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These are the daily visitors. There are a couple more that show up now and then. These are the stray cats my cousin started to feed when we moved here to PA 2.5 years ago. I told hi... more


Updated posted by Ron Pallone 19 days ago

I would like to take this time to say thanks to Rick from Northern Virginia. He was kind enough to send me a $100 donation to help feed the cats. This has been the first donation that I had had in months.

It came right on time as I just ran out of cat food and cat litter. The donation came with no return address other than the post mark so I hope he is reading this.

I myself, his cat and my cat as well as the strays miss Dave VERY VEERY MUCH. It has been a little over 8 months since Dave's passing and I still light a candle next to the ashes I have of him. I also still cry on a daily/nightly basis.

Dave was more than just my cousin. and room mate for the past 20 years. He was my BEST friend. I will never have a friend as great as Dave was. He is missed dearly by a lot of family and friends.

So thanks again Rick.. If this happens to be Rick T that use to live in Portage, Pa give me a call. 814-242-8894. Next time you come to PA you will have to stop by for a visit. You were always a good friend and some how for reason I don't know we lost touch.

Thanks again.. Ron


Updated posted by Ron Pallone 5 months ago

New York has a heart. Today I received two $25.00 gift cards to Petco from an anonymous kind person from Mid Island New York. They came just in time too as I am almost out of cat food and litter. When I am able I like to mix a can of soft food with the hard food for the outside cats. These cards will enable me to buy a few extra cans to give them a treat every couple days. It really is nice to see that some people still have hearts and will help someone out who is going through some ruff and sad times. My cousin Dave I'm sure is looking down smiling. It's getting cold here in PA now. I will be putting out my towel lined cat house on my back porch soon. Two of the cats which are siblings used it all last year so I am sure they will use it again.. It's warm , safe and close to the food and water. One of the poor cats must have got into a fight with a dog or a mean person because he showed up with half of his tail missing. I cleaned it a little but he wouldn't let me bandage it up. They are starting to trust me more but are still a little skittish.. It looks like it is healing a bit. I wish I could have thanked you personally so I hope you are reading this.. But THANKS SO MUCH.. Happy Holidays.. Ron
the picture is of Dave's cat and my cat sitting on Dave's favorite spot together. They are hoping he will come home soon. It's so sad..


Waiting on Dave to come home.


Updated posted by Ron Pallone 6 months ago

I want to take this time to say thank you to the Time Warner anonymous person from New York that was kind enough to help me out. I received your note and donation today. [Monday] I wish you have left your name so I could have sent you a thank you card or at least an email. Your a kind person with a good heart. God Bless You!!


This was Dave holding one of the strays

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Created by Ron Pallone on September 22, 2013

These are the daily visitors. There are a couple more that show up now and then.

These are the stray cats my cousin started to feed when we moved here to PA 2.5 years ago. I told him he shouldn't feed them because they will just keep coming back. The cat with the grey and white face is mine. His name is Jake. The grey cat in the middle Dave named pop-tart. The 3 black cats are her babies, Ho Ho, Twinkie and cup cake. Dave named them all. Pop tart had 3 more babies about 3 months ago. They were all white with blue eyes. I was able to find them all home through craigslist. I tried to get the humane society to take the other cats but they said since we fed them they now can't take them.

These cats come by every morning and every night.

Dave was my cousin. On July 27th, 2013 just 2 weeks after his 45th birthday I found him dead on our dining room floor. At first I didn't know what to think when I saw him there. I tried to wake him but he wouldn't get up. I called 911 right away. By the time they got there he was already passed on. Dave drank a lot of beer for over 20 years. we lived together as room mates for about 20 years. He was just not my cousin but my best friend. I miss him so much. His cat Casey and my cat Jake miss him too. Dave is the one in the pictures.

I have some of his ashes in a small urn on my mantle along with a bunch of candles which I light every night.

In Loving Memory of Dave Wanamaker

Dave's urn is in the front / center of the picture above. I kiss it every morning and every night before I go to bed. I talked to him often. If it wasn't for our cats and my mom I think I would just do something stupid. My dad took his own life 2.5 years ago. My mom is still having a tuff time with that.

I am here asking for your help. I have had 3 back surgeries in the past few years. I am now applying for SSI disability income but from what the lawyer says this could take a year or more after the first denial. Dave would want me to keep feeding the stray cats which I do. They go through a 16 pound bag every 3 weeks. Plus I have my cat and Dave's to care for.

I have no income except for $200.00 worth of food stamps. I am past due on all of my bills and my property taxes are coming due in 3 months. I can't work because of the chronic back pain. Not to mention my lawyer says I cant work because I am applying for disability. I know there are people out there in worse shape then me but I have no where else to turn.

i'm hoping that there are animal lovers out there that might want to help. I also feed the birds and my neighbors dog cause he doesn't feed him like he should. I miss my cousin / buddy Dave so much. It's only been 2 months but it seems like just yesterday I found him lying there. I cant get that image out of my head. I think I need to see a shrink because I can't eat or sleep.

Please if it's only a dollar or two please help. I am mainly concerned about the cats. Winter is coming and they are going to need a little more food to help keep them warm at night. in the winter months past I build them a small box with towels and keep it on my back porch for them to sleep in which they do.

Anyway, thanks for any help you can offer. If you can't help maybe you can send a prayer my way. those of you who have lost loved ones know what I'm going through. Living with someone for 20 years and then not having them around is very difficult. God bless you all.

I did just start a facebook account.


If you have no credit card to donate online my address is located on my facebook page in the about tab. Or see it below.

Ron Pallone
120 Catherine St
Johnstown, PA. 15901

So maybe if you wanted to you could put this on your face book page. Maybe more people would see it??? I really do need some help. I have $23.00 to my name. I drive a 2000 model car which was my dads which is in need of tires and repair.

If any animal lovers, or people who lost loved ones , or had a family member who commited suicide or just get a sense of pride in helping someone please help me. I have never begged for anything. in fact as broke as I am I still will give to the homeless, the salvation army kettle and feed these cats that are not even mine. They are
just so cute I cant turn them away. My family has no money and never did. Thanks for taking the time for at least reading this. Please pass this on. And PLEASE,, don't send me any hate mail. I'm in enough pain as it is.. For those of you who may think this is a scam.... http://www.decortfh.com/webcast/14867


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woops one of my own that her mom is a stray and running loose here a street below me in Moxham around Highland Upper street. The baby we are keeping..again in my life.....is probably 8 weeks now but was so little from starving and fleas and I am not sure yet what else...I don't think I can donate but thought I could offer u information for any help questions u may need. Johnstown's shelter is not a collector of strays. It is hard to around here but there are a few caring groups that will help fix the colony accumulated for u. I may have to try harder too cause this stray mother is having sick babies and somebody who is strong and healthier than me now has to have a heart. I have been saving animals since I have been able to walk and that was early....lol....

posted by Lynette Helsel 5 months ago

Hi. as a pet owner myself i am willing to help you anyway i possibly can, i will as share this on my Facebook please don't give up hope!

posted by Jenny Birch 6 months ago

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Deeanna Sloper

6 months ago


Hi Ron! I wish I could help you out more, but I have been unemployed since March :( I hope everything works out. I know its tough losing someone that is so close to you, but it will get better as time goes on. Deeanna



Steve Wanamaker

6 months ago


Hey Ronnie......put it to good use buddy, I know David always loved his cat and animals in general .........with love, Steve



Ralph Bretz

6 months ago



Kirsten Hickey

6 months ago


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