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Please help us save our home. We can raise the funds to buy back our home. Eight years ago we had a 32 year business of new framing construction before the fall out and the same time I w... more


Updated posted by Sandee Newcomb 4 months ago

JP Morgan and chase was just sited for their wrong doing and will have to pay back a percentage to the people they did wrong. However we won't be compensated because they had already got the judge to move us out. They only are having to right the wrong with the people who are still in their homes.
They moved on us so quickly and did not give us even a 30 day notice because they wanted our home worth 350,000.00 because it sits on prime property.
They have remodeled for weeks now and are ready to sell it. We can buy it back with your help. Please donate and help us to buy it back.
It's only right that we get to be back in our home that they preyed on us to get.
We were lied to and promise a modified mortgage, we gave them our financial profile every other month for seven years. They kept saying not enough paperwork. They knew they were not going to give us one. This is so wrong for these mortgage company's to be able to get away with these actions and no one makes them right the wrong.
Help us to get our home back!!!!!
Donate please!!!!!
Even five dollars helps us to get enough to buy it back!!!
Thanks much love to all!!!!!
Larry and Sandee Newcomb


Updated posted by Sandee Newcomb 5 months ago

People please help us!!!!!!


Updated posted by Sandee Newcomb 6 months ago

OK people
Need another kind of help too.
How do we get our site out to Google and you tube and others, for more exposure.
Does anyone have the knowledge we need.
While I was in the coma I lost all my computer knowledge, so now I don't know how to get our sites more exposure.
I was like 2yrs old when the coma was over and have done well at relearning, and have not regained whatever computer knowledge I had before.
Sure would appreciate if someone could share their knowledge!!!!!!
We are not going to give up!!!!!!
Our home is where we belong!!!!!!
Thanks much and love to all!!!!!!
God bless each and everyone of you!!!!!
Sandee and larry

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Created by Sandee Newcomb on September 12, 2013

Please help us save our home. We can raise the funds to buy back our home. Eight years ago we had a 32 year business of new framing construction before the fall out and the same time I was injured and slammed into a wheelchair with extreme nerve damage, from a routine colon exam.
We begged for seven years for a modified mortgage.
We fit all the criteria, and we were lead to believe we would be given one.
Instead we were forged into foreclosure.
We can back our home back, with your help!!!
Please donate to help us.
My husband built this home with his bare hands from the ground up 26 years ago.
Have you ask yourself why the mortgage company's want so many homes empty.
This is vast people!!!
We can help each other,start with us,and I'll see to it that others get help too.
Doc sandee

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Please help us!

posted by Sandee Newcomb 7 months ago

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Sandee Newcomb

6 months ago



marcel love

6 months ago


God bless u. He is on your side.. Love like a grandmother




7 months ago



Gerda S.

7 months ago


Good luck Sandy. My prayers and best wishes are with you.




7 months ago


Wish I could do more Sandee! Thanks for who you are!



Many Close Friends That Came By Our Home

7 months ago (Offline Donation)


This is a total from donations received from some of our closest friends! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY, VERY MUCH! We love and appreciate you all rallying together to help us! Thanks Much! Sandee




7 months ago (Offline Donation)


Thanks Sandee for your help in our past, just paying it forward! Good Luck!



susan kirby

7 months ago



Henrietta Hewitt

7 months ago


I wish you the best!!! Hope this helps!!!



karin nash

7 months ago


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