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Madison was diagnosed with Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on 7-2-13. On 7-4-13 she had her first Blood transfusion and 7-5-13 she had a Lumbar Puncture, Bone Marrow Biopsy and Had a... more


Updated posted by Christy Adams 1 month ago

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has donated to help with the continuously rising medical costs I have incurred during Madis treatment. Fortunately, we heard about a chemo that is typically used in adults but has seemed to work in teens who are not seeing results with traditional childrens chemo regulations. unfortunately, because Madi is under the age of 18 and this chemo is approved for use in adults only, insurance did not cover it. With this being said, we decided to hold off on a bone marrow transplant and try this chemo first and we are happy to announce after 3 of the 4 doses of this chemo, we reached remission on December 16, 2013. A bone Marrow transplant would have cost upwards of 60-80 thousand with us having to come up with 20-30 thousand in the beginning. this chemo cost was very close to our original up front cost for a BM transplant but because of all of you we were able to give her this opportunity. We are elated that it worked and thank all of you from the bottoms of our hearts. Because it took 5 months to reach a remission status that most children reach in the first 30-45 days, Madis doctor is recommending we do a second round of this same adult chemo to ensure we do not relapse in the 2-1/2 year maintenance phase of Leukemia treatment. Madi is officially considered in remission but they still see a trace of this disease in her bone marrow. Typically the bone marrow biopsy results must be .00 to be considered in remission. Madis results were.003, which on paper says she is in remission but in reality her doc says that trace is still lingering in the background which is why he is recommending an extra round of the adult chemo. Because of this I am asking you to please share Madis story and see if we can get any donations to help out with this extra round of chemo. At this time we typically incur 800-1000 per month in prescription and over the counter medications madi needs to help suppress the side affects of these chemos. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Madis Mom


Updated posted by Christy Adams 4 months ago

Please make sure the name you enter is the same as the name on the card you donate with... If the name does not match the system will not be able to process it and they have had to deny those donations... Thank you all for all of your donations...


Updated posted by Christy Adams 5 months ago

Thank you to everyone who has donated... We are facing between $20-$30 thousand in upfront cost for medication and donor cost for a bone marrow transplant... Our insurance has been great about covering most (not all but most) cost until now... They have explained to us they do not cover the donor cost for a transplant nor do they cover the medications needed for Madi after the transplant... Final results from her biopsy yesterday showed that her bone marrow has not gotten much better, its not any worse but really not much better either. With this being said, her doctor has recommended we move forward with the next 2 big doses of chemo and re biopsy on December 5th...if at that time we still see no improvement he would recommend immediate bone marrow transplant. which means the first week of December we would need the original $20-$30 thousand... cost vary depending on treatment itself and how she responds to the transplant but on average we are being told that is a rough estimate of the cost. We know Christmas is right around the corner and would not ask anyone to put them selves out but if you have even an extra dollar...everything helps... Thank you all in advance for anything you can give... Every dollar counts....

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Created by Christy Adams on September 27, 2013

Madison was diagnosed with Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on 7-2-13. On 7-4-13 she had her first Blood transfusion and 7-5-13 she had a Lumbar Puncture, Bone Marrow Biopsy and Had a Port-a-Cath inserted into her chest for easier access with Chemo. Madison is an amazingly strong little girl facing a huge fight and somehow manages to keep a smile on her face daily. All prayers and donations are greatly appreciated.



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If Madi needs a marrow transplant, I would be willing to donate if we matched. I am very serious about this. I am aware that is is not a picnic to donate but I could and would handle it. Please keep me in mind. Keep up the positive energy Madi. Miracles are real. I have seen them personally. Thinking about you.

posted by Gina Perfetti 1 month ago

SIG... God bless!!!

posted by Rob Fox 1 month ago

Prayers for this sweet girl!!!

posted by Christie Austin 4 months ago

How come the total funded dropped by almost 10k?

posted by Shannon Shearer 4 months ago

Good luck! I hope all goes well.

posted by Selina De Leon 4 months ago

You look like an amazing & strong young woman. I pray God surrounds you with his loving & healing arms. May God be you all the way...

posted by Renee Jolley 4 months ago

Stay strong darlin'.

posted by Joshua Price 4 months ago

Love your smile and your spirit!

posted by Barbara Golden 4 months ago

You are very strong and beautiful. You are in my prayers..sending you a lot of love!

posted by Corina Soares 4 months ago

im not working so im not much help . but ive shared on my page and on Baton Rouge Preppers f/b page . the amount of people donating to help is Amazing and you should ALL be proud of helping !

posted by Tommy Straight 4 months ago

Hey Madi, Its Aunt Kate... I just want you to know what an inspiration you are. You are healing people around the world. Your strenght in that little bitty body is AMAZING.. Your Moving Mountains kid, and not just because you fell into it... Miracles are happening, and they teach us that there are really Angels left on Earth!! Love you kid!!

posted by Katie Reine 4 months ago

Good luck with your donations!! Prayers sent for your healing. We are in a similar situation, just different type of cancer and have not received any donations to our benefit account. I hope people open up their hearts and pocket books and help you and your family. God bless you sweet, beautiful child!!

posted by Tracy Ballard-Vogel 4 months ago

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