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Dear World, My brother Derek Garner is an incoming freshman at Clark Atlanta University and has recently learned that he is $7,140 short for tuition this semester. Derek has moved... more


Updated posted by Unique Robinson 4 months ago

The #DEREK4CAU Project is grateful ALL its supporters and contributors. Today, we raised our 5th donation from one of our #DEREK4CAU Dream Team members. Together we have raised $3,880. As we wait patiently for Derek's final exam results are hearts are filled with gratefulness. We couldn't have made it this far without your support, so thank you ALL for paying it forward. We are forever grateful for your generosity, love, and support


Updated posted by Unique Robinson 4 months ago

Hello #DEREK4CAU Supporters!!!! Derek and I want to thank you for your support in the #DEREK4CAU Project. With your help we raised a miraculous amount of funds in the amount of $3,855. Unfortunately, we did not meet our goal of $7,140.00. The #DEREK4CAU Project is $3,285.00 short. On a happier note this week Derek will be taking his finals. Today was his first exam psychology final and he called me super excited because he knew every question on final, so we are counting that final in the bag :) We both want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this experience possible. As a result of your donation Derek was able to stay enrolled this semester have this priceless college experience by completing his Freshman Fall semester. At this moment we have exhausted all options and I have personally have reached out to many people for help. Nevertheless, I know this effort was not all in vain. Although, Derek cannot enroll for Spring 2014 until balance is paid. Please keep Derek and I in prayer and please share #DEREK4CAU Project ( www.derek4cau.org) with persons in business who may need additional tax write-off this year as #DEREK4CAU Project is a charitable entity; 100% of donation is a tax write-off. Again, thank you for your support throughout this process. We wish you a joyous and peaceful Holiday season, many blessings to you and your family.

Love, Peace, Prosperity

Derek Garner Jr & Unique Robinson


Education is the key to change!


Updated posted by Unique Robinson 4 months ago

Good Afternoon. GREAT News!!! The #DEREK4CAU Project just added the 77th Dream Team Member to the campaign trail...big appreciation goes out to Michael Henderson. We are truly thankful for you standing with us in faith.

Join Us & Get involved by visiting this website www.derek4cau.org or Indiegogo.com (search key word Derek4cau Project). Check out the #DEREK4CAU interview on channel 11 news

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Created by Unique Robinson on August 21, 2013

Dear World,

My brother Derek Garner is an incoming freshman at Clark Atlanta University and has recently learned that he is $7,140 short for tuition this semester.

Derek has moved into the dorms, attended mandatory freshman orientation, and has taken the required placement assessments and now he is being faced with being asked to leave the Clark Atlanta University due to a lack of financial aid.

I am his eldest sibling, my name is Unique Robinson and at thirty-years of age, I've exhausted all financial aid options available to support him. I paid for his application fees, enrollment fees and raised an additional $1,500 dollars, but unfortunately, I am financially unable to secure the extra funding required for him to start the school year. His only dream has been to attend college. Derek is the first male in our family to attend college. His two older brothers have been gang affiliated and in and out of jail. Our mother has been battling crack cocaine for the past thirty years, and his Father has been absent from his life completely and has not raised Derek. I am all he has and I’ve done all I can to make sure he has a better life.

Derek applied for Private Student Loans, but they have denied him because he does not have any established credit yet. I explained to them that he just graduated high school, is only eighteen, and that he doesn't have parents who support him financially, but they simply advised him to get a co-signer. I tried to co-sign for him, but the bank denied me, and he has no one else in his life to help. We don't have a family support system that is positioned to co-sign. He has no other options.

I’m in California and he is in Georgia. He has no home to go back to if Clark Atlanta University asks him to leave due to lack of funding, Derek is in Georgia alone. My brother has worked hard to maintain his grade point average. He is eager to start his freshmen year. As you can see he has worked hard to position himself to be able to attend a Clark Atlanta University.

Please direct help us to find a viable financial source for a student in this predicament or help us by donating toward the reduction of the $7.140.00 to ameliorate this situation.

I assure you that Derek is prepared to start the semester. All he needs is the money to cover the remaining balance. The CAU motto states, "I'll Find a Way, or Make One." This is certainly an early opportunity for Derek to embody this statement as we are seeking a way for him to get a college education so that he can break our family cycle and become all that he is destined to be.

Deepest Regards,

Unique Robinson
Sister of Derek Garner


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Stand up everybody and give no matter how Big or small. Lets all pay it forward.. #OGAngel

posted by Sydney Kelliee 8 months ago

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Good luck Derek !!




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I demand a GPA above 3.2! Good Luck!!


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