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Hello everyone, I'll start from the begining my name is Henry Sanchez and I was blessed a very long time ago to have met my wonderful wife Jennifer when we were just children. After... more


Updated posted by Henry Anthony Sanchez 4 months ago

I'm most thankful this Thanksgiving for all the wonderful people donated to me and my family I pray that God bless you as you have blessed me. I only wish that I may one day be able to pay you back for all you've done. God bless every single person from the bottom of my heart.


In her thanksgiving dress.


Updated posted by Henry Anthony Sanchez 5 months ago

Thank you all for your generosity and support. As you can tell with your efforts we made it to the half way point. I'm asking for one big push this holiday season to get us to our goal before the end of the year. Please spread this page like wildfire on all social media and or any supportive emails you can. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


Happy Halloween!


Updated posted by Henry Anthony Sanchez 6 months ago

So a quick update... Jennifer is home now safe and sound with our little Olivia and there's no medicine stronger than her love. I can't say it enough. Thank you all for your prayers and donations. Although we've just started this road to recovery we constantly remind ourselves that all of you love and support our family. We will make a amazing testimony on day.

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Created by Henry Anthony Sanchez on September 17, 2013

Hello everyone, I'll start from the begining my name is Henry Sanchez and I was blessed a very long time ago to have met my wonderful wife Jennifer when we were just children. After over twenty years of shyness I finally asked her out on a date. Fast forward to our wedding on november 1st, 2008 we traveled a little but knew right away a baby was the only thing missing in our lives so four years of trying and hoping god would bless us with a child. On april 13 2012 on our very last attempt with a fertility clinic our prayers were answered... Surprisingly to all the doctors and of course ourselves she was found to have cervical cancer only 18 weeks into the pregnancy. At first we thought the worse case scenario... thank god that was not the case. My beautiful, intelligent, extremely strong wife kept her spirits high and was able to not only to undergo chemo while pregnant but still have our beautiful little girl Olivia Ivelesse Sanchez on November 26th, 2012. Although 6 1/2 weeks premature, she is as healthy as any other child.

After healing from childbirth my wife underwent a full hysterectomy with the exception of her ovaries. Being so young, at only 31 years-old, this could save her from going into early menopause. The next step Radiation this was the worst of the three but nothing my wife couldn't handle. On July of this year she was told her cancer was in remission but before we could even celebrate the good news in August she was re-diagnosed with having the same cancer once again. Her next step now is an evasive procedure known as exenteration surgery on October 2nd, 2013.

My wife will be having her second surgery try in less than a year trying to battle this horrible plague we call cancer. With all her time off in these past two years and only myself working to make ends meet it has not been easy. I'm trying to be proactive and raise a little money to help pay our medical bills and if you can't donate even a quick prayer or any well wishes is good enough for me
"Everyone counts" in my book.

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Your have always been apart of our family mijo, and you have grown to be such a wonder father and husband. We are proud of you and know that God is in the mist of this. We will continue to pray and hold you familia up in prayer For what God has joined together let no man put under. No weapon formed against the Sanchez Familia shall prosper in Jesus Name Amen.

posted by Anita Merchain 6 months ago

You and your family are so loved! On Friday the 27th Jennifer will be honored at our Relay for Life in Santa Fe Springs! I will be walking as a part of that and each lap I take will remind me of your family and how special you all are to me!!!!

posted by Tammy Hill 7 months ago

You are in our prayers we love you so much.

posted by Christine Stewartlovell 7 months ago

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1 month ago



lynette widowski

2 months ago


Love from Mammy!



Mic Perez

3 months ago


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Many blessings for the New Year!



Bill Stoker

4 months ago


At Cookie Lee, we are all pulling for Jennifer and the whole family. Let us know what we can do.



Cynthia Pickett

4 months ago



Shawn Schwarz

4 months ago


My prayers are with you and your beautiful wife and daughter. Beat it, win it, love it.




5 months ago



Michelle Ballejos

5 months ago


Prayers for your family. Xoxo



Colbyous Stapleton

5 months ago



Cyndi Diaz

5 months ago


Sending you prayers, love and good thoughts...your beauty and loving spirit have reached far and beyond. Even though I don't know you personally, I am inspired by your strength and courage.


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