listeners, they are always willing to do whatever is asked of them. They make us happy, they bring happine... more


Updated posted by Joe Vencl 5 months ago

Finally!! We can speak about our product that we are bringing to dogs who have a hard time getting up from slippery floors. Naked Socks by Otis, is a sock that fits softly around their rear paws and holds firmly up the leg. The sock has a non skid material all the way around the lower section of the sock. The 360 degree coverage is a huge benefit because when the sock twists and it will (they all do) the dog will always have the non skid support to help them get up from a slippery floor.
We continue to work on our web site and that is where we need help financially. Once the web site is up and we begin selling our socks, we will be looking for other high quality products to offer. Our goal is to be the place to go to get the help you need when your best friend falls ill or gets on in years.
We will share a photo of the socks next week once we get our socks. We are very excited to bring these socks to market and want to create a great web site so we can reach anyone that needs help with their beloved dog.


Created by Joe Vencl on September 29, 2013

Dogs are always happy when you come home. They never talk back, they are great listeners, they are always willing to do whatever is asked of them. They make us happy, they bring happiness to whomever they touch, they work for kibbles and don't complain. They'll even do silly tricks if that is what you want them to do. They truly are man's best friend!!

It is extremely sad that they just don't live as long as we do. Sometimes, their bodies wear out long before their minds. Once that happens, caring for them becomes extremely difficult and frustrating.

After years of caring for senior Golden Retrievers with health and old age issues, some of the dogs were ours and many others were foster dogs that were dumped at Humane Societies or discarded on some back road or thrown in an overnight pen at a dog pound. The rescue groups we volunteer for pick the dogs up and put them in foster homes and work to get them adopted. If the dogs had ailments or physical problems due to age we had the honor of fostering them and working with the dogs to improve their Quality of Life.

Over the years we had searched for products that could help our seniors, we found many inferior products out there.

We needed to improvise and make things that would help improve the Quality of Life for our fur friends. We want to share our products and knowledge with anyone who needs to improve their dogs' Quality of Life so they can enjoy their bond for just a little while longer.

My wife and I are developing an E-Commerce business designed around improving the Quality of Life for aging dogs. We have a product that will dramatically improve the Quality of Life for many dogs. Unfortunately, I can not say much more about the product until our patents are filed, but the dogs that have been testing the product have had improved mobility. We are very excited to be bringing this product to market.

What we need to do now is get the word out, we are developing an e-commerce web site. We have spent quite a lot of money developing and testing this product. We still have more bills to pay before we even get to go to market.

If you want to shop at an e-commerce store that will be dedicated to only providing high quality products and information that will be designed to improve and extend your Best Friends' Quality of Life, please support our endeavor.

Our e-commerce site will be once it up and running. Please leave us your e-mail and we will notify you when we are up and running.

Please share this with all your family and friends. Any amount would be appreciated.

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Bless you for your endeavor....wish my donation could be more!



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Good Luck Joe!



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I will be delighted to be the first Joe!! Lets get this started!!


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