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A couple of days ago, we lost our beloved Marlene. While her sudden loss is a shock to us all, we must move past what has happened. We are now asking all of her family and friends to hel... more


Updated posted by Jazmin Sosa 7 months ago

Thank you so much everyone. I'm so touched by how close we are to our goal. Thank you for providing my family with emotional and financial support.



Updated posted by Jazmin Sosa 7 months ago

We are in awe to the amount of money you all have helped us raise for Marlene's fundraiser. My Auntie May would be so touched by how many of you are there for her even after her passing.

She didn't have much to her name, but what little she had, she never hesitated to share with those who needed it the most.

I am trying my best to do right by my Auntie, because I know she would have done EVERYTHING she could have for me.

Every dollar counts, so please click on this link and donate $1.



Updated posted by Jazmin Sosa 7 months ago

Hi everyone, some of you may already notice that today is my birthday. If you honestly just want to help me or brighten up my day, I humbly ask you to please, just donate a dollar to my Auntie Marlene's fund.

Like I've said before, some of the money will be used for her funeral, but the rest WILL BE PUT INTO A TRUST for my little cousins Jr. and Sophie.

Thank you so much to those who have donated.



Created by Jazmin Sosa on August 30, 2013

A couple of days ago, we lost our beloved Marlene. While her sudden loss is a shock to us all, we must move past what has happened. We are now asking all of her family and friends to help us honor her.

Marlene leaves behind two beautiful children. Her children were her pride and joy, never missing a moment to boast about their accomplishments. Her son Jr., age 9, the math wiz, who brought home straight A's every school year. And her daughter Sophie, age 5, whose beauty and strong-will reflected that of her Mother. Marlene went above and beyond when it came to her children. Planning out her children’s birthdays was just one of the examples of her dedication to Jr. and Sophie. Their birthdays were always memorable, hand-made decorations everywhere you looked, counters and tables covered to the edges with food, and Marlene running around frantically trying to accommodate every guest in attendance. Marlene was also committed to her children's schooling. She was very involved in the PTA, from fundraising to going into the classrooms to host arts and crafts activities. When it came to children, she was a force to be reckoned with.

Marlene had the ability to make anyone smile. She always took it upon herself to help those in need, be it family, friends, or a common stranger. While always offering helping hand, Marlene also provided guidance to those who needed it the most. And if she was still with us, she would be going out of her way to fundraise for those who lost their loved ones.

Every penny raised is going towards Marlene’s funeral preparations. And that which is left over will go to the welfare of her children. We lost Marlene unexpectedly, and the costs of her funeral arrangements are overwhelming. While we still want give Marlene the final goodbye that she deserves, we also want to make sure that Jr. and Sophie have some financial stability in their lives as well. Marlene was willing to give her children the world, and now it is up to us to ensure that Jr. and Sophie are still cared for.

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rips marlene sosa i will always keep you inside my heart you were a great mommy and you had a beautiful smile on you. you were a great friend you were nice to your kids god blesses your 2 kids and your family. you are in good hands of god rips love your friend jessica avitia

posted by La Ojos Mieles R 7 months ago

Que la Paz de Dios este contigo prima estare Orando por tus hijos y fam. Chayo

posted by Chayo Garcia Franco 7 months ago

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Martha Cervantes

7 months ago


Gracias señor Jesus Por darme la oportunidad de ser parte de la vida de Marlene y haber podido compartir. Momentos Inolvidables cuando era niña junto a mis hijas, sandy, Amy, Liz, Pablo siempre estara en mi corazon y la recordare todos Los dias como un ser muy especial junto a mi Linda hermana en cristo Rafaela Bendiciones a toda la familia siempre estare orando Por ustedes especialmente Por Sophie y jr. Yo quiero ser la que me llebo la Bendicion de completar la meta de este fondo para beneficio de Los niños Los quiero mucho a todos.🙌👧👦👦👍👏 😍❤😘




7 months ago



Catalina Rojas-Lora

7 months ago


My childhood friend you have made a wonderful impression in my heart, you were a golden purpose in all of the souls you touched with two precious gifts that will always be super proud of you. Physically gone but will not be forgotten Amiga! God bless your soul and your children always always always!



Anna aguilera

7 months ago


I will never forget that outgoing girl I played volleyball with back in jr high. May you rest peacefully n may your kids be at their best.



Shana Collins

7 months ago



Israel Ibarra

7 months ago




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