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Jermaine D. Reynolds spent his youth and most of his adult life in prison. He created Appodion Arts as an entertainment platform and voice for people with an unproductive social history... more


Updated posted by Bastarte Baalione 17 days ago

We can find ourselves so used to feeling bad that to feel good becomes the disease. As ones vibration begins to speed up to a higher frequency one must repass all that was passed during the fall. Salvation is consciously reliving certain traumas until it able to be done objectively and then Wisdom is granted. At this juncture a choice is made to embrace Grace or bitterness. Our intentions gain power either way and we are sustained by the fruit we choose to partake. Those that have ears help others hear!
Thanks for your attention.


Updated posted by Bastarte Baalione 1 month ago

Is it strange for me to say that everyone's relationship with God is personal? And that being the case I should not be jugded for calling my God a comedian. My life has been an amusing one even in pain or calamity. Agony is my gravity so I've learned to be humble on any social level. So I laugh at Murphy for our laws don't coincide even Pryor to the time I was Clay. (Haha) Maybley if Letterman had looser pants Rudy and Ray would know Moore:) I would love for all my people to be as close as Moses to the Exodus but the Brass Bull has too much pull. How can towers of flames and parting seas stand up to that? Blasphemy and I'll blast for you, huh? Hip hopcrosy for real! I'm babbling though, I think. Thanks for your attention.:)


Updated posted by Bastarte Baalione 2 months ago

S.E.L.F. (SoulsEnergyLiesinFreedom)
"How many could or would believe what I have seen and been shown in this world? The mystery of things revealed to me that others are reluctant to ponder? I have no reservations except to not offend Karma, for what other entity can undo me? For what I thought were indignities were only experiences assisting in the ripening of my soul. For I have kissed Eternity and danced with Immortality. I take walks with Akasha frequently and the spirits assist me without cost. I am blessed."
"Yet for all my spiritual abundance I am a magnet for the under- developed souls who are at constant odds with their merge to the flesh. I understand Trauma, subtle and blatant, and have become by nature a counselor to many. I am often misunderstood because of my understanding but the balance is a life vast and full of experience awake and at rest. My world is one sensitive to the 'pockets of emotion' left by my ancestors. I have experienced their pain and traumas, their losses and achievements. I have found the cup of the foundation of my bloodline."
"Yet there is a sinister that aware of 'moments of illumination' and that seeks to dim such awakenings. This source has our 'other' interests at heart. The Judgement is at hand all the time for each moment is a choice, or for most, a reaction, making us all victims of Karma. Who can escape except possibly one with no intention. Do you know of any? I thought myself one and found that to have no intention is to want nothing. And I have discovered that I have wants. Do you? Welcome to humanity!" Peace.

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Created by Bastarte Baalione on September 24, 2013

Jermaine D. Reynolds spent his youth and most of his adult life in prison. He created Appodion Arts as an entertainment platform and voice for people with an unproductive social history and other social impediments. "The strongest are those that fall the hardest and still climb back out of the pit." Mr.Reynolds wants to pursue self publishing as the foundation of re establishing the social contract and providing a new avenue of means for those with limited options. 
With your donation Mr. Reynolds will be able to create and provide employment opportunities for those that have no resources yet have the ability and desire to work and prosper and the need to be a part of a community.

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