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Hi, I'm Tiffany and I was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. I was very shocked to find out my life would soon change so much. I had always taken life for granted. All of the sudden I was... more


Updated posted by Tiffany Montgomery 2 months ago

I thought I would update everyone since its been awhile. First, the money donated helped So much with my medical costs, alternative treatments, medicines etc.. everything! I would've been in big trouble without all of you and your financial help as well as emotional support throughout this experience. Right now I am preparing my self for the worst BUT still hoping for the best. As you have probably read, my long hair is gone, in preparation for whats to come. I have been introduced to the idea of a special oil that can be used alone or with chemo as part of the cocktail. BUT its incredibly expensive :( My friend said it actually CURED her mother and I am desperate to try it. This could be it!!! She just mentioned how the last time she bought the viles, she spent about $900 dollars in one trip alone! And she had to make multiple order to kill the cancer. So I am asking anyone, who believes in this cure or not... to have compassion. I want to try anything that might make this GO AWAY!!!!! If you can donate ANY amount... and I can get closer to the amount to pay for this oil... I would be forever thankful!!! I cannot afford to try this without your help. It could end up VERY expensive. I know you have all helped so much already, but if you no of anyone else you could share this with... it would mean I get a chance. Thats all I want!! I love you all and I am very thankful for you!!


Updated posted by Tiffany Montgomery 4 months ago

As some of you already know, my tumor has spread. I am not an any immediate danger do to the placement of the mass and thankfully I am not in pain right now. I am doing the very best I can to keep a positive outlook but its difficult and easier said than done. I was recently advised by a very sweet friend who has gone through through this herself, to go full court press! Meaning to try everything possible even if that means chemo. I am trying to avoid this obviously because I am feeling ok right now and do not want to feel sick! Not sure what the future holds, but I watched a movie that really convinced me that by controlling your thoughts, being positive and thinking about what you want, you can achieve anything!! So I AM going to beat this and I am going to beat it fast!!! I am so incredibly thankful for all the donations that have helped me pay for treatment, and wish I could say its over and you all saved my life. But I'm still fighting. If anyone can contribute to further my battle, it all helps. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food... everything I need and I am happy and thankful. But I still need help to cover what expenses are coming my way in order to continue fighting. The smallest donation helps and adds up. It also enables me to continue to support my children and not deprive them because of what I am going through. Of course it hurts to lower my pride and ask my friends for help, but I am not fortunate enough to financially do this on my own.


Updated posted by Tiffany Montgomery 5 months ago

Thank you all for supporting me through this battle. I feel so blessed to have so many people in my life that care enough to share a little or a lot to contribute to my treatment. I have managed, with your help, to pay for quite a bit of my medical costs up to this point. And for that I am SO GRATEFUL!!!!! :)

That being said I was hoping to share good news with you all, but unfortunately my tumor has increased in size. The reason is unknown, and the radiation was working so.... I plan to continue this treatment with my doctors advice but we are considering a more aggressive approach in the near future if the tumor continues to spread. Please, if you could, keep up the prayers, the support of encouragement and if you could continue to share this link, I would appreciate it so much! My daughters have been talking about my cancer going away and I don't have the heart to tell them its not...yet. I refuse to give up or stop fighting, I will not let them down.

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Created by Tiffany Montgomery on September 27, 2013

Hi, I'm Tiffany and I was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. I was very shocked to find out my life would soon change so much. I had always taken life for granted. All of the sudden I was not sure how much time I had. I have two beautiful daughters with wonderful hearts. They also love God very much and pray for me every day. They are the greatest joy in my life!!! Before I found out I had cancer I wanted so many things out of life, but NOW, all I want is to live, JUST to see my daughters blossom into lovely women!! I want to teach them all about about life, create memories with them, teach them to cook , answer all there questions about boys! haha... PLAN WEDDINGS!!! I even want to be a GRANDMOTHER!!! Never thought I'd say that!!!

But unfortunately I am overwhelmed with massive medical bills that will leave me in debt, that is if I am able to beat cancer and I need financial support to do that. I do not qualify for government aid. Please give me a chance to live life the way it was before i was diagnosed. i cannot express how much this would mean to me. I just want to run and jump and play with my kids and be cancer free and debt free!!! This is my only wish :) My father always said it never hurts to ask. So here I am lowering my pride and asking. I want to LIVE! And if you cant donate, I accept prayers too! :) Love to all reading this!!! God Bless!!!!!!


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Thank you to everyone who has donated!!! We are almost half way there!!!! xo!!!

posted by Tiffany Montgomery 6 months ago

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Jeremy Sparks

13 days ago


Hey sweet Tiffany hope this helps!




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Ken Ray

2 months ago


Get well :)



Billie Shellist

2 months ago


Stay strong and positive Tiffany! Sorry I can't donate more right now...but I will share this as well.




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Sarah Cavanagh

2 months ago


I love you! Hope this will help! Hang in there and Stay Strong!! Always thinking of you...Love, Sarah and family



shannon whitehead

2 months ago


you are awesome !


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