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_)Here is my story: August 1st, I had to quit my massage therapy business due to health issues (severe joint and back pain), and the fact that my expenses for spa rent and gas for the... more


Updated posted by Petra Sando 4 months ago

Thank you so much to the ones who have already helped so much! You have no idea how much it helps! We will stay warm this Christmas and that is already one huge worry off my mind! If I just can get ahead with the other bills and pay for that test now, it would be such a tremendous blessing! Lots of Love to you!


Created by Petra Sando on August 30, 2013

_)Here is my story:

August 1st, I had to quit my massage therapy business due to health issues (severe joint and back pain), and the fact that my expenses for spa rent and gas for the car exceeded my income. Hence, unemployment insurance wasn't an option, since I didn't even make enough money to earn benefits.

Since August 1, I haven't been able to work outside the home, and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Sept 9. This illness can be very disabling, as in: some days you might feel decent for a few hours, but then you might barely make it out of bed, because of severe all-over pain, extreme fatigue and brain-fog that makes it impossible to concentrate and carry out simple tasks... (

My doctor told me in September she could get me fixed up in 3-6 months with meds, but I am still waiting to get relief. In the meantime, I do not qualify for disability, because my doctor would have to say that I will be disabled for at least 12 months...
I have exhausted all my financial options, my credit cards are maxed out, my utility bills are late, and heating assistance didn't even cover my power bill, which gives me reason to worry about power being turned off in the middle of winter. I haven't been able to pay insurance on my car, so even if I have $5 for gas to drive around town to get to the doctor, I am in danger of getting a ticket... I can't fulfill the requirements of 40 hrs/wk of work search for Taffy assistance, which would only be $159 for 160 hrs of filling out applications for jobs I probably won't be able to do, outside my home, with no one to watch my kids and no money for a baby sitter.

Bottom line: I am trying to live off $150 child support/month with my 2 kids.

I have consulted with vocational rehabilitation, which tells me that maybe they can help me get into school, (which would allow me to get student aid without further up-front cost, once I get enrolled), but the process takes a good 3 months. I have never been to an American university, and because I am a native German, I have to first take an English proficiency test to get into University of Phoenix online. Like I mentioned, I am eligible for financial aid, and normally there would be no upfront cost. However, the test, which I need to take to qualify me to enroll in school and get student aid, requires $99 up-front, and I need about $150 for translation of German documents for experience-based credit.

I need some help!

Getting into college would allow me to get back on track, save up some money and ultimately pursue my goal of really getting all-in with my online business and build a better future for my 2 kids and I! Please help us keep a roof over our head, pay a few bills and get me into school!

Thank you and bless you for any donations and help you can provide!

Love and Light,

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We all occasionally need help. If everybody chipped in all would be uplifted thus edifying our Divinity wholeness holiness oneness. Namaste'


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